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In case you haven’t noticed, Trello is the perfect tool for all your holiday needs. It can be used as your holiday shopping buddy, or as a way to keep your holiday card recipients organized. You can use Trello to plan an office party, or to send corporate gifts. You can even use it to get the whole family involved in that much needed house cleaning (ahem).

In the spirit of giving, we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to send two of your friends a free month of Trello Gold. We’ll also throw you a free month of gold, as well. Because we have a few people to cross off of our lists, too.

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So, what’s the deal? You guys think you’re Santa? You’re giving out free Trello Gold?

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An extra free month is added onto the tail end.

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You can only get the Gift of Gold from one person. Technically you could forward that link to someone else, so they too can enjoy some gilded magic.

What if I send Gold to someone that already got it?
The decree states that one can only be gifted Trello Gold once.

Umm, what is Trello Gold?
Oh yeah! Ha. In short, Trello Gold swags out your Trello boards. Here’s some more useful info about Trello Gold.

Cards, Community, and Cleaning: The Trello Holiday Haul

For the holiday season, we’d like to offer you something infinitely more useful than a partridge in a pear tree. This time of year can be the most fun, but it can also be the most stressful, especially if you’re in charge of logistics for office get togethers or coordinating gifts.

Below are some ideas for how Trello can make you superhuman this holiday season. For example, when you forgot to leave cookies and milk out for Santa last year, Trello could have helped. When you dropped the ball on end of year expenses, Trello could have kept you afloat. So help yourself to this smorgas-board (pardon the pun) of ideas and let us know if you have more!

Sending Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

It’s tradition in some offices and/or families to send season’s greetings with cards this time of of year. While you’ve got a spreadsheet with addresses, you lack a way to organize the workflow and divide up with your partner or coworkers. Trello can simplify that. Start by making a Trello card for every person who needs to be sent a holiday card. The copy/paste to make cards feature will make this a snap if you’re copying the info over from a spreadsheet. You can then assign cards to be written by different people, who can move through the workflow of “Assigned,” “Writing,” and “Sent.”

Holiday cards sample board – Feel free to copy this sample board and customize it for your own use.

Organize Volunteer Activities

Holiday Toy Drive

If you plan to volunteer for a worthy cause, Trello can help you accomplish the most by organizing your tasks. For example, if you’re holding a charity toy drive, you can make a board where officemates put down what they plan to contribute. Set due dates so they get reminders to bring in their donations. Start by creating a board and adding all of your coworkers, then make a column labeled “Important Info.” The next column can be “I’m Donating…” where coworkers can create a card for items they are going to bring and add themselves to it. When the donation has been brought in you can move the card to the “I’ve Donated!” list.

Volunteer work sample board – Feel free to copy this sample board and customize it for your own use.

Streamline Gift Giving

Corporate Holiday Gifts

Many companies choose to send holiday gifts to valued clients. Use a Trello board to organize things like ideas for gifts, what has been ordered, and the date that items will be received. Consider using labels to represent a few different types of gifts, and assign the label to the appropriate card. If clients send a thank you note, you can also snap a photo and attach it to the card, thereby creating a repository of information for next year when you wonder which clients received gifts and how much you spent.

Corporate gifts sample board  – Feel free to copy this sample board and customize it for your own use.

Strategize Cleaning

Holiday Cleaning

This idea comes to us from Twitter, where Brian Kelly shared a picture of his holiday home cleaning board. Before the relatives arrive, Trello can help you identify what cleaning needs to get done, and then subsequently divide and conquer. In this case, make a list for each room in your home, then create cards for specific cleaning tasks. You can then assign cards to each family member and add a due date so they know exactly what needs to be done and when.

House cleaning sample board – Feel free to copy this sample board and customize it for your own use.

How else are you using Trello to stay sane this holiday season? We want to know!

Plan Your Ho-Ho-Holiday Office Party With Trello

Or it’s beginning to look a lot like you’ll be the one planning the office holiday party.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.53.32 AM

You’re in the holiday spirit, and since you know all the words to Jingle Bell Rock and incessantly hum it around the office, your co-workers graciously charged you with planning the Office Holiday Party.

In this scenario, your chipper Buddy the Office Elf persona can easily go from “Ho! Ho! Ho!” to “Ho! Ho! NO” fairly quickly when every water cooler chat becomes a deluge of questions about the holiday party: what should they bring to the potluck, who is bringing a guest, and most importantly where should you hide the karaoke machine after Sheryl from HR exceeds three drinks?

Well, your office is already using Trello for project management, so here are some hints on how Trello can be more helpful than a handful of elves in planning the perfect holiday party.

First of all, think about how to structure your party planning board. With Trello, you can create a workflow and change it instantly by moving around list names as you add more categories, like “Favorite Holiday Songs!”  (or on second thought, decide to get rid of them later).

Start the board by creating an “Important Info” column. You can create a card for each relevant piece of information: date, time, location, dress code. This way every time you get bombarded with questions you can just point your ever-curious (but always pleasant) coworkers to one central repository of information. In addition, you can always add more cards to this list as you add pressing details like “What time is Santa coming?”

Next, you probably need to figure out who is making it to this holiday shindig, if they are bringing a sig-o, and how to convince them to make their famous candy cane brownies for the potluck. Create a column called “Invited” and make cards for each person in the office (or rather, whoever your boss tells you to invite). Then make columns titled “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe.”

RSVP’ing using Trello is super simple: all people need to do is move their names from the “Invited” list to the appropriate RSVP column. They can even note if they are bringing a guest right on the card’s title. You may also choose to have labels that signify dietary restrictions which guests can put on cards. This way, everyone can enjoy the office potluck.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.01.16 AM

The next column may be “What I’m Bringing to the Potluck” or “I’m Participating in Secret Santa” where co-workers can opt into holiday festivities by creating a card with their name on it. They may also choose to include the recipe of their famous latkes with sage butter (yum!) or attach a nice picture as a card cover to make everyone hungry when viewing the board. Since everyone can see the running total of attendees, guests don’t have to incessantly ask you how big their tuna casserole should be.

In the Secret Santa list, you could also choose to add a card that describes how much people should spend on a gift, and whether it should be wrapped. Remember, the goal of this Trello board is to make you look as slick as Santa while keeping you stress free.

Before sending out your holiday party board to the rest of the office, make sure to check your settings and set the board to “Organization Visible.” You can encourage coworkers to subscribe to the board so they get updates on changes, or just check in every once in a while. Just make sure you don’t get a ton of emails from coworkers saying they can’t access the board because it’s still private.

Let your imagination run wild! Here are some other ideas of how to impress co-workers while staying insanely organized:

  1. Add a festive board background to your holiday planning board!
  2. Make a list called “Song Requests” so you only have to hear “All I Want For Christmas Is You” once.
  3. Decorate your cards with all the trimmings using custom stickers.
  4. Have coworkers participate in a holiday toy drive by adding a “Toy Drive” calling and creating cards for participants and gifts.

We’ve created a sample board you can easily copy to get the party planning started. Check out our sample board!

The Countdown Has Begun: Holiday Shopping With Trello

Or how to use Trello to maintain your title as “The Cool Relative”

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.42.35 PM

This is your year. This is finally the year that you start shopping before December 22. This is the year you don’t overpay for expedited shipping. This is also the year that you don’t meander around the “As Seen On TV” section of menswear, contemplating whether your dad would actually use an electric wine bottle opener. This is your year because this year you’re going to be a holiday gift power player, equipped with a tool many other frantic shoppers might not have in their toolbelt. This is the year you holiday shop with the help of Trello.

Trello is the equivalent of taking your best friend shopping, if your best friend is an extremely organized, auto-synced mobile app that keeps track of everyone on your holiday list. On second thought, just book your friends for a post-shopping happy hour and take Trello with you instead.

Just like the holidays, the most important part of this Trello board is the people that make it all worth it. That, and if you don’t get your niece the latest Elsa accessory you are in danger of losing your status as the Cool Aunt/Uncle. The basic board structure can include the lists “People,” “Ideas,” “Ordered,” “Bought In Store/Delivered,” and “Wrapped.” Distribute your cards through these categories as they move through the process.

Start by making a card for each person that you want to give a gift. Any person for whom you already have a gift in mind, move their card to the “Ideas” list. Add the gift idea to either the title or the back of the card.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.53.47 PM

Next you need to channel your inner Santa and start thinking of some gifts. If you’ve learned anything from Santa, you know that this process is most effective with the use of a list. Oh, and thanks to the Trello for mobile app, you can even check it twice. Add links, pictures, or just jot down notes on each person’s card, then easily reference your ideas while you’re out shopping.

Pro tip: Did you know you can take a photo straight from a card? This is awesome if you spot a gift idea but want to run it by someone else before buying:

The image you take is automatically uploaded to the card:


There’s always a few people on your list that you need to collaborate on, whether you haven’t met them yet (your in-laws), they’re picky (your in-laws), or you just want to impress them (your in-laws). Add other people on cards so they can give their input, or maybe, if you’re lucky, they’ve agreed to go in on a gift with you together.


Once you have acquired all of this year’s equivalents of the Tickle Me Elmo, move the cards from “Ideas” to “Bought/Ordered.” For items you ordered online, think about attaching the shipping link as a reference, instead of digging through your email each time for that darn tracking number. Also add a due date to the card with the estimated arrival time. That way if it doesn’t come on time you can harass the already beleaguered mail service people. Just kidding: you used Trello to plan ahead so efficiently that all your packages will arrive way in advance (you’re welcome, FedEx).

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.30.44 PM

Wrapping presents is often the icing on top of a stressful, holiday season cake. If you’re not careful, you might start wrapping presents and then forget who got what, or what is where. No more. Once wrapped, move the cards to the “Wrapped” list. This move is purely for your sanity. If you desire even more transparency, use the picture-to-card tip above to take a picture of the wrapped present so you can remember later, when you finally bother to pick up more labels.

These are just a few ways to use Trello to reduce some of your holiday season stress. The truth is, there’s nothing to be done about parking spaces at the mall, but once you find one it’s all smooth sailing with Trello.

We created a sample board with the shopping list workflow described above for you to copy: Copy me!

Introducing Unlimited Labels

Labels are pretty, but looks aren’t everything, right? We’re excited to announce that labels now allow for much more robust filtering and organization.

Categorize To Your Heart’s Content

Many of you use labels as a way to filter cards. You are now able to add an unlimited number of labels to a card. This way, it’s easy to do advanced searches, filter, and finely categorize cards just the way you like them.

Watch Taco filter his task board for only cards with the “Pet Friendly” label.

Now labels do not need to always be assigned to a color; they can also function like a tagged search term. You can put as many of these labels as you want on a card. As projects scale, tagged search terms can help with grouping cards and accessing different views better than just lists alone.


Brand New Colors

For our visually minded folks, we didn’t forget about you. We also added 5 new label colors to the palette. So if you like using colored labels, you now have a few more swatches from which to choose.


Your labels can now be as colorful and imaginative as your uses of Trello.

Be sure to refresh your browser to access the magic.