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I'm a designer at Trello Inc. Rounded corners, gradients, that kind of stuff. Follow me on Twitter here.

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Better Boards: Easier Invites, Better Card Editing, And More

Lo and behold, a bunch of new and fun features are now live in Trello. Here’s a little recap for all those faithful,...

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How We Fixed Our Icon Problem

Trello had an icon problem. Well, we had a few icon problems. First, our icons didn’t have any visual consistency...

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How the Trello logo has evolved.

The How and Why Behind Trello’s Visual Brand Guide

There are a lot of Trello things out there: web and mobile apps, marketing pages, documentation, blog themes, emails,...

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Here’s the Official Trello CSS Guide

Back in September, I published a post about the State of the Trello CSS. I talked about our mishmash of practices, what...

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Refining The Way We Structure Our CSS At Trello

Have you been reading all the blog posts about the CSS architecture at various companies out there? No? Check out the...

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How We Made Our Landing Pages Fast: A Grand Journey

We recently launched an overhaul to our landing and about pages. These are all the pages that aren’t part of the app,...

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A Note About Notifications

We often hear from people that notifications in Trello are noisy and complicated, which ultimately lessens their value....

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Saved Searches

Hello, Saved Searches

When we introduced the new search back in May, people from around the world were astonished by the speed and flexibility...

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Hello, Quick Card Editor

Have you ever noticed a typo in your card name and wanted to change it without opening the card, clicking the card...

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Trello And The Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

On April 7th, a serious security issue called “heartbleed” was reported in the OpenSSL library. The library is used to...

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