Super search

Search just got so good. There are a few new updates in addition to being faster.

First, you’ll notice it’s more visual. Things look like you remember them, making them easier to find. Cards look like actual cards with badges, labels, and members. Boards have more identifying information like visibility.

You can also add modifiers to narrow your search. Use “@” followed by a username to search for cards with a specific user. There’s a special “@me” modifier to search for just your cards. Use “#” follow by a label color or title to search cards by label. Filter by open status with “is:open” or “is:archived”. This means you can type “search #feature @daniel is:archived” to get archived cards assigned to Daniel with the feature label that have “search” in the title.

Search the Archive

Searching for cards within the board archive is now possible as well. Just click “Options” > “Archived Items”, start typing, and you’ll see results instantly. No more clicking “load more” over and over in hopes of finding that one old card. You can use all the same modifiers to narrow your search.

And finally, search is now part of the API. Your app can have all the power and new features of search. Check out the documentation page to get started.

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Mini-Contest: How do you use Trello?

It’s been almost 10 months since Trello was launched. Since then, so many clever folks have made it a part of their lives. These people are engineers, novelists, filmmakers, mothers… and we think it is now time to give them—you—the spotlight you deserve.

So we are announcing a mini-contest for all our users. We want to know:

How do you use Trello?

Tell us about the one board that you can’t live without, the way you’ve organized it (What lists do you use?), and why this board is important to you.

To enter, fill out the entry form here.

We will be giving out prizes in the following categories:

  • Most Efficient Use of Trello
  • Most Creative Use of Trello
  • Best Use of Collaboration

Each winner will receive a Trello gift pack in the mail, and be featured on our blog. Just our way of saying thanks for being awesome!

You have until Saturday, June 30th (the last day in June) to get your entries in, and winners will be announced the following Tuesday, July 3rd.

Best of luck!

UPDATE: Due to the US Holiday this week and the impressive amount of responses we had, we need a few extra days to pick the winners. (Believe me, it’s really hard to choose—there have been so many good submissions!) Winners will now be announced on Friday, July 6.

Card Copying and Mini-profiles

You think Trello is great. You love the way it organizes your projects, letting you see everything at once and flawlessly mapping your brain and keeping everybody up-to-date. But let’s say you’ve got a project with some repetitive tasks. For new client work, for instance, you need the exact same set of checklists, attachments, and details in order to get started. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just set up a template card and copy it? (Drumroll…)

Well, now you can.

We just launched card copying. It’s really easy. Just open a card, click the “Copy…” button on the back, and hit enter. You can change the title or choose whether to keep things like members, checklists, labels, attachments, and comments. Too much clicking? There’s an even faster way. Click “Add a card…” from the bottom of the list then type “%” plus the name of the card. A list of matching cards will show up then you can hit enter or click to select one. It will put the copied card at the end of the list. The “%” is supposed to look like the card is splitting into two, get it?

Bonus: we’ve beefed up board copy to include the board description, attachments, and comments.

Mini Profiles

We’ve also introduced the mini-profile, a pop-over menu that you get when clicking a member’s avatar. It includes a bigger profile picture and more info including the bio. You’ll also be able to change profile info and your avatar from the mini-profile. We hope it makes the app a little more personal and expressive.

That’s all for now, but there’s more to come. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and the Trello Development board for more updates.