Card Copying and Mini-profiles

You think Trello is great. You love the way it organizes your projects, letting you see everything at once and flawlessly mapping your brain and keeping everybody up-to-date. But let’s say you’ve got a project with some repetitive tasks. For new client work, for instance, you need the exact same set of checklists, attachments, and details in order to get started. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just set up a template card and copy it? (Drumroll…)

Well, now you can.

We just launched card copying. It’s really easy. Just open a card, click the “Copy…” button on the back, and hit enter. You can change the title or choose whether to keep things like members, checklists, labels, attachments, and comments. Too much clicking? There’s an even faster way. Click “Add a card…” from the bottom of the list then type “%” plus the name of the card. A list of matching cards will show up then you can hit enter or click to select one. It will put the copied card at the end of the list. The “%” is supposed to look like the card is splitting into two, get it?

Bonus: we’ve beefed up board copy to include the board description, attachments, and comments.

Mini Profiles

We’ve also introduced the mini-profile, a pop-over menu that you get when clicking a member’s avatar. It includes a bigger profile picture and more info including the bio. You’ll also be able to change profile info and your avatar from the mini-profile. We hope it makes the app a little more personal and expressive.

That’s all for now, but there’s more to come. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and the Trello Development board for more updates.

44 thoughts on “Card Copying and Mini-profiles

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  2. It appears you can’t copy an archived card. I would like to have my template cards archived so they do not have to just sit around on the board. Other than that, great work!

      • Cards get archived because they’re finished with. If it is indeed a card from a repetitive task, then surely allowing that to also be copied would follow suit with the whole point of this update?
        That said, it’s still a useful feature but would be more useful to have the ability to repeat old tasks (copy from archive).
        I’m still getting used to Trello should I seem like a bit of a noob :-P

  3. Card copying is going to be awesome for those tasks I do regularly but have a lot of steps I don’t want to miss. Thanks!

    • I must stress that it’s a group effort. :) We have some new developers on the team, including Hamid, who did all of the back-end work.

      • good work Bobby, I think you should take full credit and basque in the glory!

  4. This is awesome! Any thought on if/when you will be able to copy cards onto different boards? We use a few different boards for our organization.

    • You can copy a card, then move it to another board. It’s a two step process so it’s a little slow, but it works. Just click “Move…” on the back of a card after copying it.

  5. I am so happy that I found Trello. Your response to customer suggestions is fantastic. Card copying just sealed the deal in making Trello my top GTD system. Thanks, Trello!!

  6. Wow, you guys are genius!
    Copying a board gives me the option to keep cards. Would be lovely to also be able to chose to keep my settings of the cards, subscribe and so on.
    Subscribe to a board is on the way, right? Or did I miss that one.

  7. Hi,

    Regarding the copy feature when using the ‘%’ shortcut, I’m having problems with case, .i.e, it only shows related cards when lowercase is used.

  8. Any chance we can get an update that will let us view individual “to do” lists? Would really help for at least the way I have the system set up. Thanks guys and gals- love the platform!

  9. This is fantastic. We are new users and after about a week under our belt, the top request on my mind was, can I copy a card for some repetitive project tasks. ..

    It’s like you guys read my mind before I even thought of it. Thanks!!

  10. Woopeee!! This app just gets better and better… thanks Trello Team! You guys rock!! :-D

    • You can copy a card then move it to another board (via the move button on the back of the card). It’s not very fast but it works.