Trello is now 500,000 strong

This month marks a momentous occasion in the life of any budding product: the halfway point to a million users. That’s right: Trello has officially passed the 500,000 signups mark!

500,000 jelly beans weigh about 10 US tons. We’re not sure how much 500,000 users weigh, but it must be a lot. We’re so floored by all the people around the world who’ve chosen Trello to help them streamline workflows, communicate efficiently, and plan 500th anniversaries for their kingdoms. To all of you: thank you, thank you, thank you.

But we don’t just want to say it, we want to show it. Do you remember this cute little guy from the very first time you poked around this new thing called Trello?

That’s Taco. He’s always been a little shy, but he agreed to make a special appearance to celebrate our coming-of-age.

So today, you might spot him hanging around the Trello site. He’s even stepped up to personally deliver gifts to our first 500,000 users. If you’re one of them, check out your Profile page. He hopes you like it and that you’ll show all your friends.

In the future, Taco could visit again. Since huskies work in mysterious ways, we can’t really say when. But we will mention that he loves meeting new people—something about all the hugs he gets. So the more folks you invite over to Trello, the more likely he might stop by…

We’ve also added an awesome new feature called Card Cover, which lets you put images on the front of cards. Imagine the possibilities!

If you have any questions, comments, or love letters to Taco, you know how to find us. Cheers!

P.S. To celebrate the 500,000th account Joel has written a blog post about kanban, backlogs, and shipping, complete with pictures of the real-life Taco!

244 thoughts on “Trello is now 500,000 strong

  1. Fantastic milestone, wish you guys all the best.

    Just don’t sell your company and have the new owner shut down Trello, that would be horrible! :)

  2. Congratulations! Trello rocks. Thank you guys for this great tool!

  3. I’m accustomed to receiving trophies during game play on my game console; but never from a husky named Taco! How cool is that? Kudos to Trello! I’ve become reliant on the system to the extent that, if it’s not on one of my boards, it doesn’t get done. Thanks for a wonderful product!

  4. Great product guys! Congratulations to every single member of your team.

  5. Congratulations! I love this software, and I implemented in all of my company. We are very much looking forward to a smooth integration with FogBugz, even though it may result in a monthly fee for using Trello – “Business Solution”, maybe?

    Thank you for a good and solid product, and once more congratulations. Would be bonus-info to get insight in how many boards have been created too!

  6. Thanks so much for all of the hard work. Congrats on making it to the first 500 and good luck getting to 1 million. You know I will be sharing it!

  7. woot to trello and taco! Thanks for making such a great constantly evolving product!!

  8. Without a doubt the best management tool I’ve used, so yes.. thank you very much and sincere congratulations on your milestone.

  9. Our congratulations to the trello team! Great work. Beautiful, simple and really fast.
    — Greetings from Vienna.

  10. Congratulations to whole Trello Team!
    Thanks for making such great , simple to follow, fun to work with product…

    Oh those project management systems now looks so old, so boring, and complex , which need you to make lists and settings on 10 screens before you can ADD ONE DAMN task..

    Love the concept of Trello Cards…
    Keep ROCKING Trello Team!


  11. Thank you so much for a wonderful tool! I’ve used it successfully in many scenarios and really appreciate all the work your team has put into it. Keep it up!

  12. Congratulations to your team! Your great work has converted many of my coworkers from jumping off of a building, to canon-balling into the agile pool:-)

  13. Congratulations on a great milestone for a fantastic product/service. Like others have said, if it’s not on Trello, it doesn’t get done! Here’s to your next 500k…

  14. I really like Trello, in a way that you can edit on the fly, the smoothness of the board and the switching of the cards in a flawless manner. Everything. Keep doing great things guys!

  15. Thanks for a great tool Trello!! You guys rock, and we thank you so much for sharing trello with us!

  16. Congratulations guys! I was happy to find out I had signed up in the first 48 hours! We’ve happily migrated our processes to Trello and are using it on a daily basis now.

    I’ll continue to invite people over here and even more when the Android App comes out. Thanks for this great tool. Keep up the awesome work!

  17. Congratulations, Trello! A great tool that has contributed to our multi-team effort. Sooo good to see Taco! Next to Smooth Fox Terriers, Huskies are the best! Go Dawgs!

  18. Our team couldn’t live without Trello. Congrats to the whole team! I can’t wait to start paying you guys money for this… :)

    Also, thank you for changing the way I view software. This whole experience was a genuine pleasure and it has inspired us to build our own tools. Thanks so much.

  19. Congratulations guys, amazing, your service is really superior. Great principles and interface, still in permanent progress… using it on daily basis and it really helps to organize the projects. I wish you all the best with next milestones.

  20. Congrats! Love Trello and am trying to get my whole team to use it. Thanks for keeping it awesome and keeping it free. Love the way you quickly respond and react to suggestions. Keep it up! I predict the first MM soon.

  21. What is the Trello’s business model ? Are you going to one day turn on the switch (like Pivotal tracker did) and make every one pay ? OR
    will you have tiered offerings (eg 5 users free, above that paid etc) ?

    • I believe they’ve mentioned before that what you get right now is free and always will be (something about more or less fixed costs).

      I’d have to hunt down the actual blog post, but as far as I’m aware that’s the plan.

  22. It’s been a pleasure using Trello every day. Congratulations and I believe there will be more and more people adopting Trello in their daily lives. You guys did an awesome job!!

  23. Thanks for life 10x easier! The tool’s been fantastic from Day 1 and everyone I’ve invited to collaborate “just gets it” without any explanation.

  24. Congrats! A fitting milestone for a great tool. As others have said, I’m looking forward to seeing Trello hit its next milestone even sooner!

  25. Dear Taco (and humans),

    Silver Beacon Marketing adores Trello and uses it in so many different ways–from running projects to online brainstorming to mind-mapping without the pictures. They love it.

    I’m very pleased to meet the most famous dog in New York and hope we can become friends. I am the most famous husky in the DC suburbs so you and I can corner the Northeast corridor and demand IAMS for all.

    Paws up to ya and respect for cracking the whips on the people to get to that many people.

    Beast D. Dogg
    (and the humans at Silver Beacon Marketing)

    P.S. I loved your pictures. As a famous dawg like you, you can see mine too. Sometimes my future is so bright I gotta wear shades.

    Here is a picture of me wearing those shades:

    And here is a picture of me NOT CHASING SQUIRRELS while the humans work or whatever.

    Yours in Husky solidarity.


  26. Keep up the great project and work!
    I love little Taco :-) Really cute.

    Congrats & Cheers!

  27. Love the covers. But I used to be able to drag a Skitch directly onto the “Upload” button… Seems like I can’t auto-attach those anymore. Total bummer, we use it all the time.

    • Your client might be out of date. When you drag over the back of a card, the words “Drop to upload.” should appear, that is, you shouldn’t be able to see the upload button at all. Does a refresh fix it?

      • Thanks for the reply. I have no problem dragging images from desktop. But I can’t drag a Skitch screen grab directly from the “Grab Me” anymore. Might not be a common use case, but my team and I drag these things frequently. Before the HTML5 upgrade, I could drag these on top of the Upload button. Sad to see it go.

        Regardless, I will voice similar praises from the rest of the comments. We use the #*$*# out of Trello for product management. Love it and keep up the good work.

  28. Hi Trello team,

    Fantastic milestone. Here at we absolute love Trello. We use it as our Sprint Backlog.


  29. Way to go guys (and gals). Been using Trello a short time and already hooked. Makes my life so much productive & organized. Keep up the good work. :)

  30. Congrats guys! Glad to know that I’m directly responsible for at least four of those jellybeans :)

    Now I just have to figure out what flavor I am…

  31. Congratulations from Brazil! My team and I are proud to be part of the half-million group of organized people.

  32. Congratulations guys!

    You’re doing an excellent job. Thank you for a fantastic service. Only used it for a week, but already addicted! :o)

    // Thomas

  33. After fighting with many project management systems trello is making my life easier now, thanks for developing such a great tool that has benefited my business and assisted with getting clients involved in projects.

    Keep up the great work.

  34. Congratulations Trello!

    Thank you for this amazing software. Coming soon you will have millions of happy users.

    And Taco’s gift is the best!

  35. Way to go y’all! This is a fantastic bit of software you’ve developed and it’s made our work easier. Thanks for all the hard work!

  36. Congrats!! Love the product, we use this daily now at my job. Works much better then using outlook to manage your task.

  37. Hey, we are big fans of Trello – and even more so after seeing you wonderful dog Taco. Drop me a mail with your address if we may send Taco a free Barkbox. Henrik and the Barkbox team.

  38. Congratulations and thanks for providing this awesome tool for 500.000 persons.

  39. Congratulations Trello. My Life is more easy with Trello.
    Thanks Trello.

  40. Congratulations! Wish you the best on this great thing called Trello.

  41. A couple of weeks ago a workmate suggested I give Trello a go – the rest, as they say is history. This is my app pick for 2012 and I love it. Great work guys and gals from a user far away in New Zealand!!

  42. Congratulations! Thank YOU for this amazing tool that makes working so much more organized!

  43. Congrats! That’s an amazing feat.

    We love using Trello to organize pretty much everything we do in our company. Couldn’t imagine life without it now.

  44. This is outstanding news. I love Trello and love an opportunity to share this fantastic tool with others. I look forward to using it for more projects in the future. Also love that Taco came to say “Hi” and deliver the good news on my Trello profile. Keep up the phenomenal work!

  45. Congratulations on the milestone! I tried out a lot of different task managers, but ended up always returning to Trello. Now it’s my only task manager for personal and work related tasks! Keep up the great work!

  46. Congratulations from Poland!:) I must say that Trello is a must have for a team during Startup Weekends! We’ve used it during SWKrakow and won the competition – cannot imagine doing that without Trello :) Thank you guys!!

  47. Super great tool. It helps us a lot keeping track of our work and tasks! Keep it up Trello (it means “crazy” in Greek) and congratulations :)

  48. Alkami loves Trello!! We’ve been using since Day 2 and everyone around here was so excited to get Golden Tacos! Anyway, from one software shop to another, congrats on the milestone – wishing you all the best!

  49. Thanks to all the team at Trello – we have used Kanban for quite a while in our technology nonprofit (InSTEDD) but with our international teams and distributed customers it’s been a game-changer to have such a simple tool that our nontech customers can use. You are helping us deliver better, and therefore indirectly help the users of our technologies save lives. You’ll see a little ‘blip’ in your analytics from Cambodia where Trello is used to plan mobile systems that help fight Malaria and help poor mothers deliver healthy babies.
    Good luck for the next .5M!

  50. An amazing tool that has made working in a team so much efficient, effective and enjoyable! I will be glad to make it the project managing tool on anything I will be working on.
    Congratulations on your first 500,000 users! I really hope you don’t sell your company, especially not to a certain you-know-who.
    Keep it up! :)

  51. Congratulations, guys ! You have an amazing product and I wish you all the best success in the future !

  52. Congratulations. This means I’m one of the first 500,000 users! Probably like 499,201, but at least I made the 500K cut. Trello is really working for me. I look forward to when you hit 1 million users.

    And my dog Max says “WOOF” to Taco.

  53. Congrats! I seriously love Trello, I kid you not when I say it has changed my life. Keep up the good work! Cheers from Australia.

  54. Congratulations! Trello is amazing! We have used it in my company with great results. It has simplified our life a lot.
    Regards from Mexico City!!!

  55. Wow, huge congrats to the Trello team and Taco! We love this product as it really helps us get organized in our fast moving chaotic start up. Looking forward to a bright future, well done!

  56. Congratulations,
    I have been using Trello for only a short time and I am really impressed.
    I am in the process of inviting my work colleagues in Kazakhstan to use it
    Keep up the good work, looking forward to the Android version

  57. Congratulations! This tool is the perfect replacement for Google wave that I used before.

  58. Congrats, guys. When I grew tired of the linear nature of Omnifocus, I thought I was done for. I’m now a daily Trello user. Couldn’t live without this tool.

  59. Congratulations on half a million users. I wish you all the best and wish you guys get to One million soon. Trello helped me maintain my projects smoother with Taco’s ruff ruff!!

  60. Congratulations guys!
    This is the really good tool. Please keep the service continue…

  61. trello team,
    You guys have done a great job!

    me and my team enjoy your software and appreciate you guys hookin it up..

    i would like to congratulate on a fine job,
    keep growing, keep improving,


  62. Congratulations to all of you, creator of trello, you’ve done a great job of helping others… wishing for you’re more improvements… and thank you for this tool… good luck…

  63. Congratulations to you & thanks for the fantastic work!
    Figure cross 1 million as soon..
    Thanxs Trello

  64. Congratulations Folks ! I use 4 boards and I have been able to streamline my life in a big way since I started using it !

  65. Congratulations on your first 500,000 users!!! I know I’m one of them, maybe 499,998…but at least I’m proud that I’m part of it. Thanks to all you guys for this Awesome and Wonderful Tool!! Keep it up!

    Rea from Dubai, UAE

  66. We love the new mascot, we will name it Troller.

    We love Trello btw.

    Regards, -Borat

  67. Congratulations!! Love the product !!
    We are doing a website start up project in Shanghai. All team members remote work well because of Trello! a lot thanks!

    Taco is really cute, looking forward to his visiting again!



  68. Congratulations to you !
    Thanks for the fantastic work!
    Trello is wonderful tool!

  69. I actually think your math is incorrect — a Jelly bean weighs on average, about one gram. 500,000 grams is equal to about 1102 pounds — a little short than half a ton.

    It’s still an amazing milestone — congrats!

  70. Thanks for such a great tool and congrats on the milestone! Nice to see Taco hanging out on the top bar today.

  71. Congratulations! Well on the way to your first billion! Thanks for a great tool, for doing it all so transparently… and for showing us how to build a great company!

  72. By crook or by nook.
    I’ll be the last to make a comment of congrats in this book

    Oh my a dog!
    That husky is good thing for this blog!


  73. Congrats! Keep up the great work! We love Trello and it’s become indispensable for our very busy real estate brokerage.

  74. I use trello for all my projects. Amazing tool. Helps me keep tabs with everything I need to do.

  75. I’m very proud to be a user of Trello… Congratulations to you guys for such a great achievement… I’ll always expect you guys getting better… All the best…

  76. 500m is awesome! And considering the way users are set up, I think it’s close to 500m actual humans using trello! That’s huge.

    Please set up an escrow fund / sinking fund that we can contribute to. You can use this in the future for anything that you may want – salaries, server costs, legal fees, pet food for Taco!

    Please do this so you can show your true commitment to your community of users. Make it a voluntary $1 per user, we’ll pay! It’ll just make all of us using trello know that you really care about securing our use of trello and our dependence on trello!

    Thanks from a true-blue trellovian.

  77. Congratulations! This tool has been very helpful to our project! Thank you very much!

  78. is there a way to get an iPhone / iPad app for this? I love trello… Also, a facebook integration with alarms and reminders would be AMAZING… and it wouldn’t be too bad to have an integration with google calendar…

  79. A 500th anniversary planning board for Florin!? Yeah, you just earned a lifelong user. Done and done.

  80. Trello truly is a marvellous tool. I’m one of the many who would like an opportunity to pay or donate to the project.

    Since that’s not how things work yet … perhaps I can donate a story. A cumulative flow diagram would be really cool along with the ability to add custom numeric fields to boards. Nothing fancy – just historical would be more than enough.

  81. Congratulations! I’m using Trello at my work for months now, and it’s been perfect to manage everything I do. Thanks a lot for this initiative, hope it pays off for you guys!

  82. Good work! I instantly became a Trello fan. You know what would be a good functionality that I am actually missing: to be able to filter tasks by dates. I.e. show closest due dates.

  83. The team at used Trello to build our site and communicate as a distributed volunteer team. Thanks for the tool! Trello rocks!

  84. I am using now Trello for almost 1 year now. What used to be sneak peak now turned into an everyday operation. I use it in all aspects of my planning, development, and testing. Great product guys! I could say I became the real Trellster :)!

  85. Congrats! It may be from the increased traffic from the news, but our board has completely broken. Just “Connection Interrupted” over and over.

  86. Congrats! Your product deserves it!

    But please, add a button to remove the dog, it’s kind of annoying after a while!


  87. Congratulations, Taco! Love seeing you hanging on the profile.
    Really hope to see more features in Trello.

    Trello is truly a recommended tool for everyone.

  88. I used to wonder what the human race did before twitter but that pales in comparison to Trello! The tentacles run very deep very quickly. Well done!

  89. Thanks for the best software, very usefull
    Congratulations Trello Developers

  90. We are a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue and WE LOVE TRELLO! It’s helped all our volunteers work so much more efficently on projects. Please give a Taco a belly rub from us!

  91. great product

    One more Important feature will make trello perfect, please think about “wiki of my board “. I am so expected.

  92. Wow! Awesome! Congratulations and thank you guys for this amazing tools. We’re really love it.

  93. Congratulations!
    I’ve used Trello to get things done, and it’s great.
    But between you and me, I love it b/c of the technology.
    Love your blog and even printed your “early architecture” image from the following url

    And then showed everybody (who would listen) with a stupid smile on my face

  94. Hi guys
    congrats. we love your software.
    we are making an animation series for nickelodeon and Trello is definitely the best task&project managment we encountered so far. love your out of the box approach.
    looking forward to see your next move.

  95. I’m sorry to complain about something so minor, as I love Trello, but… the dog in the header is somehow so annoying! I am a dog lover, but the iconized dog woofing… please forgive me for asking it to stop! Sorry I didn’t leave a comment many times for Trello’s actual features, which I love and use hourly for my work.

  96. Thanks Guys
    Trello is definitely one of those applications that can change the way people work. Its simplicity makes it a tool that absolutely anyone can use. It takes a couple of minutes to get started and becomes useful immediately. It was adopted and brought into use one day after we discovered it.

    Well Done!

  97. Congrats Trello!!
    You’ve successfully curbed my OCD-ness. Without fail, I create, label, tick, move, and archive cards everyday! And NOT for work-related ‘tasks’. The inner-perfectionist-me is spoiled. I can’t imagine life without you! (even my husband is jealous of the time I spend updating my trello account).

  98. Thanks so much for everything you do! I am an avid Trello user and Trello evangelist. Keep up the great work!

  99. Awesome milestone!
    I really love your tool and mindset. I realy on it for my daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly work.
    Thanks for all the effort that went into the dev of such a nice tool.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully see 1M soon ;-).

  100. CONGRATULATIONS AND REALLY REALLY THANK YOU to have create such a wonderful, useful and skill. I couldn’t manage a running of a business and a very demanding work without TRELLO.


    Sofia R. from Spain

  101. Trello is one of the best apps I have ever used in my life. Its fast, very easy to use and it has helped me a lot with complicated projects from software development to culture events planning. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  102. trello is one of the best thing i had ever seen thank you for making trello for every one to use i love it because it helps you with your organize with our work we thank you for sharing and keep doing updates to make trello better

  103. Awesome service! You guys rock! It is always a pleasure to work with the UI of your service.
    All best wishes to you and further growth!

  104. Thank you very much for creating this! I’ve never had so much FUN using a project management tool. Keep it up! Thanks again!

    We love love love your product – keep up the good work, and never lose the simplicity of it… it’s just brilliant!
    Thanks so much for giving us such a great tool which makes our lives so much easier…
    Congratulations from Cat … Birmingham, UK!