Trello Android App Available for Download!

After weeks of hard work, we’re happy to announce the launch of the official Trello Android app! Create cards, leave comments, update checklists, vote, and more — all the power of Trello, all on your favorite Android device. Plus offline viewing, push notifications, and a fast, native look and feel. And it’s free! The app works with Android 2.3.3 and up. It will work well on devices up to 7 inches, but there isn’t a tablet-optimized interface just yet.

Go download the Android app now!

Check out the freshly-prepared app!

New Trophies!

To celebrate the launch, we’ve got some new trophies for you. Download and use the Android app at any time and you’ll get a delicious Mint Donut! If you download in the next 48 hours, you’ll get a Mint Donut AND a nice bottle of Green Ketchup and Mustard! We’ve even got something special for our intrepid beta testers. Check out your trophies in your profile.

So hurry up and download the official Trello Android app now!

A little something for iPhone users, too.

Hey, iPhone user, are you feeling left out? Don’t worry, we’ve got an iPhone app, too!  Download it now! We’ve also got a new trophy for you. To find out what it is, download and use the app then visit your profile.

99 thoughts on “Trello Android App Available for Download!

  1. A bit disappointed that the markdown in card description is not (yet?) interpreted, but aside from that, that looks awesome!
    Much faster and usable. Thanks guys.

  2. Awesome :)

    Could you guys also post the Trello application on the Blackberry app store? It simply requires a re-signing/packaging of the application.

  3. That’s cool, that’s what I was waiting for!!!

    Thanks you very much guys!!!

  4. Nice, Was able to get in after a bit of work. When having your trello account tied to a google account with two-factor authentication. It can be difficult to log in when the Google Authenticator application is on the same phone as you are attempting to use Trello on. Quick hands and the use of a notepad finally got me in but it was not fun and easy. Once in it worked well.

    • Thanks for the report. We’ll have to look into making that all work better. Thanks for persevering and trying out the app!

    • Yep, I had the same issue. The login page would reset the moment you tried to minimise and go to the Google Authentication app to get the code. I ended up logging in using one of my back up codes.

      Also something I noticed, the login page resets when you change orientation of your phone. When you have a long password that can get frustrating.

    • Yes, I ran into this as well. I was able to do the two factor stuff on my phone, but it wasn’t fun.

      Other phone apps are able to pop up an Android message saying “do you want to give this app access to your google account?” Could you incorporate that?

  5. Great, thanks! Is there a move card to list function somewhere? My current project has a lot of lists and drag and drop takes a while.

    • Yes! Tap the card to open it, then tap on the name of the list to move the card to a different list on that board.

  6. Can you please remove the log data permission requirement? Seems like an unnecessary security risk.

    • We’re removing that from the app in the next release. It won’t send any info if you don’t have crash reporting on (it’s off by default). It gave us more information in crash reports, which was helpful in the beta.

  7. Why does the Trello app require permissions to access “sensitive log data”? Internet access makes sense, and so does SD card storage. But, I can’t think of any sensible reason to be poking into log data for other apps on the phone.

    • It gave us more information in crash logs, which was handy for beta testing. We’re removing that from the app in the next release, though. Also, it won’t send any info if you don’t have crash reporting on (it’s off by default). Sorry for the scare!

  8. Awesome job! I was just talking about how I wished there was an andriod app for this. Great service I use it all the time :)

  9. Is there a way to get this on the kindle fire? Maybe a link to the apk, or amazon app store?

  10. I was so excited for this! But then I was greeted by a message that it was incompatible with my phone :(

    I’m running Android 2.2.2 (with no Official 2.3 update yet / ever). Will this app ever be compatible with slightly older versions of Android?

  11. Great news and long waited for! I noticed one glitch when a card got duplicated after dragging back and forth for a short time, but then it was gone after a refresh.

  12. Nice! Really fun the HOT presentation! :)

    Please mark as big wanted features for next update:
    1 Drag & Drop Checklist reordering (like in the web)
    2 Toggle Hide/Show Checked Items (Applies to web)

    Also I think the checklist should be accessible by clicking the little icon with the numbers (i.e. 22/40)


    Keep doing Awesome!

  13. I love using Trello and was waiting eagerly for an Android app. And here it is… and i can’t use it with my 2.2 phone… :(

    That makes me really sad…

  14. Please could you put the apk file somewhere so we can dl it or if you could submit it to the Amazon app store so I can use this on my kindle fire?

    Trello is awesome and it would be awesome to use this app on my Fire


  15. May I ask whether this is a native or a hybrid app? Because somehow it feels like a hybrid app, but it works like a charm; really smooth. Even on my HTC Wildfire! (Not many apps are running smooth on that phone :-P)

    Just curiosity ^^

  16. I have been checking out Trello the last few day. The only disappointment was the lack of an Android app. I was going to write to you today and ask how far way that was. Instead I found the best answer I could hope for in my RSS reader . Thanks, I am going to be playing with it a lot!

  17. You have made my day! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Android app. Looks great on my Evo and Xoom!

  18. I’ve got a Samsung GT-S5570 and Google Play store tells me that the new Trello app is incompatible w/ my phone. I know I have a shitty phone, but is it possible that in the near future you’ll come up w/ a version for this model as well? Btw loving Trello, keep up the good work:)

  19. I second Jabel’s comments about checklists (which we use a lot) and I’d also like the app to respect auto-rotate settings.

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  21. Great app! I’ve been waiting for this app for a while now, and I’m happy to see that it’s finally here.

    One thing though, could you update the app to use the Android Account manager? It just makes life easier if you’re hooked in with a Google account. Two factor authentication was already mentioned (which only lasts for 30 days), but also if you change your Google account password, you have to go through the whole thing again.


  22. Awesome!

    Can kindly provide a standalone download links, you know, some phones in China just cannot access the Android market… :(

  23. Awesome!

    Not sure if it’s by design or an oversight but the comment boxes don’t have any word correction or sentence capitalisation going on. I can’t type like a lunatic because it doesn’t auto-correct.

  24. Hey I am not able to to check of tasks on the checklist, is that a bug u guys already know of?

  25. Downloading immediately, but why does it need “READ SENSITIVE LOG DATA” permissions?

    • That’s being removed in the next release. We used it to get more detailed crash reports from beta testers. It will only send data if you have crash reports enabled. Sorry about the scare!

  26. Great app!
    I have only one request:

    could you please enable a setting that lets us place shortcuts to boards?
    so we’d be able to directly open certain boards from the home screen

    • That’s being removed in the next release. We used it to get more detailed crash reports from beta testers. It will only send data if you have crash reports enabled. Sorry about the scare!

  27. La verdad me gustaria que estuviera este aplicativo disponible para android 2.2.1 que es lo que tengo en mi celular. Por favor reveerlo porque no me deja instalarlo en mi SAMSUNG GT-I5500L

  28. Why does it require 2.3.3 ? Quite disappointed that it won’t run on my HTC Desire, which is still a superb phone even though its now a bit long in the tooth.

  29. I was getting ready to complain that you left us iPhone users out…but I decided to read first :-)
    Nice work Trellemperors!
    That’s what I’m calling the Trello Team if we users become Trellites or something similar.

  30. Count me in for an official Windows Phone app. I know there is Trellizzo but like some other person stated it’s missing some core funtionality.

  31. I’ve also been waiting for this on Android, and you folks made available it in a very short period. I would like to congratulate you and thank you for delivering such an intuitive app for mobile devices too.

    BTW, I am unable to rename or delete checklists after added in cards — is that functionality yet to avail or am I just one who is having this issue, huh? I have Samsung GT-S6102.

  32. Will it be possible to add Boards on the app? Being new to Trello, this was *very* confusing…