Trello for Windows 8 is Now Available!

We’re happy to announce that the official Trello app for Windows 8 is in the Windows Store! It’s the full Trello experience. You can drag and drop cards, leave comments, make boards, use card covers, and everything else. Plus you get all the great things about a native Windows 8 app: push notifications, speed, and a consistent “Metro” look and feel. And it’s free, just like Trello. Download it now!

The app has everything you know and love about Trello.

You can snap a Trello board to the side while you “work” in the main view. Watch as Trello developer Hamid works on the Android app with Doctor Fluffers on his shoulder…

The app runs nicely on Surface and Windows 8 RT or any Windows 8 computer! Download it now and let us know what you think!

A great Trello experience on any device.

Don’t have a Windows 8 device? You can download the iPhone or Android app. We’re also hard at work on an iPad version of Trello. We’ll let you know as soon as we’re looking for beta testers. The Android app will also see some major improvements soon. We want you to have a great Trello experience, no matter what device you’re using.

Hope you like it! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

80 thoughts on “Trello for Windows 8 is Now Available!

  1. :D It’s and amazing news!! :D:) ¿Do you recommend any app in Windows Phone? :Ds

    Thank u guys!! You’re awesome!

    • We can reuse a lot of the components for the Windows 8 app for a Windows Phone app, but it will take some work and refinement. is mobile-optimized, so you can use the site in your browser for now.

      • Check out Trello mobile with an iPad. Scrolling right to left to begin is very difficult. The bottom scroll bar is unresponsive and touching anywhere but the column names is unresponsive.

        Meaning the only way to scroll left or right is to carefully touch the top of a column and then scroll. If you do not the page will attempt to scroll up or down (the whole website page) or if you are touching a card the column will go up or down.

        I love trello, but it needs a better solution for use on the iPad.

  2. I’m a little disappointed to see a native windows 8 app before an OSX app : but it looks like you guys did a solid job on it.

    • We’re not actively working on a Windows Phone app, but we could reuse a lot of the components for the Windows 8 app for a Windows Phone app. It will take some work to do so, though. is mobile-optimized, so you can use the site in your phone’s browser for now.

      • Bobby – thanks for the reply. I for one would love to see it utilize the cool UI of W8 on the phone because native usability trumps web. The web version also doesn’t really work well on IE W8, especially when it comes to dragging tasks around. The drag actually on mobile for W8 is broken. Love Trello though – keep up the great work.

  3. Looks great!

    The only issue I have currently is that the drag & drop from one column to another doesn’t work on my Surface!

  4. Here’s hoping you can take all this great work and port it to the iPad! :) Awesome job on the Win8 client.

  5. Makes me almost want to install Windows 8 back onto my main machine. Great work guys!

  6. Windows 8 app looks great as I’ve been playing around with it for two weeks now. It’s still missing some key features or I could never figure out how to delete a card, make a copy of a card, copy of checklist, deleting checklist, etc

    • Yeah… I can’t figure out how to delete an item in a checklist… pretty basic feature IMO

  7. An iPad app would be nice as well–bumping task management to a second screen that isn’t my phone would be a dream.

  8. Awesome..!! :D
    Any plan for Blackberry 10 once it’s been launched? =)
    (and previous Blackberry OS versions?)

    • From the looks of it, it would be a somewhat straightforward port from our Android codebase, but we haven’t actually tried it. Plus there are no BB10 devices out there, so it’s impossible to test and do quality assurance. We’ll keep it in mind though!

      It’s very unlikely we’ll build an app for older versions of the Blackberry OS.

  9. So, how do I add a list to a board? I cannot figure out how to go beyond the default To Do / Doing / Done.

  10. I downloaded it a lot of days ago! It is great, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t support markdown and there is a problem with the vertical scrolling of long checklist (in desktop version; the scroll with the mouse doesn’t work).

    When you want a beta tester for the iPad version, contact me :-D

    • The lack of Markdown is a real drag. :(

      It wouldn’t be so bad but **all** my cards have MD descriptions which look bad in the Win8 app.

  11. I just really want an iPad version – not much logic behind doing the Windows 8 version first when there are so many Trello users who need it on iPad…

  12. Wow… i’m on Mac, am using trello for a real good collaboration use… and EVERYTIME i look on the Windows8 (formerly Metro) interface, i’m in love.

    Do you plan to choose / swap the colours or the look and feel of the web version ? Like choosing between the “regular” trello look, and a “Metro” look ? Please, don’t tell me i’ll have to swap back to PC :'(

  13. I can’t find a way to log out from the app… Is it possible?
    Because I have two Trello accounts and logged in with the wrong one, and now I want to switch…

  14. Absolutely brilliant product.
    Instead of using the native Android app I prefer to view it in the Maxthon Mobile Browser on my Nexus 7.

    :) Just waiting for time management and billing to be added:)

    (The API is there – I only wish I had the time)

  15. Awesome work team Trello!
    I use Trello on my PC, android, and now can’t wait to go home and install it on metro desktop!

    Consider adding chatting feature for online users in organization. You can later extend it to support video meetings and conferences with auto minutes making.

  16. I was so surprised to see a Trello app available for my Surface. It’s awesome! Of course any new software could use some refinement, so here goes: Occasionally opening card details is a bit sluggish. If you could offer some progress notification, that would be cool. That goes for navigating back to a board and to a board from the board list. Just let us know the program is working. Also, I noticed a consistent crash when trying to open one of my cards. Not sure what was in it except that a user other than myself was assigned to it. Great work though!

  17. I cant get the download to work from the link in post. Also cant find the Trello Win 8 App in Store?

  18. Is this a US-only release. I live in Sweden and unable to find the app in the windows app store, and clicking the download link in the webpage triggers nothing.

    Thanks for a great application!

    /BR Anders

    • Can you access it directly through the link? We’re seeing a lot of issues with Windows Store, and this seems to be yet another.

  19. Mind blown. This is great!

    By the way, I’d like to see an integration with a Pomodoro timer if possible.

    • Can you access it directly through the link? We’re seeing a lot of issues with Windows Store, and this seems to be yet another.

  20. Curious – was it easier to build the Windows 8 version of the application since the SDK allows for HTML/JavaScript? Just wondering if it’s that or another reason this came out before the iPad version (you don’t see that a lot with these kind of apps). In either case, super happy with the app, thanks for the great work!

  21. an absolutely good news!! thank you guys! :)

    i’m interested, from developers view point, what solution did use to build this app? visual studio’s C# or from html 5 or something else?

  22. Excellent news…appreciate the commitment to new platforms (especially one that’s not going to go away)! I’ll echo the desire for a Windows Phone 8 version.

  23. Nice job! Love using it in the snapped view while working on my laptop. Just wanted to mention that occasionally when I drag a card from one list to another, the app crashes on me. This seems to happen in the snapped view and the full view.

  24. Whilst using this on my Windows 8 Pro Home PC, I couldn’t find a way to delete a list?

    Also, when I had more than two lists, the arrow to take me back was over the title of the third list?

    No biggies, happy with the app, just giving feedback on my experience.