Trello for iPad is Here!

I’m very excited to say that Trello for iPad is available on the App Store now!

We’ve taken the best of Trello and optimized it for that beautiful glass touchscreen you’ve got. You can drag and drop cards and lists, set cover images, add checklists, create new boards, and more. When you’re working with others, your changes will be synced in real time – no need to refresh! We’ve also added some cool iPad specific features like push notifications, photo and video attachments, and multi-touch dragging.

Take a look:

So head over and download it now! Give the app a spin and let us know what you think. And stay tuned, we’ve already got some cool updates in the works. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest info first.

Available on the App Store

Edit: We made another short video to highlight some hidden features of the app that we think are cool. Check it out here.

Not an iPad user?

That’s okay. We’ve got apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 too.

139 thoughts on “Trello for iPad is Here!

    • It should be there. It may take a few minutes for the app to propagate to all of the App Stores.

    • It may take a while to propagate across all the international stores. That’s on Apple’s end, though. You might try searching the App Store directly.

  1. Just gave it a whirl, and it’s great. Positively delightful, and well worth the wait! :)

  2. Great work guys! I’ve been waiting for iPad app so long and it’s finally here!

  3. So, so happy this is finally here…just installed and, gang, it is AWESOME. Kudos to you, and thank you thank you thank you for making such a groovy product.

  4. I have just loaded the new app, thanks. But – probably me being stupid, but cannot see how to move a card between lists (e.g. ‘to do’ to ‘doing’) – also no apparent means of getting help within the app?

    • You can tap and hold for a second on a card to pick it up. Then you can drag it to whatever list you want!

  5. This is awesome. Trello you just made a whole cult of people very happy. Bravo Fog Creek!

  6. Not on the UK store quite yet, you’re such teases – I’ve been wanting this for ever and now you tempt us with this great vid too – will have to keep checking ;-)

  7. Will you talk about how you built the ipad version ? html5 or native? Any other details :)


  8. I’ve loved Trello on my iPhone and desktop—I’ve been seriously looking forward to a native iPad app. Thanks for being awesome.

  9. This is fantastic. The UX and the speed is just tremendously cool. I would have been happy just for an error-free clone of the web app on my iPad but this exceeds my expectations. Well done, Trello!

  10. Very AWESOME on the iPad. I noticed I had to click on iPhone apps to install it. The app doesn’t show up under iPad apps on the iPad app store.

    • Thanks! That’s probably an App Store thing. Sometimes it takes a while to propagate across all the servers. It should sort itself out.

  11. Awesome!
    How about a client for Windows Phone 8? The existing ones (Trellizzo and Trellow) just cannot do the job! I love Trello and use it for all kinds of projects. Need it need it need it for WP8 :-)

  12. Another thank you here. I’ve been using the desktop and iPhone versions and am absolutely loving Trello. This is the first and only time I am ever likely to download an app from the Appstore without reading a review, checking the feedback or any other hesitation. I have never been excited to download an app – never – until now!

    Only request – please don’t change a thing. Trello is already the perfect collaborative task management application.

  13. Love the app.. However I cant find a way to download or copy a picture attachment to my photos on my ipad…

    • Unfortunately, you can’t at the moment. We’ve got plans to add that features soon.

  14. Looks great! However, missing some key functionality that is available on the website, so for now in my opinion it’s still better to just fire up the browser on my iPad and use the web app.

        • Yep, that isn’t possible yet. We’ve got plans for it though, so look out for an update sometime in the future that includes Organization related features.

      • Offline mode, on both ipad and iPhone, this is a big deal for me and I am offsite and offline and need to work with no internet connection too…

    • Huh, haven’t seen that bug. Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look and get it fixed up in a future release.

  15. Best thing ever happened to the App Store! ;-)
    Thanks for another great app. I already love using it on my iPhone (make a picture of the whiteboard at the office, upload it directly to the project’s Trello board).

    Now I’ve got a valid excuse to bring my iPad to work every day!

  16. Well done! It’s only missing one fairly important feature – Move. I often move cards from my brainstorm board to my dev boards. Moving cards and lists across boards is pretty important (for me).

    Fantastic first version though. Very well done. Will still use the crap out it. Thanks!!

  17. Amazing! Fantastic app, super slick, beautifully designed, and so many nice little touches. This is exactly what I hoped it would be. Awesome work, guys.

    One little niggle, which might just be me being stupid… how do I delete a card?

  18. Beautiful work! Thank you, I can finally follow my project manager into her world of blithering excitement about Trello.

    One hitch: adding attachments from the photo library. The app says that it needs to be given access in the Privacy Settings, except those are nowhere to be found in the app or in the iPad’s settings.


    • You can find the privacy setting in your iPad’s Settings app. In the sidebar you’ll see Privacy. Tap that, then Photos and make sure Trello is set to On.

  19. Glad to see this arrive, great job guys! Noticed a few replies saying you will have this or that in a later version, any plans to publish a road map of features or anything like that? For what it’s worth I’d love to be able to change the zoom so I could see more columns.

  20. Fantastic guys! Poking around a bit I can’t find a way to filter cards and in particular, to see cards assigned to me. Am I missing this functionality or is it on the roadmap?


  21. Is the ipad version faster than the iphone version? I love trello, and love checking on iPhone and now even better on trello, but the iphone version is so slow to load all the cards and then to review and remove the pending items, that I just close it and go use the PC instead….thanks and hope the speed gets improved.

    • Unfortunately, the iPhone app suffers from a bug where it gets slow after its been used for a long time. We’ll be fixing this soon. In the meantime, if you logout and log back in, it should feel much faster.

  22. This changes so much! Maybe we don’t need to print stupid paper agendas for our management meetings anymore – just connect an iPad to the projector. Love it!

      • Soon I hope. The work I do demands filters. We have lots of participants on our boards. I almost have some filter active when working with our boards.

  23. This is awesome!!! Can you tell me how to set up the push notification? I can’t seem to find instructions. And anyone know how close getting push notifications for the iPhone is?

    • The apps (both iPhone and iPad) should ask you to enable push notifications the first time you use them. Once enabled, you’ll be notified of changes made by other people to cards you’re assigned to. If you denied access accidentally, you can change your preferences in the notifications section of your iPhone’s Settings app.

      • I looked on both and the notifications are enabled. Do we only get push notifications to cards we are assigned to? Not cards we are subscribed to? Also, would we get notifications for due dates?

  24. Looks great and very happy to have an iPad version. Is there currently a way to filter cards?

  25. I’ve been waiting for so long for this – amazing work guys, I’m super excited about this.

  26. Some people consider me mad for getting excited about news on technology, software etc… but I can’t help it, THIS IS EXCITING STUFF :)

    Card filtering is definitely KEY next feature, the way we use our boards relies on it.

  27. Awesome!

    this is great, finally i can easily edit on my Windows 8 PC and my iPad!

    just add Windows Phone 8 and i’ll be all set!

  28. Great stuff, guys!
    Long awaited app. It was not the same to use the iPhone app on the iPad…
    Looks pretty cool

  29. Thanks you SOOOOO much! The app is great! Look forward to updates. Attachments from Box, OxygenCloud and others would be great.

  30. YEAH! We are new to Trello, using it to run our agency / consulting group, and I have been trying to use the iPhone version on my iPad, and getting a bit frustrated… Love it on the computer, now I love it on the iPad! THANK YOU!

  31. I am downloading this tonight once I get home – love using Trello to organize my podcast episodes and really looking forward to using it natively on my iPad mini

  32. I haven’t got an iPad. I do have an Asus Transformer (that’s Android that is). When will the Android tablet version be available. After all, we are many too! ;)

  33. That’s dope! Hopefully Android will get it next, Nexus 7 needs landscape mode like that!

  34. Awesome!! Keep it up!!

    Requested features in order of desire: offline, search as you type, filters, copy lists and cards and boards, move between boards, delete.

    • Offline is not something that will happen immediately. There are a lot of tricky parts around merging changes made by multiple people. Shortly we’ll get to many of the other things you mentioned though.

      • Makes sense (why offline won’t happen soon). Thanks for replying and thanks for the awesome program. trello is the best!

  35. Oh wow, guys!

    I hope this doesn’t get tagged as spam by your system, cause I’m about to get repetitive…


    I have been dying to use Trello in a native app on my iPad, and now you’ve answered my prayers! You guys rock!

    Many, many thanks!

  36. The best probably isn’t enough to explain how awesome this app is. My iPad screamed “Trello, you completed me!”

    Thanks a lot.