Trello is here

Post-it notesDo you have a whiteboard covered in Post-it notes somewhere in your office?

Yeah. Honestly, with all the fancy-schmancy “project management” software out there, I never found a way to keep track of who’s supposed to be working on what and what the highest priority projects are and what their status is. As the founder of two companies it was starting to get distracting to walk down the hallways seeing dozens of people getting paid to sit at computers, type on keyboards, occasionally move a mouse, and I had no idea if they were doing the exact right thing, or maybe something they thought was important but which, nevertheless, was not, actually, important.

So we built Trello.

Trello Logo

Trello is a brand new product from Fog Creek Software. We’ve had a team working on it for nine months, and we’ve been dogfooding it almost the whole time, and I have to say, it’s really great, so as of today, is live, open, free, available to the entire public through the great medium of the global network of computers known as the Internet, hallelujah.

Trello is probably the simplest thing in the world: it’s a web page where you make a bunch of lists. Each list contains cards. Each card is a thing that someone might want to work on.

Three lists in Trello

It’s on the web. Each Trello board has a URL, and you can invite anyone you want to participate. Whenever anybody makes a change, everyone else sees it, instantly.

You can move cards around. Move them up and down to prioritize:

Moving Cards

Move them around from list to list:

Move from List to List

You can attach people to cards. That’s a way of showing who is working on which thing.

Assign people to cards

Now, the cool thing is that on the back of each card, there’s room for all kinds of cool stuff, including a description, conversations, file attachments, links, checklists, labels, and more.

Back of a Trello Card

That way cards can carry all kinds of useful stuff around with them.

If it seems too simple to be true, well, it is. It’s just a list of lists, really. But the simplicity is deceptive: it turns out to be a super-powerful way to organize teams, projects, and, in fact, anything that needs a little organization.

You can use it all by yourself. I use it as a kind of super-GTD todo list, but I’ve also given access to Producer Alex and occasionally, when he’s not paying attention, I assign him to something I was failing to get done on my own, and then it gets done. Thanks, Alex!

You can use it on a team. Sales teams can use it to track leads. Software teams can use it to track features. VC firms can use it to track startups. If you ever find yourself asking, “Who’s supposed to be working on X?” your team needs Trello.

Trello works on any size screen. It works great on smart phones (there’s even an iPhone app) and it works great on laptops. We even set up a giant video wall with five 42″ plasma screens mainly for Trello.

Everything synchronizes instantly. You can hold a conference call with your remote teammates, all go to the same board, and update things while you talk about them.

It’s free. (We might charge something for premium features in the future). You can make one board or 100. Sign up today!

Taco the Famous Siberian Husky

PS Taco says hi.

222 thoughts on “Trello is here

    • Trello is designed for larger projects than just individual bugs. So, you might make a card that says “fix all my bugs for 3.0″, but you wouldn’t have individual cards for every tiny detail.

      • You may have written the project, but why tell us how we should use it? Do you know better than your customers?

        It would really be a great boon to be able to pull FogBugz cases into this. As with many others, that’s exactly what our whiteboard’s full of.

        • I am always slightly weary of advertising campaigns that have to explain what a product is or how it is to be used. It suggests to me that it is a solution in search of a problem, or the interface is not clear enough to suggest how the product should be used.

          I hope this product isn’t like this, however that is my initial impression from the website… the proof is in the pudding though…

    • On out physical scrum/kanban board we put Fogbugz case numbers, so that would probably do the trick? Be nice to have a ticket ID field and a URL setting to make it a link.

    • Guys, I’m a lead project manager and team leader for problem solving and this is one awesome tool. For anyone who has used QA tools before, this will be seen for the magic it is.
      I can see this tool in use with my own company and clients.

      As for internal use, yup I know it happens with some big companies, but then I have met many BOFHs that make these crap decisions and bullshit the senior managers.

      Its a problem with the organsiation. There are lots of uses…awesome work guys.

  1. Can I also buy this to install on our own servers? We do not allow any data to be stored in the cloud by policy.

        • It’s more unfortunate that you apparently are unable to convince your company to use great products , if they are hosted “in the cloud”.

          • Legal issues may prevent you from hosting certain data off site. Sometimes it’s cheaper and easier to say NOTHING gets hosted off site than to try to sort special data from data that you are less concerned about.

          • I will have to agree with Sean Ennis. Sometimes legal or National Security issues will prevent any critical data to be stored off-site, and when it comes to tech development, critical data may very well be read as “anything remotely related to the project”.

          • Yep, same here. I looked, thought, Oooh!! We could put this on our flatscreens in our standup areas and use it instead of physical post-it boards, and I can write hooks to tie it into our existing task system, and it’ll save us all sorts of time!

            And then I realized the UI looked very webbish.

            And then I winced.

            It seems there’s a class of companies, call it the 37Signals club, that are down with cloud storage, and tons of great cloud-based tools are being written for those companies right now.

            And then there are tons of companies – not even the massive established ones; mine is only a 200-person studio, but with such security concerns that we absolutely can’t store data in the cloud.

            I think there are a lot of companies in the same boat as us, and a huge business opportunity for the company that does the kinds of amazing stuff web apps firms are doing right now, but with easy local deployment.

            Until then, Office Depot it is.

          • Hah. So, great software exists but on a platform that you can’t use. Your view is that the problem is on the software provider’s part, not your short-sighted company’s insufficient policies?

          • I would also have been more comfortable proposing this tool to management if we could have deployed this tool on our own servers.

            Go ahead, accuse me of being “short sighted”.

            I can count atleast 4 customers so far… :)

      • I’d also very much like to try this out at my company, but there’s no way we can host this outside our walls. Keep in mind that hosting this at Fog Creek makes it easier to get freemium set up for everybody later on; but it also deprives you of likely revenue right now.

  2. Is there any integration with FogBugz?

    We have been using FogBugz for several years. I have always wished that I had time to write an app that let me visually organize and prioritize FogBugz cases … just like Trello.

    I realize I could manually put a FB case number (and URL) into a card in Trello … but that would be very tedious to manually create cards for FB cases. Can Trello automatically show FB cases as cards? Or is there at least an API for Trello that could be used in conjunction with the FogBugz XML API?

    • Not possible, yet. Our next big project for Trello 2.0 is making an API and a plug-in architecture, after which it should be possible to make a FogBugz plug-in.

      • Please put up another blog post after the API is released. I would love to make an integration/plugin for outlook tasks (more powerful than many people realize) that interacts with the product.

  3. Several major +1s:
    1) Use of Google login, with ability to set a password to log in without that. I LOVE this, and it fits with what Joel (and Jeff Atwood) have been proselytizing for a while about the use of OpenID.

    2) Awesome, responsive UI.

    Also a few -1s:
    1) No indication about pricing plans. Is this going to cost money one day?

    2) I had a problem when I created a new board. The UI took a while to respond, during which time I got confused, created another new board with the same name, and ended up with two new boards with the same name.

    Suggestion: The menu that opens when you click the arrow in the corner of a card should open with right-click as well. This is how assembla’s card board works, and I like it that way.

    Suggestion: Labels should take one click, rather than two. On the menu row for labels just have six colored squares to click on. Maybe that won’t work so well for smartphone users, but for a desktop, I’d rather save the click.

      • Because most of the app is client side, I think he meant it took awhile for it to load initially, but after that it was snappy. We’re also going a wee bit crazy over here due to the overwhelming response. Expect perf to keep increasing. We’re really tuned into this.

  4. “I never found a way to keep track of who’s supposed to be working on what and what the highest priority projects are and what their status is”

    You never came across pivotal tracker?

    • Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management tool for agile software teams.

      Trello can be used by anyone with a list of things to do! A big project, a little project, a wedding, a camping trip, a venture fund, college applications, a board meeting, groceries, etc., etc., etc.!

  5. Oh, I see that you mention in the blog post that it’s free. And the site says “Creating an account is free and easy.”, but you know how often sites say that but mean “creating an account is easy, but to use our software in any meaningful way you’ll have to pay”.

  6. Any chance of adding additional open id login options? I appreciate that you allow google accounts, but it would be nice to allow arbitrary open id providers.

  7. Awesome work!!! definitely is a must have for everything even a day to day to-do list. About to use it to a project, wait for a little feedback soon!

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  9. Are there any privacy options?

    It’s not clear what information is public, or what is shared. Is a profile public? what about membership/ownership of organizations?

      • I see that one can control a Board’s visibility.

        But user accounts and organizations are public only?

        I notice that if I view my profile URL while not logged in, I can see my profile info and the list of organizations that I own and/or are a member.

        The profile itself doesn’t really expose much, but I think it would be nice to be able to control the visibility of organizations on one’s profile.

        • … and further: shouldn’t an organization be able to choose whether or not its members are displayed on its public profile?

  10. Not that I want to turn this blog post into a bug tracker, but I can’t log in with my google account; clicking “log in with google account” just redirects me to the login page.

  11. I’ve yet to find a solution that worked better for me than the text file on my desktop, but this seems like a good candidate. One feature request right off the bat — I can’t see to find a way of deleting cards or lists. Archiving only moves them off the screen, sometimes I want something gone for good.

  12. This is very, very awesome. Yesterday we did our regular “write everything we’re planning to do up on the whiteboard” thing – this morning we’re moving it all into Trello and it’s working a treat.

    I also love that you’ve made the Trello Dev board public.

    One feature requrest – once I have multiple boards and lots of cards, it would be awesome to have a ‘my cards’-type view, that showed everything assigned to me, across boards.

    Again, great work. Absolutely in love.

    • Thanks for the feedback and the feature request. We’ll keep it in mind!

      For now you can keep track of things on your “notifications” page and your “profile” page (both can be found by clicking your user icon near the top right corner of the page).

  13. Love it already…. but….
    mm/dd/yy format only for due dates? BOO!
    Adding a time would also be handy.

    • > mm/dd/yy format only for due dates?

      clearly I’m missing something obvious … can you describe where exactly you found the field to assign a due date?

        • hi, joel!

          1.) if I enter a date in a comment field, it appears to be added to the Activity stream and simply treated like any other text?

          I’ve tried the following formats, to no avail:

          * January 1, 2012
          * 01/01/2012
          * 01/01/01

          2.) are there any plans to provide users with the ability to assign due dates to Lists, thereby giving them the flexibility to act like milestones in addition to simple buckets and/or stages in a given workflow?

    • Seconded — if not custom formats for different countries, please include at least the international ISO standard format yyyy-mm-dd at some point! Thanks!

      • That is because it _is_ wrong. The US is not the world. It is even small compared to the world. :)

    • I’m using it on Android right now – they’ve made the scaling work *really* well. Native app might have the advantage of notifications etc, but right now the web app is perfectly usable.

  14. OMGPONIES!! This is what I have been waiting for. Exactly this. (I’ll say more after I put it to work). But awesome work on the description and examples. I have two rooms plus a hallway in my house covered in boards with post-it’s and sticky-back index cards. I photograph my post-it boards frequently because one accidentally opened window on a windy day, and… next thing I know the cat has made a Totally Awesome Lair out of the entire storyboard of my next book.

  15. “Confirm Email

    We sent an email to with a verification link. It might some time to show up, but when it does you will be ready to use Trello.”

    It might *take* some time to show up. You guys forgot that word. :) It looks pretty interesting, and I hope it works out.

  16. Great work. Quick feature request: Allow cards to represent boards. This would give you hierarchically organized sets of boards.

    • Absolutely! I want to have a central board for my personal to-do list. I’d love to have single cards on my personal to-do go to entire boards with my employees working on the intricate details of the to-dos.

      Please make cards link to boards.

  17. This is awesome and prevents us from having to build our own internal workflow product. What would make this even better is the ability to set up ‘template’s for a card. Each of our cards would have the same 10 checklists and it would be great if we didnt have to enter them in every time.

    Cool stuff

    • +1 on the template request, though board templates (containing pre-configured cards) might be preferable.

  18. What about multi language support. I am interested but if my coworkers can’t use it then Trello loses a lot of functionality. I can still use it for my own stuff but …
    There are a lot of tools I can’t really use because of this, but I really want to be able to use this with all of them.
    So have you thought about this?

  19. Is this a tool for avoiding to ask the question “What are your top 2 priorities?” personally to people? There’s no software that will replace that :)

  20. I guess Trello is being bombarded with requests. Getting a ‘Internal Server Error’ trying to confirm my email account… signing with Google didn’t work either. Seems like a great tool though.

      • Ah, just posted a comment re moving cards and then saw this. My company is just now looking for projman software and I’d love to use Trello, but moving cards to different lists is a deal breaker. Any idea on when this feature might get in there? Thanks.

  21. interesting. It looks like a riff in Kanban, yet you don’t mention that. How does this differ from Kanban or, say, AgileZen?

    • Trello is similar to Kanban. You can take any real-life Kanban board and move it to Trello.

      AgileZen targets software teams using Agile. Trello targets anyone with a project or even just a to-do list.

  22. This is so cool! I’m starting a new project with people in different states and this would be perfect. However, how would I convince my management that our boards can only be viewed by us?

    • If you make an organization, all the boards you create will default to be only viewable by your organization. To prove this, you could create a new board, fire up an incognito window and copy the url and show them that Trello won’t display it to users who don’t have permission. Obviously if you make a board ‘public’ when you create it, anyone with the url can see it.

  23. I’m not able to assign text to the labels, is that by design? are there plans to provide that functionality?

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  25. It would be really nice to be able to move a card from one board to another. If we were to use this we would probably have multiple boards – e.g. a backlog board and a scrum board which would contain the cards for our current iteration. It would be nice to move cards from the backlog board to the iteration board. Moreover, it would be nice to clone a board. The use case would be we’re finished with iteration board 1, and want to create iteration board 2 and want to copy over all the incomplete tasks (as represented by cards.)

  26. I LOVE it!

    How do you edit a comment?

    The iPhone app seems to be Read-only even though I’ve logged in with my password. I can’t add a comment on my iPhone.

    • Comments are not editable after they are posted.

      The current version of the iPhone app is read-only. It is going to be a full read/write app — we are working very hard to get that done. It just wasn’t ready for launch.

  27. Erm… I sign up with my work email address, seems like no confirmation email is coming. So, I sign up again with a personal email account, get the confirmation email, click on the link,

    Internal Server Error.


  28. One of my colleagues seems to be able to log in with his Google account, and he finds Trello awesome. However, I can’t log in via Google (simply returns me to the login page), neither can I create a standalone account (Internal Server Error when I try to confirm my email address).

    Your product doesn’t love me! :(

    • Thanks for the report. We apparently have a bug with i18n names at the login stage that we’re trying to fix.

  29. Hi,

    It looks like a great tool.

    But it would be even greater if one could have an overview of when activities are planned and how long they would take. (i.e. an overview of the developers tasks on a day-by-day basis)

    Is this an upgrade we may expect in the near future?



    • We plan to make available lots of plugins that could achieve exactly what you are looking for.

  30. Why only IE9 and not IE8? That’s a bit too optimistic for traditional businesses. But then again, your videos nowadays only show Apple products and no other devices.

  31. It’s a Scrum task board. We already use JIRA and GreenHopper, but find that even that obscures what people are working on right now — because even sub-tasks on GreenHopper are quite heavyweight.

  32. I can’t signup with my google account; clicking “or sign up with: google account” just redirects me to the login page.

    If I sign up with name + email + password, unable to verify my newly created account: Internal Server Error.

    • Thanks for the report. We apparently have a bug with i18n names at the login stage that we’re trying to fix.

  33. Hey looks and feels like a great tool. Was just wondering how long are you going to keep it up and free? I’m a bit scared to commit with longer going projects to Trello…

    • We’re not going to charge for what you are currently using. When a bazillion people are using it, we’ll figure out some kind of freemium model or app store like model.

  34. I see there isn’t a way to set a deadline for a card and/or an activity. Can somenone suggest me how can I manage deadlines in Trello?
    Thank you

  35. I’m another person who just got “Internal Server Error” when clicking the “Click here to verify your email address” link in the confirmation email.

  36. Guys, this is fantastic and can’t believe how simple and efficient it is! I have put all my team on it from today! I just can’t for the life of me find the manual you refer to. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • Thanks so much! The manual should look like a book icon when you are logged in, near the search box at the top.

  37. Great webapp, seriously.

    I love the simplicity and this app is really simple to use and to understand.

    I think it would be better with offline support: what if the connection is down?

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  39. is there a very simple way for each user to see what has been assigned to them? or for anyone to see what has been assigned to each user? A view that sorts/groups by assignee?

  40. I am pretty sure that I’ll love using Trello – IF I ever receive my confirmation email.

    Is there any way to request that it be resent?


    Agent Red

  41. This looks extraordinarily useful, it’s been a while since I’ve gone ‘wow’ while reviewing a new product.

    So here’s my inevitable request for features to support a marginal use-case, but hey…

    You’ve got a request for card templates above, and I’d like to +1 that.

    I’d also like to be able to import data that will pre-populate those cards.

    To be specific, I have some contact data, and I’d like to be able to import it into Trello – a card for each person – yes, I want to use it as a simple team-based contact management system, with lists showing whether we have contacted someone, or they are awaiting contact etc.

    … Well, I can ask, can’t I?

    It would be nice to be able to export the data again too.

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  43. Sorta nice, can see use in arranging stuff-to-do, but it would be *really* useful if you could add time spent to a task, and summarise time on projects. Would immediately make our (crap) timesheet process redundant.

  44. I didn’t manage to get in. After clicking the confirmation link in email, all I get is a “internal server error” -page.

  45. There is no delete card functionality. This really needs to be separate from Archive card. Two different things.

  46. Can one card exist in many boards? A lot of real world situations could require that multiple projects would require the same task completing. e.g. Warehousing Project would be a board and Sales Website would be a board, both could require that “DataAccess component 3″ be completed. It would be great (and logical) that the single entry appeared in both boards and changes/completion would show in both.

  47. I like the look of this!

    After a very quick play, I found myself wanting to create a hierarchical structure – with cards appearing as ‘sub-items’ to other cards. You could show this by indenting them, tree-view style – and perhaps even allow sub-cards to be folded up.

  48. Oh look, kids! Joel Spolsky and his minions at Fog Creek Software have created a “cloud”-based piece of software for micromanaging software development projects. At least, that was the original intention. Where it can be abused from there is anyone’s guess.

  49. Hi guys – great job – love it! Finally someone has found an appropriate way to organize all the information – you made the dashboard the most important part of the ui.

    BUT – I am working as an editor and I need a way to import the information from e-Mails to the jobcard. Is there a way to assign or link an e-mail to those cards?

    THANKS – Chris

    • If you save the e-mails as files, you can upload them to cards as attachments. Or you could just copy and paste the e-mail text.

  50. Looks great!

    However, one of my friends gets internal server error when he tries to activate account, or gets redirected to login page when he tries to log in with google account.

    This is *probably* caused by non-ascii character in his first name (his name is Łukasz). When he tried the forgot password workaround mentioned above, his first name was displayed incorrectly.

  51. Great stuff! I excited to start using this. I’m trying to use the iPhone App and I keep getting an error ”An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.”

  52. Awesome! I most say that everything that you guys do, is simply great :) I am waiting to see your next product.I am a big fan :)

  53. Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you possibly can take away me from that service? Thanks!

  54. Loving it so far, Joel…excellent product, as always! I’m really looking forward to further improvements, but i’m already planning to spend the day evaluating and possibly moving a good chunk of my workflow over to Trello. I was using a Kanban board plugin for FogBugz which was good, but not quite what I wanted…but this seems perfect.

  55. Well I also experience many of the above-mentioned problems – Neither the google authentication (just a redirect) nor the confirmation of my email (internal server error) seems to work.

    Perhaps, so that this might actually be a helpful comment, – it has something to do with the fact, that I first tried to log in using my google account and only after that I noticed the sign-up using google account link. Also the E-mail address I provided is the same as the one used in the google account.

  56. So far, this looks like a promising product to me. I would like to provide suggestions, but I did not see a place for such.
    Suggestion #1, provide a place for suggestions.
    Type #1, typo – when I signed up I was directed to a page with a grammatical error: “…a verification link. It might some time to show up…” – the word “take” is missing.
    Suggestion #2, when I invite others, I’d like to include a personal message in the invite.

  57. love love love it! amazing UI!

    and since I’m a curious cat (and part time developer) I’d love to learn a bit more about architecture / framework used.

    • node.js, backbone… we’ll be posting a detailed writeup blog post soon. Subscribe this blog’s feed for more info.

  58. I couldn’t find anywhere to post suggestions, so I’ll post it here – I think one of the list features should be to move it to a different board – I created a list and then realized I created it in the wrong board :)

  59. Just tried signing up for an account with Google and got: “Internal Server Error” after clicking the Allow button. Tried a few more times and still can’t create an account, either through Trello or with Google.

    • I think you should be able to get this to work now (or at least use the email / password box). We had a weird bug with i18n characters, and then there is still a bug with the auth library we are using and certain google addresses. We’re working on it.

  60. Great product!

    I used to control my tasks using spreadsheets.

    My wife and I are using trello to handle home tasks too!

      • sweet. We’re on this right now. It’s been a bit crazy over here with all the press, but our entire team is focused on perf. Will naturally be better when the buzz wears off, but we’re trying to stay active even through that.

  61. Is there any way to filter searches, say, perform a search within an organization only? This seems like an important feature.

  62. I’m trying Trello out and it is working well. However I have a suggestion for a feature: I’d like to assign members to specific check list items…

    • You can promote a checklist item to a card, by just selecting the item (and then clicking convert to card). That’s how we envisioned you’d use the checklist when you wanted to assign someone to it (i.e. when it became a bit more heavyweight than just a few words).

  63. Please, urgent suggestion (yes, I am making expressions up): can we have an option to strike out a card? You know, like when you put a big fat read line across a task on a physical list and you can see how far you are progressing and it makes you feel so much better?

    Well, I would love to see that feature (somewhat like the checklist in fact) so that I don’t have to remove sharpy marks from all the laptop screens around here…

  64. Awesome! I’m considering switching from Pivotal Tracker to this.

    First feature request…ability to delete at least my own comments.


  65. We will be using Trello to track student teams as as they move through a statistics consulting class. Trello works great but we have some hard deadlines that must be met and grades are based on meeting these deadlines. Is there a calendar option in the works that can be added to the boards?

  66. Trello seems like it would be a really simple to use, yet powerful, organizational tool for a project team. However, my company only supports Window XP operating systems and IE8 (firefox and chrome are banned and we are not allowed admin rights to install them). Since Trello will not load with IE8, how can my organization use Trello until we are eventually given new OS’s and upgraded to IE9 (which requires Win 7)?

  67. I tried to sign up. After several hours I haven’t received the confirmation email and there is no way I can see to request it to be sent again.

    I can’t reset my password (not that I’ve forgotten it) because the site says there is no account with my email address. And I can’t create a new account, because the site says there is already an account with my email address!


  68. This tool is excellent. I agree with the other comments about the desire of a version to install on your own servers. I work in higher ed and there are federal laws that govern how we protect student data. Sometimes hosting on our own servers provides another layer of security. You have two audiences here:

    1. Medium-Large Enterprise and Govt
    2. Everyone else

    The Mozilla foundation is finding out you can’t treat both the same always. Just see the dust up over the rapid FF releases for IT admins.

  69. Feature request, inspired by looking at the Trello on Trello board: when I’m looking at the back of a card, give me some way to see all the comments in one place, without having to scroll through page after page of votes.

  70. +1 for making this https (and +1 for free!). A suggestion: there doesn’t seem to be a policy covering how sensitive data is handled (apart from the broad disclaimers in the ToS). Perhaps that’s by design (or a coming soon), but it might put people off.

  71. I would love to see an upload notification. I didn’t think uploads were working until I came back to the card later to find my file had appeared.

  72. Trello seems to be the simpliest, easiest way to match my project needs.

    We are trying to use better tools than post-its and I think we’ve find it.

  73. A couple of bugs under Android (I’m using Dolphin browser):

    1. Links to Boards on the start page (which is shown immediately after login) aren’t “tappable”. When I tap them, they become selected (blue background), but the Board itself won’t open. I once managed to “click” one of these links, but all my subsequent attemts were unsuccessful.

    2. Links in the user menu (which is shown when I tap my avatar in the top bar: Boards, Profile, Notifications, Accounts etc.) have the same problem – they aren’t tappable. The only one which works is Logout.

  74. Guys, I’m a lead project manager and team leader for problem solving and this is one awesome tool. For anyone who has used QA tools before, this will be seen for the magic it is.
    I can see this tool in use with my own company and clients.

    As for internal use, yup I know it happens with some big companies, but then I have met many BOFHs that make these crap decisions and bullshit the senior managers.

    Its a problem with the organsiation. There are lots of uses…awesome work guys.

  75. Bug: when I hover over a card and press ‘1’ through ‘6’, there’s a long delay (a second or two) before it actually looks to see which card my mouse is over. It should pay attention to which card the mouse is over *when I press the key*, not a second or two later when it gets around to talking to the server. As it is, tagging many cards means lots of waiting: move the mouse, press the key, wait until the activity-log entry appears in the sidebar, then move on to the next card. I should be able to move the mouse and hit keys as I go, bang-bang-bang, but if I try, it just tags the wrong cards. Problem exists in both FireFox and Chrome (latest version of each).

    Bug: only the main number keys work for tagging. Numeric-keypad keys do nothing, regardless of the NumLock setting.

  76. Are you guys going to explain what the two little colored squares mean, in the corner of the member icons? I’ve found no indication anywhere of what those are supposed to be all about. I’d think clicking the member icon would show me something that explains, but it doesn’t — the colored squares are gone in the screen that pops up.

  77. Search really needs to be fixed. The lack of ability to filter a search by board or organization is crippling.

  78. Dear Joel and Co,

    Just signed up for Trello today. First reaction, this is awesome! Immediately put one of our projects onto it to test it out. Second reaction…Trello is awesomely awesome! So far so good, thanks for releasing it to the public. It’s just the first day, but my feeling is that this will be very useful, especially as I am collaborating with team members who are at remote locations.

    Feature request (I’ll try to add this to Trello on Trello as well) : Can we have the ability to change the background colours of the cards? Like labels, only the whole card is the colour of the label? (or if this feature is already there, let me know)

  79. ok, i was excited. really. but now i kinda hate Fog Creek with a passion because of a very simple usability thing. although i have to be honest and say that i expect i am the kind of nerd who is doing something you don’t care to worry about so you won’t care, that’s just my luck. the problem: i use NoScript in Firefox and your javascript detection ui flow sucks sucks sucks for that. $0.02.

    • i’m wrong. it is that you do not want Firefox 3.

      (since most of the things i’ve hit in life along these lines are a javascript issue, and not an “upgrade your browser” issue, i’m going to extrapolate from that — which i know i’m not allowed to do for real ui/ux — and say that the web page, based on the url, knows what i have, and should say things more succinctly and clearly. the old adage that nobody reads the text inside the dialog box. while i’m bad for not reading the text and parsing it etc., it is just proof that the old adage is totally right. $0.01)

  80. Great product!

    Please clarify: an iPhone app, but no Android app? Is this a cruel joke? A 50% to 20% market share advantage garners Android no love from Fog Creek?

    Just curious. Thank you very much for releasing to the public!

  81. Why only that boring Google account to log in? Where are WLID and Facebook ID, the most popular ID services in the world rather than stupid Google? Come on, WLID and Facebook support Oauth 2.0, so it is too easy to implement rather than ignore it.

  82. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love what you’ve done with this. Intense project management software has its place, but when it comes to actual production I’ve never seen anything so quick, collaborative, and clear for keeping track of everything that’s going on.

    Basically, thank you!

  83. Really like the product but don’t like that members are publicly accessible. I only want the members inside our organization. I don’t want to see other people and I don’t want them to see me.

    Also, how do you distinguish between 20 John Smith? It’s too easy to invite the wrong person (who maybe works for a competitor!)

  84. Religion is the foundation of life. It doesn’t matter which religion you follow, as long as your kids all share the same beliefs. Religion isn’t about being selfish, it’s about caring. I’ve had a healthy life and it’s all due to my family systems.

  85. Please consider supporting IE8! I’m loving the product but have enterprise users on XP for at least another year. XP is not upgradable to IE9. Thanks for a great tool!

  86. Religion is the foundation of family. It doesn’t matter which religion you follow, as long as your children all share the same beliefs. Religion isn’t about being selfish, it’s about sharing. I’ve had a healthy life and it’s all due to my family beliefs.

  87. oh trendy, this important information is quite beneficial and undeniably is thoughts worthwhile! hehe. I’ll go ahead and observe whether I can check out to implement a part of this article for my own personal weblog. Many thanks!

  88. Great work with this tool.

    I’m wondering if you can (or will be able to) export your data using either APIs or via the UI?


  89. It’s some sort of shame you don’t employ a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this brilliant site! When i suppose for now i’ll are satisfied with bookmarking in addition to adding ones Rss feed to help the The search engines bank account. When i glimpse forward to help new updates and may share that webpage having the Facebook or myspace group:

  90. Heya, I desired to ask you some thing. Is this site a wordpress weblog? My group is wondering about transferring my site from Blogger to wordpress, do you think this is achievable? In addition did you design this particular theme yourself some how? Thanks a lot for your assistance!

  91. Help says, “While only admins of the organization can add/remove members and access the account page, the profile page, including a list of members, is publically visible.”


    Suppose you’re a freelancer with various clients who have Trello boards. You may not want to disclose all the clients you’re working with, or a client may not want to disclose you’re working with them.

    Suppose you want a board for members of, say, a psychotherapy group, who may not want their participation in the group to be public?

    I see no reason at all to make all my activities public. There doesn’t seem to be a way to turn that off.

    How do I report bugs? I created an organization with the name of an existing board, and the board seems to have disappeared.

    Clicking on the icon to the left of a board in the list of all boards does nothing (in Chrome), so I can’t access privacy settings for a board.

  92. Trello is beautiful, but I don’t understand who you are targeting given that you’re making everything public by default. The default should be everything private, including the existence of usernames and organizations. How many firms want the details of project execution to be public? How many firms want to worry about what’s public and not public? It’s the Facebook privacy setting debacle all over again. I’ll stop now. Thanks for listening.