Trello Common Questions

**Please note: Some of the information in this article may be out of date.  Please visit for up to date help articles about Trello.**
Can you clone boards/lists/cards? (similarly, can I make a template)?

No.  I won’t give you the standard excuse of “Our lack of features is a deliberate feature!”   Instead I’ll just say we didn’t have time to do this yet, and we’re not sure we want to.  You can add your input on our Trello dev board though if it’s really important to you.

Can you make a checklist item into a card?

Absolutely.  Create the checklist item, select it and click the
“Convert to Card” link that shows up right below it.

Can you delete an organization?

No, not yet.

Oh no, I deleted a very important board. Can  I get it back?

Sure!  We don’t actually have a delete mechanism in the normal sense.
You just ‘close’ boards and they’ll disappear from everywhere in the
UI, except you can go and get them back by selecting the Boards menu
(top right) and then “View Closed Boards”.

Is there  an upload limit?

10MB per file.  Plenty of room for lolcat pictures and rage comics, but not
enough for you to use it as a torrent server.

Can I install this on my own server?

No.  I can say with a lot of certainty that we don’t plan on doing
this.  We believe that the majority of people are becoming more
comfortable hosting their services and the boost in dev productivity
we get by only having one platform to test on is immense.

Are you going to screw me later and make me pay for something I got hooked on?

No.  You have my word that we will not give away our *free* service to
you as a trick and then later make you pay.  First, we make good money
on our existing suite of products already, so we have no temptation to
change our minds.  Also, that sort of trickery would cost us all of
the goodwill we’ve built up over the last 11 years of running this

We do eventually plan to monetize the service when we have a bazillion
users, but it won’t be by charging you for what we’re offering now.
Think freemium, or app store models…

Can I get rid of that Trello user, and is he related to Tom?

It’s not really a user, just something to show you immediately on the
demo board that you aren’t alone.  The point of Trello is to use it
with other people and we want you to understand that right away.  The
Trello user won’t show up on any of the new boards you create.  And
no, we aren’t spying on you.

Would it help if Trello’s gravatar look like this?


Does Trello integrate with FogBugz?

Kind of.  The long term goal of the more advanced features and
integrations is to build them as plugins and modules you can bolt on
to Trello to customize it to your specific use, but keep the core
simple enough that you can use it to plan anything.  Trello isn’t for
bug tracking, but it can help you with a wider lens view of your
software development process and we’ve built a half-plugin type
feature that shows a kiwi icon on your card if you mention a FogBugz
url in the activity stream.

Can I delete a board/list/card and make it go away forever?

Trello doesn’t have board or list delete. Archive and close have a similar effect. Card delete has been added since launch.

To delete a card, first archive it, then click delete from the sidebar back of the card OR click ‘view archive’ from the board sidebar, find the card, and delete it.

Can I just email Trello and have it become a card?

Not yet.

How do I search for stuff?

Look at the top of the page for a textbox with a magnifying glass type
icon.  It’s on the left.  See it?

Is there an API?

Yes, the iPhone app uses it.  But it’s unpublished.  And read-only.
And hacked up in a few weeks.  We plan on spending a lot of time
making the API really extensible so you can do awesome things like …

Is there a way to generate story points to use with my Agile team?

Kind of.  I guess story points are an estimate of how long something will take to do.  This falls into the idea of a custom property for a card that you’d like to have meaning.  For example, if your Trello board was a Sales Leads board, you might want all your cards to have potential deal size $$$ on them.  Right now we don’t want to cram Trello into any specific use, so something like this would have to be provided by a custom plugin (see the API question).

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?


Where should I ask more questions?

Check out the help page.

77 thoughts on “Trello Common Questions

  1. This sounds really good and I would like to give Trello a try, but the email confirmation produces a internal server error. Since I did not find a other way to post this, state this here. It might be a good idea to provide a possibility to report bugs and suggestions for improvement concerning Trello in an obvious way.

  2. Is there a plan to permit registration and sign-up using OpenID?

    Based on my initial use, this (i.e., Trello) is a great idea, by the way!

    • Thanks for the compliment!

      Generic OpenID login is probably not going to happen. Increased confusion for not enough benefit (certainly some benefit, i.e. you’d be happy, but overall it would complicate login and be dev work we could spend on more impact features).

  3. Thanks! Impressed and excited so far. Bravo!

    I’d love to see the “custom property” feature, but I’d want it to be accessible from within the main UI, not just with “plug-ins”. Please consider just letting me define my own custom properties (at any level, account, org, board, whatever) and then set them for each card in the UI. After that, as long as there’s a CSV export for boards, I’d be good to go.


  4. LOVE IT. Very excited, and out of the box Trello has been great.

    Q: Can I edit a comment on a card? Or failing that, delete a comment?

  5. I was just complaining to my husband that I have so many balls in the air it is hard to keep track. This is exactly what I need to help organize my projects.
    I am wondering if you are going to add a progress bar that is not dependent on a checklist.
    Also is there an app for this yet?

    • Not yet. Once we build out the API (it exists already for the iPhone app, but it’s private) we will be able to do this easily.

      • This is what … scares me, and also should be easy (as you say). I thought about the simplest useful thing would be to archive my board to me in json (or yaml, if needed); An API would be a way to access my cards / etc. and accomplish the same. I would suggest for new users (or people who don’t have time, but someone wants them to backup) to provide a UX interface on trello to generate & download a json (or zipped json) of your board would be a security blanket – maybe not used all that often, but will calm a lot of people down, encourage users.

  6. Let my people search archived items. Otherwise its broken for recruiting (where you constantly have to search for previously handled camdidates).
    Also, love it.

    • Blue = board owner (has a tooltip). Green = active, yellow = idle, grey = inactive (these need tooltips.)

    • I don’t believe there is a way to do this currently. They would have to leave the board.

      I was wrong. You can do this. Click on their icon and under their image is a “Remove from Board” link.

      • I don’t see a Remove from Board link under a user’s icon. I see an Actions label, & under it is a View Profile link, but no Remove from Board link.

        • Use their member icon on the far right side of the board, on the sidebar. (You won’t see the Remove from Board option on their icon on a card.)

  7. If I may ask, and you guys share this information for your other products, what technology stack is this built on?

  8. Is there a way to move cards between different boards? I have an incoming bugs board for new random bugs and I want to assign them to different boards.

  9. Maybe I nuts but… when looking at the site in android I can’t open my boards. I can see the summary, but I can’t open the individual board. Running Samsung Sexus S, stock rom, stock browser.

      • Same issue on Nexus S. Found a workaround – to send a direct link to a board onto the device and then store it as a bookmark

    • Hi Jeff, thanks for trying out Trello. We haven’t tested it yet on mobile devices beyond iPhone, but it’s on our list (I know, lame answer, but it’s the truth). Sorry we dropped the ball on the Android front.

      • Thanks Michael.

        I don’t mind not having a dedicated app (I wish more folks would just do a better job with their mobile optimization so we don’t need apps for everything).

        Ooh this is odd… I just refreshed on my phone and now one of my boards is open, but I can’t see the board summary or switch to the welcome board.

        Aha, I’ve figured that part out, I had the site open on my desktop too so my phone what defaulting to what I was viewing on my desktop. But even with the dt closed I still can’t switch on the phone :(

        I’m sure it will come and I’m excited by the work you’ve done. I just showed it to my boss and we started talking about which projects we could use this on.

        Thanks again.

  10. Awesome stuff. Can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

    Any plans to add a view/filter to see all of the Cards assigned to a Member across multiple Boards?

    Still need to fill that need to know ‘what exactly are you doing?’ for each of my team members.

  11. Awesome product! Will help me with a problem i’m having right now, thank you!

    1) I believe it’s confusing that lists and cards are “archived”, but boards are “closed”. When I closed my board I expected to go to the list of boards, not to get it removed from the usual list. I believe it’d be clearer if you called it “archiving” a board too.

    2) I wanted to see what it looked like in my phone but it doesn’t work. It’s an HTC Desire (Android 2.2, Webkit 3.1). All I see is the list of boards in my profile, with the “navigation buttons” (profile/notifications/etc) that don’t work.

    Just my 2 cents

    • Agree, the closed/archive terminology is weird. Also people are asking for true delete which means it could get even trickier. We’ll come up with something slick in this area.

      Android, we’re still working on.

    • Not right now. We will be working on an API that will enable a lot of this sort of behavior and extend functions for Trello.

  12. Any chance of supporting IE8, or at least IE8 with chrome frame?

    I can understand not supporting IE8 if there are lots of HTML5 things going on, but if chrome frame is enabled there should be no issues, right?

  13. This is almost exactly what I’ve been wanting for ages. Great-looking app guys.

    I’ve been keeping track of my to-do list on a google-code issues page as it’s the next best thing that I’ve found to date (not sure that it’s a fully legit use of it, but they haven’t kicked me off yet!)

    Anyhow, here’s 2 items on my wishlist which I can’t currently see on your dev board:
    (1) ability to view boards filtered by labels
    (2) bulk upload (from a csv or similar, or possibly this is covered by the forthcoming public api).

  14. Really like the tool. Spent a good hour plus on transferring a spreadsheet of projects to a board and now the board won’t load. I can create a new board and access it, just not the one with the time invested. I don’t want to recreate it since I don’t know what caused it to be inaccessible. It shows up in lists, just wont load after clicking on the name.

    My Suggestion: Support Forum :)

  15. VP of Sales for a national wireless integrator. Will be attempting to use Trello for Sales, PM, Engineering and Event coordination.

    I started an organization and added several boards. I also have 5 folks that have accepted my invite to the site and the organization. When I am in each board adding lists I only see my avatar on the right side. How do I get the ability to add members to specific lists? I see that they have joined but I am not given the ability to add them. Love the tool so far.

    • This will show you notifications when others edit things that you haven’t seen. For example if someone writes on a card “Hey @drew, can you look at this?”, you will get a notification.

  16. Really like Trello but why does the website say “Works on all devices, Trello works on everything!” when it doesn’t? I get a browser not supported message on WP7 and not everything come up correctly on Android. Is this something that is going to be worked on?

  17. there seems to be a bug with board names with non-latin names.. (like korean.. )
    if i make a board with a korean name.. it doesn’t seem to update nicely when adding checklists and stuff

  18. I see that I can turn a checklist item into a card. How about the next level: Turn a card into a new board!

    I’ve entered a few cards for projects I may want to work on later, but when I actually start one, I’ll want to have a board just for it, with to-do items and so forth. It would be nice to be able to turn a card with a checklist into a board, with each checklist item becoming a card itself. (Maybe give me the option to name the board first, with the default being the original card name.)

  19. How about giving us some way of feeding back bugs and suggestions other than random comments on a blog? I’ve been playing with it for a day and already found several but have no way of telling you about them.

  20. I can live with it being based in the cloud, but I really want the security of being able to download all my data from Trello so that in the event of Joel/Michael converting to become Amish & liquidating Fog Creek we do not lose all our project status and support files, which could be a business-ending disaster if we started using Trello heavily.

  21. Could we have a board-level option for how comment dates are displayed – current method of ‘friendly dates’ is nice but for some projects having the timestamp visible would be really useful.

  22. I get error 403 all.js (Forbidden (Blocked by NG)) when trying to access trello from my work machine, so I just get the Trello header and a blank screen.
    Is this likely to be something at my end doing the blocking?

    • I don’t want to say it is definitely something on your end, but I don’t know what NG is and I’m thinking since this is the only report of it that it is probably something at your network level doing the blocking (could be an antivirus tool on your desktop as well).

  23. I just tried it and I like the UI but it is VERY VERY unresponsive. Very slow at times..all the ajax behind the scenes. It seems I will click on something and it just sits there and I wait and wait and wait, and after I perform another function suddenly what I had clicked 30 seconds ago comes up. Very strange. Tried in both chrome, IE8, and IE9 very slow system. I’d like to really be able to delete Boards, not just close them. I’d also like to delete some lists, not just archive them.

    • We’re experiencing some load issues on the backend that we are working on. Your experience is very atypical and I’d love for you to try again sometime. We just got 30,000 users in 24 hours. Playing a bit of catch up.

  24. I really like Trello! We started using it yesterday and everyone on the team is impressed and its not easy to get people excited about PM tools. :)

    One question, is there any way to see just all of the tasks assigned to a person?


    • If the person is yourself, then yes. On any board, hit ‘q’. We have some requests for the feature to look at other people’s cards. (i.e. ‘q’ but for some other person)

  25. I really love Trello, and I want to use it for my projects. That said, I very much dislike the idea of leaving my projects (particularly the ones I feel may have real potential) on the Trello site. My view is that “We believe that the majority of people are becoming more comfortable hosting their services” is not a good reason since this product is just as geared towards business as it is towards individuals with to-do lists of whatever nature.

    • To amend my previous statement, I do understand the benefits of only needing to test on one platform, and I don’t blame you at all. My complaint is more from a hopeful entrepreneur than from an individual. My team, if you can call two teenagers a team, is uncomfortable with the idea.

      • I get it. Privacy is definitely an issue whenever you are putting your data into other people’s hands. I promise you that we are doing our utmost to protect and secure your data.

  26. Hi guys!
    This is a great tool!
    Just something I was looking for and didn’t find in it: some default settings for creating new cards – like a default label=blue? Probably on a board level.
    Thank you!

  27. hi.

    quick question regarding the blog itself … I don’t seem to be receiving email notification when a reply posts to one of my comments.

    blog-comment-reply-notification isn’t tied to the email notification setting in the trello product, is it?

  28. Congratulations, guys! Trello is just amazing!

    I really miss a ‘value’ attibute on cards, i.e. a decimal value that would be displayed on a minimized card. For an agile project board, it could be story points. For a sales leads board, leads amounts. Etc. Whatever the board usage this is always a ‘value’ – the unit may depend on the usage, but I don’t need to see it.

    Could you please add this feature to Trello development board for voting?

    Thanks a lot.

  29. I had created several boards and filled them up with a few cards. Later on I had created an organization. Now I would like to move one of the boards to the organization.

    Would you please consider such feature.
    Thank you!

  30. wow i liked trello not because of the way it should work, i use it as a personal drawing board to organize my notes and and stuff i needed to print screen and make notes and stuff as a market trader online, i only ask for one feature, to stack List below another list, some may even use this as a multi-user diary/notes/information bank. What do you think trello, come on please add that feature that allow us to put a list under another list.

    • i like the check list, it allows me to update my targets so i can tick them when it hits. really think trello can do so much if we can add list below list multi purpose usage.

    • +1 this!
      As the Project burns down some of my lists might only have 2 or 3 cards left. It would be awesome if I could stack these lists vertically to eliminate the need for horizontal scrolling.

      Not all of us can get the OK to mount 2 giant LCD panels on the wall : )