Due Date Notifications, List Move and Copy, Org Logos, And More!

Lots of new stuff today! Let’s just dive into it.

Due Date Notifications

We have a saying around the Fog Creek office. It’s this:

“State not date.”

Actually I just made that up, but it’s catchy don’t you think? What I mean is that delivery dates are hard to estimate because there are a lot of unpredictable factors that affect it. You might say something is due in two days then hit a snag that takes a week to fix. The state, or progress, is often easier to determine and perhaps more useful. It’s easier to say something is being tested (i.e. in the “Testing” list) than it is to say exactly when it will be released.

While this works for us, others work in a more date-dependent fashion. Publishing, consulting, shipping, marketing… there are many fields that rely on timely deliveries. So we wondered if we could make dates more valuable to them.

Today we’re announcing the release of due date notifications. When a card you are subscribed to is 24 hours away from being due, you’ll get a notification in the app and via email. We think this makes due dates even more useful for those folks that rely on them. Hope you love it! If you have some feedback, leave a comment on the Due Date Notifications card on the Trello development board.

Move Lists Between Boards and List Copy

The ability to move cards between boards opened up a lot of flexibility for people. You can separate your brain dump board from your “actively doing” board, and just move a card over when the idea becomes fully formed. Check out this UserVoice blog post for some complex workflows allowed by card move.

Today, we are introducing the ability to move lists between boards. We think it’s going to open up even more flexibility in your workflow. How do you do it? Just click the menu button in the top right corner of the list and select “Move List…”. You’ll now be able to select a different board. Neat.

But that’s not all! You can also copy lists. Just click the menu button, select “Copy List…” and give it a new title if you wish. Now you can set up template lists. For example, you could have a template list for weekly chores, and copy it at the beginning of the week. Go check it out! Actually, read the rest of this post first.

Organization Logos

Organizations are groupings of people and boards. It keeps boards organized among a group of housemates, a group of coworkers, a wedding party and wedding planners, or a group of open source hackers. To make you orgs more personal, we’ve added organization logos. To add a logo, click the “Overview” link next to the org on your boards page, click the grey default picture in the sidebar, and select “Upload a new photo”.

You could use your company logo. You could use a family portrait. You could use a cute cartoon dog. You could use a bedazzled octopus. You could use a french fry with googly eyes wearing a top hat. It’s up to you.

iPad and Windows 8 apps

We’re also happy to announce that we’re working on both an iPad app and a Windows 8 app. They are both in active development, but we don’t have a release date to announce at the moment. (State not date, remember?)

We’re far along enough on our Windows 8 app that we’re looking for beta testers. If you have a Windows 8 device (particularly a tablet) and are interested, please email win8@trello.com. We’re not quite ready for iPad beta testers, but we’ll let you know as soon as we are.

Want some proof that we’re working on it? Here are some pictures.

Summer 2013 Internship

Love Trello and love writing code? Looking for an internship next summer? Fog Creek is now accepting applications for our Summer 2013 internship. We treat our interns like gold. We pay them ($5,000/month) and provide excellent housing. We take interns to all kinds of events: Broadway plays, karaoke, a Mets game, movies, bowling, dinner, a pizza tour and more.

Summer 2012 Intern Doug Patti had this to say about his experience:

“Applying for an internship at Fog Creek was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. On top of the genuinely fascinating challenges we worked with on a daily basis and the uncountable adventures we had in the city, the most memorable part of the entire experience was how incredible every person who works there was. From day one, everyone simply went out of their way to make sure you never felt like “just an intern.” The friendships that I’ve built have truly made this a remarkable summer.”

Apply today! You should also check out our write-up about how to use Trello for your internship search.

That’s it for today. As always, check out the Trello development board to see what we’re working on and follow us on Twitter, Facebook , and Google+ for more updates.

100 thoughts on “Due Date Notifications, List Move and Copy, Org Logos, And More!

  1. When the iPad app is ready for beta testers, would someone please send me an email. I would love to be a Trello iPad beta tester!

  2. Love the dog character that told me there were updates. Woof!

    I use Trella as a calendar. I make each Board 1 week, and then every day a list on that board. It works well but it’s a pain having to set up future weeks. Just sharing because I thought others may want to use it in the same way, and it may be something you could add to Trello :)

    • You may find it easier to make a template board and copy it for each week. You can copy a board via the board menu (to the left of the title on the board page).

    • @ Lesli
      just set up a blank week board
      then next week you can just copy the board – probably a couple of keystrokes and mouse moves.
      Just comparing ease of use of Trello to another similar app – Trello requires a fraction of the keystrokes and dexterity of mouse moves.
      Happy to be an ipad tester – should be a good fit for trello

  3. Congratulations!
    Trello is a great tool. We used every day on the work, is very efficient.
    Good Job!

  4. I just love Trello!!

    Next Thursday I’m going to be a lecturer at the webinar and I’m going to present this wondeful tool to more than 100 Serbian teachers.
    Looking forward to it.
    As for the updates and the tool itself, keep up the good work!


  5. Love the dog character that told me there were updates. Woof! [1]
    I like cat on 4th picture =|

  6. Woof! :)
    Some suggestion:
    – A way to delete a whole column
    – An Android tablet optimized app

    • Currently there’s no way to delete a whole list at a time, but you can archive it. Click the little arrow in the upper-right hand corner of the list and select “Archive this list,” and that should do the trick!

  7. “We take interns to all kinds of events: … a Mets game”

    Are you sure that’s not a punishment?

    Just kidding, that sounds like an amazing opportunity.

  8. Firstly this is an excellent tool and useful update, we would also love:
    -Make it easier to delete cards, currently the option is too obscure possibly move it under the Actions area in the card details
    -Ability to copy Labels between boards
    -Add the option to display the label text on the top of the cards i.e. we label our cards by client and it would be useful to to see the client name at the top of the card
    -Add a “View by label” screen to see all cards grouped by label

  9. Please do not forget to add an offline mode on all your apps. Otherwise they are useless while on the move, especially on a wifi tablet or during transportation where connectivity is limited.

    (+ recurring tasks would be awesome)

  10. Keep on the good work! It would bee cool if I could filter cards by due date or creation date.

    • I was looking for this too. I found out: First create the organisation, then enter the board you would like to move to the organisation. Click on the name of the board just below the Trello bar then press settings. You will see the “Change Organization” link just below “Rename Board”. Hope this helps. :)

  11. Regarding due dates, I think it would be nice to be able to set multiple due dates. If the original due date was not met, there should be a way to set another due date without replacing any previous due dates. This way, you are able to track how (in)accurate your original estimates are.

    • If you create the due date by typing it as a comment you can see what your old due dates were in the Activity feed. For example type “Due 10/17/12.” It won’t set the time, but you can manually do that yourself afterwards.

      • I use trello for pretty much everthing – it was key to organising a massive surprise birthday party before I proposed to my missus.

        The missing functionality is the ability to:
        1. Set due dates per checklist items
        2. Set owners per checklist items

        If I could do this I wouldn’t use One-Note / Tasks / Evernote or anything else…

        Please!? :)

        How bout if you guys add that functionality I’ll write a poem about Trello ;)

  12. I would love to be able to hook a board to a card on another board. This way our master board has a quick link from each project card to it’s own board!

  13. Thanks for making a great product even greater! This is one of those tools that makes you ask”where have you been all my life?” Looking forward to the iPad app.

  14. Love this app. Our development team is trialing it now. I hope there is consensus to keep it!

    We’d love to see a means for adding an alias or pointer in one board to a card sitting in another board. We have boards divided up by functional group but there are touchpoints / related tasks occasionally that cross those functional group boundaries that would be nice to keep visible. i.e. There is a documentation related task in the Documentation board that relates to a project represented in the Engeineering board.

    • You can actually link directly to cards. Just open up a card and copy the URL. Paste that anywhere you like, such as on another board/card. Voila!

  15. What about copying a card? I use Trello to dole out the same task, but in multiple languages, and am perpetually copying out the same task, one card for each person/language. It seems like I could copy a list of cards initially, but then each time I need to add a new task, would be back to having to copy that new card 6 times….

  16. It would be really useful if a list could be shared between two boards. That would allow items to be dropped onto the list in one board and removed from the list into another board. Great way to pass tasks from one workflow into another.

    Is there a way to do that or have you considered adding it?

    • If you’re thinking of a way to “teleport” cards from one board to another, you can. Click the little arrow menu in the upper-right corner of the card and select “Move…” As for sharing lists between boards, that’s an interesting suggestion we may look into. Thanks!

  17. Hmm – didn’t realise that moving a list would remove all labels.

    Whilst I understand that the new list may have different labels in place, and therefore moving labels may be difficult, it was a bit of a shock to find that I had lost all of the classifications on the cards when I moved them to a new board.

    Do labels get carried over if the labels exist in the new board?

  18. Due date notifications… awesome, I was going to request this!

    Since you’re creating a windows app… am I missing something, or when might there be an OSX app?

  19. Android app on the Galaxy S III is awesome. Trello’s simple yet flexible design is it’s greatest strength imho. Keep up the awesome work. I use it every day from my browser or phone and I can’t wait to try it on Windows 8.

  20. Love Trello! Keep up the good work guys, and Bobby the design is excellent. I often now say that I cannot imagine sorting lists without Trello…sticky app for sure.

  21. I am the production manager and opinions editor at my high school’s student run school newspaper, Silver Chips. We were really excited to see the addition of due date notifications. Our entire calendar and organizational schedule is set up on Trello and we have come to rely on it heavily. Having emails sent to our writers about deadlines will be very useful. Thanks Trello!

  22. Great stuff!
    Due dates and copying of entire lists have been sorely missed!

    Keep up the great work!!


  23. Great news on the iPad app. But interesting news that an app for Windows 8, which no one has asked for, for an unreleased OS, is prioritized higher than the an app that is requested by users every day. What happened to customer-needs-driven development!?

    • We have three developer working on the iPad app and one on the Windows 8 app, if that gives you some perspective. The iPad app is a higher priority, but is more work.

  24. Notifications were long overdue – and one of the only things I felt were lacking with my choice to use Trello. The interface is what won me over, but other solutions were great with the notifications (put my various projects became so fragmented inside it that I find I was spending more time trying to find out where I put stuff…it was becoming too much of a distraction!). A 24 hr reminder should suffice…will let you know as I test it out. Thanks!

  25. Awesome. Love the due date notifications and looking forward to your iPad app! Keep up the great work!

  26. still really wishing there was a way to have due dates automatically show as completed but stay a part of the item when added to a ‘done’ list. we need to hold on to the dates for archiving purposes but it’s terrible to have them show red!

  27. I love Trello! Keep up the cool work and updates!

    Is there anyway to make make the left drawer that lists all the columns and counts of cards always show? Even when I’ve turned it on, it goes away when it can show all the lists. However, knowing those counts can be really useful/important and seeing them in that format is really quick and easy. It’s also a pain even when I can see all the lists, but not all the cards in them, so I have to scroll each one to count.

    My use case is a development team that’s using Trello as a Kanban board, but I can imagine there are several other uses where an “always on” panel for getting a quick count would be really handy. Let me know if I can provide any other info… or if I’m being a bonehead and missing how to make this happen as it is today. Thanks!

  28. (Can i please have the dog permanently in my Trello bar?

    No reason, just to Woof once in awhile.

    Thank you.)

  29. I guess I am alone in thinking that an iPad app seems unnecessary. Clearly you guys have some great HTML5 development talent. Your site is already responsive. I think there are some UX improvements that could be made, but you have already figured out gestures. The 1 finger clicks and 2 fingers scroll thing is very encouraging. I can see how drag and drop is a challenge. What I don’t see is what Trello does that justifies a native app. (That’s the question I always ask management when they have ideas for new apps.) It would gain you the ability to do push notification. Other than that, all of the effort that goes into a native app is essentially wasted in that it doesn’t improve the excellent web app that you already have.

    I’d love to hear about your experiences, research, and plans.

    • We went through a lot of effort to make the web app usable on touch devices like the iPad, but the experience is soooo much better with native code. It’s night and day. Animations are smooth. Gestures are native. You get push notifications. You can have basic, read-only offline support. The experience meshes well with iOS while a web app doesn’t (you’re not stuck inside Safari).

  30. One high five for great work, another for it still being free. I talk to people about Trello all the time; great product that gets even better with releases.

  31. The Husky says yes!

    I’ve been using Trello since the start of the summer and absolutely love it. Out of all the systems I’ve used this is the one that most reflects what I would do without a computer.

    It’s ace.

  32. Awesome job Fog Creek! I love trello!

    Only thing I’m wishing for is more labels please. Even if it was just bumped up to 10 labels that would be awesome!

    Keep up the excellent job!

    • Yes, more labels please! I’m running out of ways to name the 6 available. Sometimes takes a great deal of creativity to group cards only with 6 labels.

      Love the product! keep up the great work.

  33. Hello, DUE Dates – can we have them relevant to another card? We use Trello for project management and it would be great if something was running late that it knocked everything else down the line on a little.

  34. I have been waiting for the list move function, Good feature! The first time I did it I wished I could “Mimic” the list or card to another list. I make and monitor lists for many people. I wish the would grow up but what’s the chance of that?

  35. Love it all! We use “State not Date” on our cards to track progress of various software development projects. And excited to hear ipad app is on the way!
    Thank you!

  36. Thank you again for more improvements on this wonderful product! How can i support this project?