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3 Inspiring Ways To Be More Collaborative At Your Company

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Maybe you've considered your team at work and wondered, "Are we using Trello right?" You might have the feeling that you could improve your board workflow if you had some inspiration. Although the truth is that (spoiler alert) there is no “right” way, companies out there are using Trello in incredible ways and we can all benefit from that knowledge share.

Whether you're a Trello power user or just getting started, here are some fresh ideas for how to be more collaborative at your company.

Read on for more details about how Greenhouse, Directly and Stack Overflow each manage the flow of cross-departmental information in Trello to better support their team members, customers, and company objectives.

How To Connect Distributed Teams With Key Feedback


Alex Powell, Product Manager at Greenhouse, brought up a key issue that we can all relate to—the communication needs of distributed teams. His team relies on an internal feedback Trello board that promotes collaboration. All Greenhouse team members use one centralized location for customer-related matters, with great results.

Read more and grab a sample board here.

How To Encourage Cross-Department Customer Care

Lynda Radosevich, Head of Marketing at Directly meets with her executive team to run through their key customer board every week. Since Directly’s success is tied to its users’ achievements, it makes sense that a top company priority is tracking customer success. This board is maintained by customer success managers who each have a dedicated list where they update daily KPIs (measured in chart.io) for each of their clients.

Product features and updates are released in bi-weekly sprints, so having a weekly meeting allows the executive team valuable time to review feedback on what is and isn’t working for customers on a rolling basis. The goal is to iterate quickly on what’s working and understand where the gaps are in adoption of new features:

“We need process, but are moving fast while adapting fast. Trello is great for agile companies.”

- Lynda Radosevich, Head of Marketing at Directly

How To Keep Company Growth Goals On Track


Jack Sinclair, Chief Financial Officer of Stack Overflow is focused on growth, and he uses Trello to help his team get there. Their CEO Report concept cuts down on unnecessary meetings and email while keeping the company aligned with key business objectives. In a nutshell, it’s C-level transparency for the whole company.

Learn more here and start your own CEO report.

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