Due Date Notifications, List Move and Copy, Org Logos, And More!

Lots of new stuff today! Let’s just dive into it.

Due Date Notifications

We have a saying around the Fog Creek office. It’s this:

“State not date.”

Actually I just made that up, but it’s catchy don’t you think? What I mean is that delivery dates are hard to estimate because there are a lot of unpredictable factors that affect it. You might say something is due in two days then hit a snag that takes a week to fix. The state, or progress, is often easier to determine and perhaps more useful. It’s easier to say something is being tested (i.e. in the “Testing” list) than it is to say exactly when it will be released.

While this works for us, others work in a more date-dependent fashion. Publishing, consulting, shipping, marketing… there are many fields that rely on timely deliveries. So we wondered if we could make dates more valuable to them.

Today we’re announcing the release of due date notifications. When a card you are subscribed to is 24 hours away from being due, you’ll get a notification in the app and via email. We think this makes due dates even more useful for those folks that rely on them. Hope you love it! If you have some feedback, leave a comment on the Due Date Notifications card on the Trello development board.

Move Lists Between Boards and List Copy

The ability to move cards between boards opened up a lot of flexibility for people. You can separate your brain dump board from your “actively doing” board, and just move a card over when the idea becomes fully formed. Check out this UserVoice blog post for some complex workflows allowed by card move.

Today, we are introducing the ability to move lists between boards. We think it’s going to open up even more flexibility in your workflow. How do you do it? Just click the menu button in the top right corner of the list and select “Move List…”. You’ll now be able to select a different board. Neat.

But that’s not all! You can also copy lists. Just click the menu button, select “Copy List…” and give it a new title if you wish. Now you can set up template lists. For example, you could have a template list for weekly chores, and copy it at the beginning of the week. Go check it out! Actually, read the rest of this post first.

Organization Logos

Organizations are groupings of people and boards. It keeps boards organized among a group of housemates, a group of coworkers, a wedding party and wedding planners, or a group of open source hackers. To make you orgs more personal, we’ve added organization logos. To add a logo, click the “Overview” link next to the org on your boards page, click the grey default picture in the sidebar, and select “Upload a new photo”.

You could use your company logo. You could use a family portrait. You could use a cute cartoon dog. You could use a bedazzled octopus. You could use a french fry with googly eyes wearing a top hat. It’s up to you.

iPad and Windows 8 apps

We’re also happy to announce that we’re working on both an iPad app and a Windows 8 app. They are both in active development, but we don’t have a release date to announce at the moment. (State not date, remember?)

We’re far along enough on our Windows 8 app that we’re looking for beta testers. If you have a Windows 8 device (particularly a tablet) and are interested, please email win8@trello.com. We’re not quite ready for iPad beta testers, but we’ll let you know as soon as we are.

Want some proof that we’re working on it? Here are some pictures.

Summer 2013 Internship

Love Trello and love writing code? Looking for an internship next summer? Fog Creek is now accepting applications for our Summer 2013 internship. We treat our interns like gold. We pay them ($5,000/month) and provide excellent housing. We take interns to all kinds of events: Broadway plays, karaoke, a Mets game, movies, bowling, dinner, a pizza tour and more.

Summer 2012 Intern Doug Patti had this to say about his experience:

“Applying for an internship at Fog Creek was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. On top of the genuinely fascinating challenges we worked with on a daily basis and the uncountable adventures we had in the city, the most memorable part of the entire experience was how incredible every person who works there was. From day one, everyone simply went out of their way to make sure you never felt like “just an intern.” The friendships that I’ve built have truly made this a remarkable summer.”

Apply today! You should also check out our write-up about how to use Trello for your internship search.

That’s it for today. As always, check out the Trello development board to see what we’re working on and follow us on Twitter, Facebook , and Google+ for more updates.

Letter to Students: Organizing Your Internship Search Using Trello


Real quick, before you run out the door to make happy hour – followed by 3am pizza fun times – do you have a summer internship yet? No? Don’t worry, recruiting season only just began! But wouldn’t it be nice to have one in the bag before the New Year? You could celebrate by wearing your sweatpants to every class,* not just to cardio kickboxing.

I know you’re busy. Class, homework, team projects, forking and merging, 25 cent wing specials, dancing Gangnam style, etc.  Add “find an internship” to the list and you just might start to feel overwhelmed!

I’d like to make a gentle suggestion: why not use Trello to become more organized in your search for an internship? Some of you already know Trello. You’re using it for your group projects or for planning your school’s homecoming weekend or what-have-you. But others might not have heard of it yet (gasp!). Trello is a free and extremely easy way to organize, well, anything.

I’ve created two Trello boards: “Getting Ready“, which you’ll use to start your search, and “Internship Application Process”, so you can keep track of applications. You should make a copy for yourself.

Getting Ready

This is a simple to-do list: what you need to do, what you are currently doing, and what  you have done.

Getting Ready - Preparing for Summer 2013 Internship Trello Board

You should work on your resume, research companies, talk with your professors and fellow classmates. After those conversations, add comments summarizing their feedback. Make sure to visit your career center, attend campus internship fairs and company visits, and note all application deadlines. You know this already, but you’ll also need to work on a unique cover letter for each internship where you plan to apply. You can even sync up Google Documents you’ve used for notes.

Once you’ve completed these items and moved the cards to your “Done” list, it’s time to actually start applying.

Check out the “Getting Ready” board.

Internship Application Process

Internship Application Process Trello Board

The lists above follow a standard application process: “Applying To”, “Submitted Resume and Cover Letter”, “Phone Interview”, “In Person Interview”, “Offer Extended”, “Rejected”, and “I’m Interning At”!

Each card is a company. On every card you can include the resume and cover letter you used for that particular application. Attach each cover letter to the card for easy future access. Just drag the resume onto the card to attach it.

Trello - Drag 'n' Drop Resume Upload

You can make due dates for your interview schedules and reminders to ping a particular company.

After an interview, include notes about whom you met and your feelings about the interview/company. You can also keep track of any tough questions you were asked and make notes about how you felt you did.

Trello is also a good place to include any interesting facts you found that may impact your decision or interest in the opportunity.

Trello Internship Card with Comments and Video

Using Trello, you can see at a glance where you are in the process of each application. Using Trello’s  iPhone and Android apps, you have access to all your information wherever you are – especially handy as you shuffle between interviews and struggle to recall whom you’ve already met (their name, title, etc.) or some interesting facts that help you engage the next person you meet.

Check out the “Internship Application Process” board.

Oh, and if you read this and happen to be looking for a summer internship? Fog Creek is now accepting applications for our Summer 2013 internship. Apply today!


* Just me? Man, I loved wearing sweat pants to class!