Dropbox Integration

We love Dropbox here at Fog Creek. Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. It’s super easy to keep all your files in sync with their seamless web, mobile, and desktop apps.

When we heard about the Dropbox Chooser yesterday, we were giddy with excitement. We immediately started work on adding it to Trello. Leveraging the work done for adding Google Drive integration, we were able to finish it in a couple of hours. Now you can start using it today!

To add a file from Dropbox, just open a card, click the “Attach file…” button, and select “Dropbox”. The Dropbox chooser will come up and you’ll be able to select files and photos from your account.

Go try it out now. We hope you love it!

15 thoughts on “Dropbox Integration

    • +1 for SkyDrive – using it a lot now I’ve moved to Win 8 and the ability to select files from SkyDrive would be brilliant.

    • Is there ANY possible way to make the dropbox link go to the associated file on the user’s DESKTOP, as opposed to a web link? It seems like this is a no go to my non-coder mind, but figured I’d toss it out there.. would be AWESOME to be able to link directly to the desktop, since all of our files are shared anyhow, and it’s super redundant to link to the web. Thanks!!

  1. Fantastic. With Google and DB, it covers all our needs! That’s fantastic. You guys move so fast