Board and List Subscribe, Desktop Notification Updates, Edit Comments, and More!

Subscribing to a card lets you get notifications as if you were added to it. When we launched it back in May, people loved it. The biggest feedback we received was that people wanted the ability to subscribe to whole boards and individual lists. We admit we were a bit hesitant — that’s a lot of notifications, at least for us. But there are some cases where it makes sense. Sit back and imagine…

Let’s say you are on a Trello board shared by two other roommates. It’s filled with household tasks, upcoming bills and rent, grocery needs, etc. There’s not much activity so you want to know about everything that’s going on. Subscribing to every card would be a… chore, so you subscribe to the whole board. But you find that you don’t really need to know that Steve finished washing the dishes. You really only need to know about what to do next, so you just subscribe to the “New” list. Next thing you know, you’re out grocery shopping and hey look, you get a push notification on your iPhone or Android device. “Get butter” was added to the list. You pick up a dozen boxes and return home where everyone thanks you profusely.

Anyway, you get the idea. (Also you might want to cut back on the butter…)

We’re excited to announce the launch of board and list subscribe. We can’t guarantee that it will make you the hero of your household, but we hope you find it useful. How does it work? To subscribe to a board, just click the “Options” button, then select “Subscribe”. To subscribe to a list, click the menu button in the list header, and select “Subscribe”. Now you can sit back and see changes without having to click through to every board.

Desktop Notifications Updates

We’ve also expanded the functionality of desktop notifications, the small notification boxes that pop up on your desktop. You’ll get notifications for everything — all cards, boards, and lists to which you are subscribed — not just comments for the board you are viewing. We’ve also added support for Safari 6 on Mountain Lion. They will show up in Notification Center, so long as you have a browser window open. To enable desktop notifications, click the “Notifications” button in the header and select “Allow Desktop Notifications”.

Desktop notifications are available for Google Chrome (Windows and OSX) and Safari 6 on OSX 10.8, but as soon as other browsers add support, we’ll add support. We want to make sure you never miss a beat.

Edit Comments

We’ve also added the oft-requested ability to edit comments. Now you can fix a typo or add a clarification without having to delete and add a new comment. Just click the “Edit” button at the bottom of the comment and you’ll start editing in place. Typos be gone!

New Board Tricks

Hey, we’re not done! We’ve added some new interactions that will save you a bit of time (and head-scratching). You’ve always been able to collapse the board sidebar, but to do so you had to fight a few menus. Now you can click the right side of the board to toggle the sidebar. If you want to hide specific sections in the sidebar, like “Members” or “Activity”, now you can just click the title. If you’ve got lots of lists, you can click the left side of the board to open the “List Guide”, a list of lists which helps you jump to lists.

Don’t forget about Trello’s “old” tricks! You can…

  • Double click anywhere on a board to add a list. Trello will figure out the position based on where you clicked.
  • Drag a board to scroll horizontally. Beats using the scrollbar.
  • Drag members from the sidebar to cards to add them. Easier than going through menus.
  • Use one of the many keyboard shortcuts. Use “?” to bring them up if you need a reminder.

There. Now you’re a pro.

What’s next for us? Find out on the Trello Development board. For more updates, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Introducing Google Drive Integration

You already love Google Docs, the online productivity suite that lets you create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and easily share them with others. Google Drive is the new home for Google Docs, but lets you store all your files — documents, photos, videos, music… anything — and gives you access to them anywhere.

We use Google Documents on the Trello team to write specs for big, upcoming features. Notes from user interviews and plans for user testing are done in Google Docs, which makes them easy to share. We’re not the only ones using both tools. We’ve heard of lots of teams using Google Docs and Trello together. UserVoice wrote an excellent post about how they use a series of Trello boards and Google Docs for specs to manage their product.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated Google Drive in Trello. It’s really easy. Open a card, select “Attach File…”, then select “Google Drive”. You’ll be asked to log in to your Google Account if you have not already. Choose some files and hit “Select”. You’re done! You’ll see a link to the file in the attachments section immediately.

Why just a link? Sharing permissions are handled on Google’s end meaning we don’t know who you want to share the file with. Google Drive files are private by default, so if you want to open it up other people, click the big, bright “Share” button on the top right of the Google Doc page.

We think you’ll love it. We hope to integrate with other storage solutions out there in the future. As always, check out the Trello Development board to see what’s coming up next. For more updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Trello Android App Available for Download!

After weeks of hard work, we’re happy to announce the launch of the official Trello Android app! Create cards, leave comments, update checklists, vote, and more — all the power of Trello, all on your favorite Android device. Plus offline viewing, push notifications, and a fast, native look and feel. And it’s free! The app works with Android 2.3.3 and up. It will work well on devices up to 7 inches, but there isn’t a tablet-optimized interface just yet.

Go download the Android app now!

Check out the freshly-prepared app!

New Trophies!

To celebrate the launch, we’ve got some new trophies for you. Download and use the Android app at any time and you’ll get a delicious Mint Donut! If you download in the next 48 hours, you’ll get a Mint Donut AND a nice bottle of Green Ketchup and Mustard! We’ve even got something special for our intrepid beta testers. Check out your trophies in your profile.

So hurry up and download the official Trello Android app now!

A little something for iPhone users, too.

Hey, iPhone user, are you feeling left out? Don’t worry, we’ve got an iPhone app, too!  Download it now! We’ve also got a new trophy for you. To find out what it is, download and use the app then visit your profile.