A very organized Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow here in the US, and this year, many of our friends in the Trello community are doing it right. Right as in, knowing exactly how many place settings you need, and actually remembering to pick up the turkey order before the market closed. (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…)

As you can see, some intrepid folks have even been planning as early as November 1st. Now that’s organized. You can be sure nobody forgot to bring the mashed potatoes at their house!

From the entire Trello team, we wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Trello is now 500,000 strong

This month marks a momentous occasion in the life of any budding product: the halfway point to a million users. That’s right: Trello has officially passed the 500,000 signups mark!

500,000 jelly beans weigh about 10 US tons. We’re not sure how much 500,000 users weigh, but it must be a lot. We’re so floored by all the people around the world who’ve chosen Trello to help them streamline workflows, communicate efficiently, and plan 500th anniversaries for their kingdoms. To all of you: thank you, thank you, thank you.

But we don’t just want to say it, we want to show it. Do you remember this cute little guy from the very first time you poked around this new thing called Trello?

That’s Taco. He’s always been a little shy, but he agreed to make a special appearance to celebrate our coming-of-age.

So today, you might spot him hanging around the Trello site. He’s even stepped up to personally deliver gifts to our first 500,000 users. If you’re one of them, check out your Profile page. He hopes you like it and that you’ll show all your friends.

In the future, Taco could visit again. Since huskies work in mysterious ways, we can’t really say when. But we will mention that he loves meeting new people—something about all the hugs he gets. So the more folks you invite over to Trello, the more likely he might stop by…

We’ve also added an awesome new feature called Card Cover, which lets you put images on the front of cards. Imagine the possibilities!

If you have any questions, comments, or love letters to Taco, you know how to find us. Cheers!

P.S. To celebrate the 500,000th account Joel has written a blog post about kanban, backlogs, and shipping, complete with pictures of the real-life Taco!

“How Do You Use Trello?” Contest Winners!

A couple weeks ago, we ran our first-ever “How Do You Use Trello?” Contest, and the response from our community has been nothing short of incredible. As you can imagine, this has made it quite the challenge to choose just three winners, but choose we finally did.

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to submit to the contest. Your entries have really opened our eyes to all the ways in which Trello can be used, many of which we’ve never even thought of. We hope you’ll continue to share your creativity and insights with us, your friends and your colleagues, well beyond this week. Thanks again!

Without further ado, here are the winners of the “How Do You Use Trello?” Contest:

Best Use of Collaboration – Pedro Oliveira

Pedro manages a European Union pilot project called SPOCS. With a team scattered over 200km, communicating has been a challenge. Furthermore, the project includes many components with several European countries working on it.

Pedro writes: “My team had no common vision and with Trello we actually get that, and our team Skype calls became more efficient in the sense that each meeting time went from 40m to 15m because we follow the lists and labels from our trello board. Huge wins in efficiency!”

We were inspired by the team’s ability to communicate effectively despite language, cultural and locational barriers. Congratulations, Pedro!

Most Creative Use of Trello – Douglas Shand

Trello is often used for managing processes and pipelines; the left-to-right Lists framework seems to suit this kind of use quite naturally. But Douglas has dreamt up a whole new way of using this tool: he harnesses cards and lists to plan out the parts of a novel.

Douglas says: “I am using this board to collect and collate my notes and process for a book I am planning. I am able to keep everything in one place, and structure/re-plan in an ad-hoc fashion by moving cards around between lists.”

The lists he’s using are Concept, Characters, Plot, Themes, Motifs, Recurring Motifs, Endings, Beginnings, and Research. We’re excited to see how the book turns out. Congrats to Douglas!

Most Efficient Use of Trello – Jeff Lawson

A real-estate investor, Jeff uses Trello to collaboratively analyze real-estate candidates with his business partners. To make this even more streamlined and efficient, Jeff wrote a custom Trello application called rss2trello that monitors a custom real estate RSS feed. As new properties come in, cards are automatically inserted into Trello.

“This allows my business partners or myself to inspect each property’s listing and decide whether it needs to be followed up with a visit or even an offer. Comments, photos, and votes can be attached to each card and we can use lists to track positives and negatives about each property.”

We’re delighted to hear that Jeff has taken advantage of Trello’s API, combining his ideas with Trello’s core functionality to create even more powerful applications. Awesome work, Jeff!

Thanks again for all your submissions. We’ll be contacting the winners next week to send out gift packs!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mini-Contest: How do you use Trello?

It’s been almost 10 months since Trello was launched. Since then, so many clever folks have made it a part of their lives. These people are engineers, novelists, filmmakers, mothers… and we think it is now time to give them—you—the spotlight you deserve.

So we are announcing a mini-contest for all our users. We want to know:

How do you use Trello?

Tell us about the one board that you can’t live without, the way you’ve organized it (What lists do you use?), and why this board is important to you.

To enter, fill out the entry form here.

We will be giving out prizes in the following categories:

  • Most Efficient Use of Trello
  • Most Creative Use of Trello
  • Best Use of Collaboration

Each winner will receive a Trello gift pack in the mail, and be featured on our blog. Just our way of saying thanks for being awesome!

You have until Saturday, June 30th (the last day in June) to get your entries in, and winners will be announced the following Tuesday, July 3rd.

Best of luck!

UPDATE: Due to the US Holiday this week and the impressive amount of responses we had, we need a few extra days to pick the winners. (Believe me, it’s really hard to choose—there have been so many good submissions!) Winners will now be announced on Friday, July 6.