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Adding A Calendar To Your Trello Boards


Fun fact: Every Trello board comes with a calendar. That’s right, whether you have a free Trello account or a Business Class account, there is a calendar option that is just waiting to be enabled. With the Calendar Power-Up you can visualize all of the cards with due dates on your board in a whole new way. (If you are not currently adding due dates to cards, but are curious about them as well, check out this article.)

Here are just a few use cases:

To enable your board’s calendar simply go to your board’s sidebar, click the “Power-Ups” button, find the Calendar Power-Up and click “Enable.” Now find the new “Calendar” link at the top of your board and click it. Unfolding before your eyes is a fresh perspective on the past, present, and future of your tasks.


But let’s not stop there, because there are a lot of great features within the calendar Power-Up.

First, while the calendar defaults to a monthly view, you can quickly toggle to a weekly calendar view which makes it easier to visualize all of your cards that are coming due on those really busy days.


Quickly change the due date on a card by dragging it to a new date on the calendar. Don’t believe that it worked? Click the card to open it and check out that automagically updated due date. (Take that wall calendars.)


Do you want to keep your Trello cards in sync with the rest of your busy life? Every calendar has a unique iCalendar feed that can be imported into any third party calendar that takes iCalendar feeds, like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook and more. Simply click on the gear icon in calendar Power-Up menu, enable your iCalendar feed, and import it into your third party calendar as instructed by them.


Finally, filtering cards in your calendar works the same way as filtering cards on your board. Either click the “Filter” button in the sidebar or use the “f” keyboard shortcut to enable filtering, and go to town surfacing the cards you need fast.

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