A Big List of Small Improvements Including Box.com and OneDrive Integration. No Joke.

Today is April Fools’ Day and we don’t have any pranks for you. We love a good gag as much as the next team, but you know, you probably wanted to get some stuff done today and seeing a pack of huskies frolic across the screen won’t help. Okay, that sounds kind of great now that I’m thinking about it… Ugh. This is how bad ideas are born.

Anyway, we didn’t do that. Instead, we spent our time making a bunch of updates that we think you’ll find useful. Let’s dig in!

You can easily add Box.com and OneDrive attachments.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.25.46 PM

Maybe you saw our Dropbox and Google Drive integrations and thought to yourself, “Oh great. I use Box.com or Microsoft OneDrive formerly known as SkyDrive, so lots of good that does me. *sniffle*” You throw your pen across the room, put your head on your desk, and everyone in your office looks over at you wondering what’s wrong. Cheer up, my productive and good-looking reader! Now we’ve got those integrations, too! Just open a card, click “Attachment”, select your service of choice, pick some files, and voilà. Added. You did good!

You can toggle sections in the now-wider boards drawer.

expand and collapse

We’ve heard lots of angry shouting requests for a way to turn off the recent boards section in the boards drawer, a.k.a. that sidebar on the left with all your boards that we introduced with the new boards page. It got in the way for lots of you, especially if you only have a few boards. Now you can expand or collapse any of those sections like recent boards, starred boards or organization boards. Just click the + or – next to the title of the section. Hopefully it keeps you focused.

We also made the boards drawer a little bit wider to accommodate longer board titles. Hope that helps!

You can add any link as an attachment. GitHub, Kiln, FogBugz, and Trello links are extra special.


Drag a link from the address bar in your browser (or anywhere) and drop it onto your card and Trello will dutifully store it as an attachment. You can also add a link by opening a card, clicking “Attachment” and pasting in the link, if that’s your thing.

You can add any ol’ link, but we dress up the links for select services by giving them a special icon and the name of the page instead of just the URL. Those special types of links include Trello cards, Trello boards, FogBugz cases, Kiln commits, Kiln code reviews, GitHub commits, GitHub issues, and GitHub pull requests. You’ll also notice that if you link one of these things in a comment or card description, it will nicely format it and give it a title and icon. Try it! It’s nice! We hope to add other services soon.

And for April Fools’s Day, those special links sparkle and bounce around and stuff…

No, not really.

Attachments are listed vertically and much clearer.

When we launched the new card back, we listed your attachments in a grid with big previews. It looked nice, but it had a lot of problems. One big problem was that it truncated attachment names. If you had a long title, the only way to get the full title was to hover and wait for the tooltip. Plus, you could only see actions (like make cover and delete) when you hovered, making them hard to find. To make it worse, those buttons showed up as icons, which might as well have been alien hieroglyphs since the icons didn’t mean the same thing to everyone. The view worked well if you had a large majority of image attachments, but a lot of the time it felt like cramming a square peg in a round hole.

Now we list the attachments vertically. This makes space for the full name of the attachment. No more cutting off names. Instead of alien hieroglyphs, we opted for clearly labeled text for the actions. They are also visible at all times so it’s obvious what you can do with an attachment. Finally, the “open in a new tab” link has been replaced with a download link. Opening in a new tab didn’t really make sense because you could just use the new attachment viewer to view it. There were two ways to view attachments and no way to download, which lots of people needed. I hope it works better. Thanks for all the feedback. We definitely heard you!

Card covers keep the aspect ratio.


Have you ever added a tall image to a card and found the cropping for the cover to be… inadequate? Well now it keeps the aspect ratio of the original image. If you have a tall image, the cover will be tall, too. For most people and images, we think it’s a much better fit. You don’t have to worry about how it’s going to be cropped and get to see more of the image.

That’s all. I hope we added something you like! Be careful out there today. It’s a minefield of gags. As always, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to get the latest updates.

A New Card Back with an Attachment Viewer, Covers, and lots more.

We’ve been working on a redesigned card back and we’re happy to launch it to all Trello users today. You’ll notice lots of small refinements, but here are the three big additions.

You can view attachments inside Trello.


You can attach everything from mock-ups, to screenshots, to PDFs, to Word documents, to Google Drive and Dropbox files to your cards. The old design wasn’t really doing attachments justice. Image attachments showed up as tiny previews with lots of info you didn’t really need to see. When you clicked on them, they opened up in another window which took you out of Trello and broke your workflow.

Your attachments deserve better. Image previews are now twice the size. And now when you click on attachments, you can see them inside Trello, without having to download anything. This lets you quickly review mock-ups, documents, or just about any other attachment. Fast and easy.

Covers and stickers now appear on the back of cards.


You probably spend a lot of time considering your card covers and carefully placing your stickers. So much so that they really become part of the card. It was a shame that that they only showed up on the front of cards. But no more! Now they show up on the back of cards, too. It makes your card a little more personal and colorful.

There is more space for your stuff with a wider card.

We’ve streamlined the back of the card as much as possible to make more room for attachments, comments, checklists, and everything else. Members and labels are now in the main column of the card. We removed a lot of the heavy and redundant visual elements like badges to help you focus on stuff that matters.

We’ve also made the right sidebar slimmer. The copy card button is now in the sidebar instead of the out-of-the-way “More” menu. The copy menu now includes a way to copy a card to a different board or list so you don’t have to go hunting for the card and move it after copying it. You’ll also notice that as you scroll down the card, the sidebar will “stick” and remain visible so you can always get to important actions for the card.

There were a lot of things we liked about the original card back design. It was clear how to do almost everything on a card just by looking at it. When you created a new card, it didn’t overwhelm you with buttons, fields, and empty sections. We wanted to maintain that approachability while carefully adding some refinements and new features. We hope you like it!

As always, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to get the latest updates.

Trello For Kindle Is Here!

After releasing an all new Android app and a flat iOS app we had to keep going. Today we’re releasing our Trello for Kindle app.

Trello for Kindle in action

Trello for Kindle is based on our Android app, so it’s the full Trello experience tailored for your Kindle. It has everything you’d expect, from smooth drag and drop to push notifications.

Get it today and let us know what you think. If you’re not a Kindle user, check out our equally awesome Android and iOS apps.

Trello for Kindle requires at least a 2nd generation Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Trello for iOS 2.5: Dropbox Attachments, iOS 7, and You

Trello for iOS 2.5 is out! From the very moment you open our free, official iPhone and iPad app, you’ll whisper-wonder: “Are the rumors true? Did the Fog Creek hire Jonathan Ive? If not, why is everything beautiful?”

I love a good rumor that I started in the last paragraph as much as the next person, but we simply don’t have the resources or the generous amount of crew-neck T-shirts required for that sort of talent acquisition. Nonetheless! We are proud to announce that starting with 2.5 we are an upstanding, taxpaying citizen of iOS 7.

So prepare yourself for all sorts of design words that will be thrown at you throughout this blog post. Words like “flat.” Or “blueification.” Or …

… you’re not interested in how beautiful this update is, are you?

And why should you be? You’re probably a hardworking junior hydroelectric engineer. After a long, wet day at the dam, you just want to come home and use Trello to organize — together. You’re not interested in Skeuomorphism, or Buttons. You’re interested in your family. Your son. Your daughter. Your dam that the state government wants to shut down and replace with two windmills.

Let’s get to the features then.

Upload Attachments from Dropbox!

If you wanted to attach Dropbox files to cards in the past, you couldn’t. Mostly because that feature didn’t exist, but also because software can’t adapt itself to your wants and needs (like it can in Her). That’s all changed. Forget the past you once lived. In 2.5 you can hit the + (iOS 7) to attach Dropbox files.

Your important files, which in no way indicate you’re an electronic hoarder, will open up in the Dropbox app. Give Dropbox a quick tap and the file will be attached to your card, just like the movie Her.

Sweet New Checklists

Flat. Circles. iOS 7. Blue. Percentages. Animations. Bezier paths instead of images. We did it. It looks great on the iPad too, if you can believe it:

Look at those icons. Mwah.


Our fall co-op intern Devin Witherspoon, pictured here gazing into your soul, landed organizations in this version. You can now not only create boards in your organizations by hitting the + (iOS 7) next to the sweet bell icon (iOS 7), but you can also view all the organization’s boards right in the app.

Upload Attachments While You’re Offline

Like comments and cards, attachments now have offline support. We know the coverage around the hydroelectric dam is spotty at best, so now you can add attachments any time you want, any where you want. Once you’re back online, the app will send those attachments along to the server. With a feature like that you’ll want to take pictures of your coworkers in order to demo the feature even when your coworkers just want to go home. Or another hypothetical scenario.

And More

There’s so much more we want to brag about but we’ve taken up enough of your time. 2.5 is the Cantonese word for “please rate our app on the App Store” and we didn’t choose the name lightly. You can pinch-to-zoom image attachments. There’s a Help link if you tap your avatar. The “sexy is back on the contact invite view controller” (an actual commit message from Ian). Things that are clickable are tinted blue. The code for iPad popovers became elegant like a poem. The portal to the Eldritch Dimension should be closed.

We’re immensely proud and excited and a tiny bit scared to release 2.5 to you, but it’s live on the App Store as soon as you stop reading this sentence and there’s nothing we can do about it. Download it today!

Available on the App Store

Using Trello Like A Pro: Part 3

A while ago, we asked on Twitter if you knew that Trello had a calendar feature. It turned out that, no, many of you did not know that. So, I wrote this post, our third installment of “Using Trello like a Pro”, in an effort to inform you, our good-looking, productive readers, about all the cool stuff in Trello that you may have missed. You can read the previous installments here…

Okay, now on to the good stuff.

Calendar, Card Aging, and Voting are power-ups you can use for free right now.


We are dedicated to keeping the core Trello experience as simple as possible. If it’s not something that every project needs, like comments, checklists, and attachments, then it’s not going to be in core. But we still want to provide additional, niche features to those that need them. So we launched power-ups, board-level features that you can toggle on and off. There are currently three power-ups: Calendar, Card Aging, and Voting. To enable them, open up the board menu in the board sidebar and select “Power-Ups”. Read the launch blog post for more details.

You can create cards via email.


That’s right! Open the sidebar menu, select “Settings”, then “Email Settings”. We’ll give you an email address that you can add to your address book with a nice, easy-to-remember name. Send that address an email and boom, a card will appear on your boards. You can read more about it in the original blog post.

Trello Gold and Business Class give you more out of Trello.

We have two paid products for your consideration! We created Business Class for organizations and businesses to provide additional administrative controls and features, like Google Apps integration, observers, and additional permissions. Read more about Business Class.

We created Trello Gold for individuals so you can support Trello and get extra bits of fun and functionality, like custom board backgrounds, larger attachments, and stickers. Read more about Trello Gold. Also, for every person you get to join Trello, you can get a month of Trello Gold for free, for up to 12 months. Check out your recommend page for ways to share Trello.

There are free board backgrounds and they are used on the boards page, in favicons, and everywhere.


Did you know you can change your board background to any of six colors for free? It’s true! And with Trello Gold, you can upload your own or choose from many hand-selected photos and patterns. Open you board menu in the sidebar, select “Settings”, then select “Change background…”.

Board backgrounds are used in a lot of places, including the new boards page. Another cool thing: when you open a board in the browser, the favicon will change to match the board background.

Shortcuts are efficient. Try “J/K” on cards and the ever-important “B”.

Trello is filled with keyboard shortcuts which will have you Trellin‘ with unheard-of speed. They are all listed on this page, which you can bring up at any time by pressing “?”. I wanted to point out two new ones and an important one. If you are viewing a card, you can press “J” to open the next card in the list, and “K” to open the previous card. You should also know about “B”. Press it to open the boards drawer, where you can immediately start typing to filter boards, and press “enter” to open it. Neat!

You can re-order starred boards via drag and drop.

Try it! You can put your very most important board at the top of the list, making it even easier to access.

Space Taco

Taco is our mascot.

He is a siberian husky, not a fox or a wolf, and his name is Taco, not Roo. You may see him around the app introducing you to new features. He has been to outer space.


That’s all for today. Hopefully you are more of a pro now. Oh, there is also a Trello Resources board that is updated regularly with tons of usage examples, extensions, bookmarklets and more. Maybe you could star it? We’re always sharing tips on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.