Trello Common Questions

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Can you clone boards/lists/cards? (similarly, can I make a template)?

No.  I won’t give you the standard excuse of “Our lack of features is a deliberate feature!”   Instead I’ll just say we didn’t have time to do this yet, and we’re not sure we want to.  You can add your input on our Trello dev board though if it’s really important to you.

Can you make a checklist item into a card?

Absolutely.  Create the checklist item, select it and click the
“Convert to Card” link that shows up right below it.

Can you delete a team?

No, not yet.

Oh no, I deleted a very important board. Can  I get it back?

Sure!  We don’t actually have a delete mechanism in the normal sense.
You just ‘close’ boards and they’ll disappear from everywhere in the
UI, except you can go and get them back by selecting the Boards menu
(top right) and then “View Closed Boards”.

Is there  an upload limit?

10MB per file.  Plenty of room for lolcat pictures and rage comics, but not
enough for you to use it as a torrent server.

Can I install this on my own server?

No.  I can say with a lot of certainty that we don’t plan on doing
this.  We believe that the majority of people are becoming more
comfortable hosting their services and the boost in dev productivity
we get by only having one platform to test on is immense.

Are you going to screw me later and make me pay for something I got hooked on?

No.  You have my word that we will not give away our *free* service to
you as a trick and then later make you pay.  First, we make good money
on our existing suite of products already, so we have no temptation to
change our minds.  Also, that sort of trickery would cost us all of
the goodwill we’ve built up over the last 11 years of running this

We do eventually plan to monetize the service when we have a bazillion
users, but it won’t be by charging you for what we’re offering now.
Think freemium, or app store models…

Can I get rid of that Trello user, and is he related to Tom?

It’s not really a user, just something to show you immediately on the
demo board that you aren’t alone.  The point of Trello is to use it
with other people and we want you to understand that right away.  The
Trello user won’t show up on any of the new boards you create.  And
no, we aren’t spying on you.

Would it help if Trello’s gravatar look like this?


Does Trello integrate with FogBugz?

Kind of.  The long term goal of the more advanced features and
integrations is to build them as plugins and modules you can bolt on
to Trello to customize it to your specific use, but keep the core
simple enough that you can use it to plan anything.  Trello isn’t for
bug tracking, but it can help you with a wider lens view of your
software development process and we’ve built a half-plugin type
feature that shows a kiwi icon on your card if you mention a FogBugz
url in the activity stream.

Can I delete a board/list/card and make it go away forever?

Trello doesn’t have board or list delete. Archive and close have a similar effect. Card delete has been added since launch.

To delete a card, first archive it, then click delete from the sidebar back of the card OR click ‘view archive’ from the board sidebar, find the card, and delete it.

Can I just email Trello and have it become a card?

Not yet.

How do I search for stuff?

Look at the top of the page for a textbox with a magnifying glass type
icon.  It’s on the left.  See it?

Is there an API?

Yes, the iPhone app uses it.  But it’s unpublished.  And read-only.
And hacked up in a few weeks.  We plan on spending a lot of time
making the API really extensible so you can do awesome things like …

Is there a way to generate story points to use with my Agile team?

Kind of.  I guess story points are an estimate of how long something will take to do.  This falls into the idea of a custom property for a card that you’d like to have meaning.  For example, if your Trello board was a Sales Leads board, you might want all your cards to have potential deal size $$$ on them.  Right now we don’t want to cram Trello into any specific use, so something like this would have to be provided by a custom plugin (see the API question).

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?


Where should I ask more questions?

Check out the help page.

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