Introducing Trello Business Class!

Trello is used by thousands of businesses every day. As Trello becomes an essential tool in these organizations, you’ve asked for more power over your boards and data. Today we are enabling that extra control with the launch of Trello Business Class.


What’s in the box? All the power of a Trello organization plus extra features like Google Apps integration, extra administrative controls for boards and members, one-click bulk data export, and a new, view-only observer role.

Go upgrade your organization to Business Class now!

Or check out some of the features first…

Google Apps integration

With Business Class, you can connect your Trello organization to your business’s Google Apps account. On the Members page, you’ll see who in your organization has an account. If they aren’t in the organization yet, you will be able to add them with a single click. Since there are no member limits, you never have to worry about paying more for each new member.

Administrative controls

Business Class gives administrators more control over your organization. A few of the features include…

  • Choose which email domains can be invited to your organization. For example, if you only want Trello users with a email address to join your organization, you can configure that on your “Organization Settings” page.
  • You are also able to restrict board visibility, so that, for example, you can prohibit the creation of public or private boards in your org.
  • As an organization admin, you are able to see and edit all organization boards, even if you are not on the board. You are also be able to see all private boards in your organization.

Bulk data export

We’ll bundle all of your organization data and make it available with just one click. You can choose to include attachments or just have a link to them. The data will be in JSON format with the attachments in their native format.


Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 4.43.12 PM

Observers are board members that can view the board, vote, and comment, but are not able to edit, move, or create cards. The addition of observers lets you share private organization boards without sacrificing control. It’s ideal for freelancers or contractors that don’t need or shouldn’t have full control of the board.

Better member control and visibility

With the new Members page, you get more insight into member activity. You are able to see when a member was last active in the organization and which boards they are on. You are able to see what organization cards they are assigned to.

You also have the ability to deactivate members. This means they will lose access to boards in the organization, but other organization members will still see the members in a faded state on their boards and cards. This is useful for divvying up tasks after a member leaves an organization.

Trello Organization Members Page

Trello is still free. As before and as always, you still have access to unlimited boards and organizations with an unlimited number of members with your free Trello account, with or without Business Class. Business Class provides organizations the extra administrative control they need at a simple and reasonable price.

Okay, that’s just about everything! Now go upgrade your organization!

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69 thoughts on “Introducing Trello Business Class!

  1. Wow, this is fantastic. We recently moved to GGueues for project management and task assignment (w/ GApps integration) but you make a strong case. Will keep an eye on this for our needs.

  2. This Business Class offer seems neat. I’m an individual so I won’t use it right now but it’s affordable and the features make sense.


  3. I wish I could join Fogcreek and work for such lovable people as Elaine and Herman!

  4. Hi! Can you please help me better understand what you mean by Google Apps integration? What new capabilities would I have in that respect if I got the paid membership?


  5. There need to be some sort of active directory integration. Be it AD FS 2.0 or some sort of secure email check where the login validate the password with the email IMAP/POP3 server login credentials. For business SSO is a good selling point. It helps to have the IT administrator on your side :).

  6. Will the enhanced features of the Business Class only be available to the boards associated the upgraded organization. Will boards associated with “My Boards” have less functionality?

    Great product.

    • The features will only be available on boards in the Business Class organization, not personal boards. However, many of the features are organization specific: admin controls, Google Apps integration, member management, etc. It wouldn’t make much sense to have them available on personal boards.

  7. Great stuff guys! We’ll look into this, the features make a lot of sense and pricing is good.

  8. I really think this is a great idea. Been using this software more and more and I really like it. I don’t think I will go back to basecamp.

    The new features are exactly what I’m looking for a large team.

    thanks guys

  9. I hope that the following…

    “What’s in the box? All the power of a Trello organization—including unlimited boards and members—plus extra features like…”

    …does not mean that freeTrello will have a cap on the number of boards or users.

    This is true, correct?

    • You are correct; we are not introducing any limits on the number of boards or members and we don’t have any plans to add such limits. You can and will always be able to have any number of boards and members in your organization with your free Trello account.

      • I would have to ad though it does seem a little expensive as it is $25 per organisation. Comparative to other solutions even basecamp,

        • Luckily you can enjoy unlimited boards and members for your organization without having to pay. If you need the extra administrative controls, we think the upgrade cost is pretty reasonable. If you’ve got 15 members in an organization (an average size for this sort of upgrade), that’s $1.70 per member per month. You won’t have to think of it in terms of number of boards or members, though, since it’s unlimited.

  10. This looks great!

    I have 2 small teams and we are running everything from Trello now…this makes it even better.

    Keep up the great work! This app is incredible.


  11. Is this a step towards an enterprise edition. My company would be much more likely to switch and even pay for this if we could run Trello on our own servers (for privacy concerns)

    • We don’t currently have plans for a locally installable version of Trello. The additional complexity and maintenance costs eat away at developer time that could be spent on making Trello better for everybody.

  12. Administrative controls: Can you set read/write access to cards based on the list (column) they are in ? I would love to have my programmers to be able to update a card only when it is in the “Assign, Development and Test” column.

  13. Just so I’m understanding, the only export option is still only JSON right? This new business class doesn’t offer another export option?

  14. This is great – but where is the chat function? It doesn’t seem too difficult to incorporate, and it would greatly assist me, my group, and my class with using Trello!

  15. I think it’s great that you are offering this, but I really wish you offered a more reasonably-priced option for very small shops. Maybe something where you can only have 20 boards, 3 members and 10 observers (or something like that). In my business the boards are mostly just for me, but I would like for my clients to be able to view their boards to see the status. That is the only real functionality I would like and it most certainly is not worth $25/month.

    • We very much don’t want base our product on the number of boards or members in an organization, since you currently get unlimited boards and members with or without Business Class. We hear your request for a lower tier version, though, and it’s something we’ll definitely consider. Thanks for your feedback!

      • I agree with him. I fix computers myself with a very small home business, and it would be really nice and could help to sell myself as a quality service to be able to share only the ticket I create for every computer I get to repair, with the owner to see, and ask anything about the process. But for me, 20$ per month is too much right now :(. Maybe a low cost pro services (e.g. without domain controls or Google Apps, but with read-only sharing option) for a lower price…

        Meanwhile: Congratulations and thank you. Congratulations for such a FANTASTIC product which I love more and more. Also for having a way to make a profit from it.

        And thank you for providing such a great tool for free without important limitations for most of the users. I hope Trello keeps spreading around the World more and more.

        Oh, one idea for the future: internationalize it: I know many Spanish users would love to have it translated. I could even help, in appreciation of your work.

  16. Great idea. Now you can start doing more business driven features.

    I believe that 3rd party time tracking that we can have on Trello take a lot of time to configure. It would be nice to have a simple time tracker on Trello for business. For the company that I work for, this would make a big difference!

    Thanks a lot!

  17. I wish I were an organization so I had a need for these features- they look very cool.

  18. Can we have ADFS support too please? That will open up integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, for the large number of companies in the world who use Active Directory for authentication.

    • We know Active Directory is something lots of businesses use. We would be great to add at some point, but it’s not on our current roadmap.

      • ADFS support is very important and from what I’ve heard from others, not something that requires a lot developer time to open up your authentication via this 3rd party mechanism. This would be the ONE feature which would allow us to scale this tool to the organization (over 3000). Without this, someone has to keep an eye on permissions to make sure someone who has left the firm doesn’t have access to current sensitive material. ADFS integration would solve that for us. Please consider adding this to your roadmap. We’d happily consider an “Enterprise Class” upgrade for this functionality.

        • I wholeheartedly agree. Trello is great, but it needs integrate with Active Directory to be used in a sane way in large organizations.

          Having to administering another user/policy database kind of makes trello a non-starter for big enterprise.

  19. I am so happy for you guys – I hope you make a ton of money! I love using Trello for my personal workflow, at my day-job and my side-gig. Sadly, my firm has no real need for this kind of tool, so I can’t justify upgrading to business class, but I’ll continue telling all my friends about you. Good luck!

  20. This is great news for all of us! I really hope Trello Business Class takes off!

    Seeing Trello make money will give a lot of confidence to everyone using Trello for free, and all the companies who want to pay for services so that they can be sure that Trello will be around and a service level will be maintained.

  21. This is an amazing product – but it is badly missing one enterprise critical feature. We need to be able to run this inside our corporate firewall.

    I see Trello as something that is badly needed every day where I work, but no amount of bells and whistles will make this hosted application workable in our enterprise environment.

    We would gladly pay…

    • We’ve had a lot of requests for this, but we don’t currently have plans to offer a locally installable version of Trello. The additional complexity and maintenance costs would take away from developer time that could be spent on making Trello better for everybody.

  22. Hi there,

    Love your software. Quick question is it possible to track time per list and have a summary per list? If not will you introduce this? This will make a strong case for us to convert to this from a proprietory system.
    Thanks, Mark

    • We’ve had a lot of requests for time tracking and it’s definitely something we are looking to implement at some point. Doing it correctly will take some time.

  23. Awesome – we will definitely get there soon. Our projects are all cards and boards.

    Thanks Trello.
    Nishanth T

  24. First of all, you guys did great work! And I think this business feature plan is quite reasonable. I love it. I’m going to upgrade our organization after most our employees are used to using Trello.

    By the way, Is there any plan to increase basic file attachment limit size in the business feature? I really want it!. 20mb!!!! ^^;

    Thank you.

      • I would really dig this feature, it would certainly push me into buying a pro account if I could add large attachments and have a Dropbox style files area.

  25. Do you have any Reporting features built into the version?

    i.e. cycle times for tasks (between columns)
    cumulative burn up charts?

    • There isn’t any reporting in this version of Business Class, sorry. We may introduce it eventually, though. Thanks for the feedback!

    • We just started using Trello. Right now don’t see any good reason to go to the new business version, but would like to pay as others have mentioned. I see the one big weakness as the lack of reporting functions. Other than that we love the product.

  26. That looks great guys. Nice service, affordable price. Just wondering, if business class has no board limit, where is the limit in the free plan? Or will it remain “unlimited” but without this great new features?

    Been looking here and there and I’ve been not able to find it.

    Thank you!

    • There are no usage limits with your free account or with Business Class. With your free account, you can have an unlimited number of boards, organizations, and members. If you need more administrative control over your organization, Business Class is for you.

  27. It looks like a good addition to the Trello service for a business, sadly for us we have set our system up in a very expensive way to use business class. We have an organisation per client, which makes the $25/month quite a bit more expensive.

    If we could group boards within an organisation, this would resolve our issue, let us have a single organisation, and upgrade to business class.

    • Thanks for your feedback! The best thing to do right now would be to put all the boards in one organization. We are looking at ways to better group boards.

  28. What about HIPPA, privacy and all that other good stuff? How secure is Business Class? Do you know of any assessments of Business Class that concluded that using it in a healthcare environment would or would not be acceptable? Thanks.

  29. Trello is a great tool but we need a few more features to fully use it in our corporation. Some of them are:
    * Are you planning to add swim lanes?
    * How about tracking metrics?
    * Ability to limit WIP
    Any plans to add any of these features?

    • Thanks for the feedback! We’ve gotten a lot of requests for that type of thing, especially since Trello is so similar to kanban. We may add them in the future, but it’s not on our current roadmap.

  30. I’m glad that Trello finally has premium program. Now we, the users, can be calm about the future progress of the service. When it’s clear how you guys in Fog Creek make a profit, it’s easier to trust in your product.

    Big thanks for this!

  31. I love that this is coming out, but there are a lot of people working in huge organizations and tossing everything into a single group would be chaotic, to say the least. In the past, I’ve used Organizations to group team members together and letting them create their own boards as needed. I’m trying to imagine having 3000+ users in the same Organization and the thought of just the “public board” listing is overwhelming. Setting up some sort of hierarchy of groups within an organization would go a large way, even if there were a group-based cost (as opposed to user or board based).

  32. Sad to hear view-only won’t be or is no longer free. Any chance Trello will be offering an a la carte menu? Otherwise best productivity app I have ever used.

  33. Trello is perfect! I loved the Android app. I use it here in Brazil with two friends. We use it on a small project (not business). Where is the donate button? Thanks!

  34. Trello helps me organizing my life in ways that I couldn’t imagine before using it. There are other Kanban tools over the internet, but Trello has the best and simplest interface. It’s so easy to start a board for anything you want, that’s why I really enjoy using it.

    I believe that you should create a “contributor” badge for users (people like me that don’t need the Business version yet), and who want’s to help you financially could pay 1 or 2 dollars a month to get this badge. It’s a low amount of money, making it easier for people who want to give you money to do this.

    Thanks a lot.

  35. Love the Business Class additions! +1 for adding Active Directory integration to your roadmap.

  36. Hey, awesome to see you’re servicing the business users. Currently appendTo is deciding on a new official company tool (in the past we’ve used a combo of Trello boards, Google Docs, Leankit Kanban, etc).

    We really like Trello, and with the addition of the observer role that makes it an even more viable option for our ProServe use.

    But the one thing still missing which we really need is ability to track performance metrics at a glance. Hope to see some basic performance features coming down the pipe soon!

    Thanks for making a great product.

  37. So glad to hear you are starting to make a gain out of your excellent product.

    Will check this business class soon, thanks!

  38. I agree with the thoughts that the selection of priced features has hit a sweet spot. I don’t need them for my own usage, as my employer uses a big commercial planning tool, but I see the immediate value for money of those features at that price for almost all sizes of business above “one-man show”.

    I was wondering when you’d put forward a commercial model. This looks far better than many of the ghastly offerings by companies shifting from free to paid, from past observation.