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5 Reasons Why Modern Day Santa Would Be A Power Trello User

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Christmas planning with Trello

When it comes to getting things done on a tight schedule, no one does it better than good old Santa. Regardless, even the OG project management master could use a technological helping hand from time to time. That’s why we think it’s only logical that modern day Santa would use Trello to stay organized and collaborate on Christmas planning with his awesome team of elves. Here’s why:

Snail Mail Got Kicked To The Garbage Pail

Email to Board Feature makes Christmas planning easy

Let’s face it, kids don't write letters anymore - they email. Have incoming emails get converted into Trello cards with the Email to Board feature and get the gift giving pipeline going digitally. In this scenario modern day Santa is a newfound environmentalist, as well!

Rotten Kids Get Coal… and A “Naughty” Label On Their Trello Card

Trello labels for Christmas planning

Not all kids are going to be getting the hot new gaming system of the season.  For the young whippersnappers that will have to settle for a lump of coal this year, a modern Santa can easily label the cards naughty or nice and filter out the bad apples. Tsk, tsk.

Keep The Elves On Track By Assigning Them To A Card


We understand that these days the North Pole looks more like an Amazon warehouse than Geppetto’s toy shop, which is why a great project manager needs to delegate tasks to get things done. Assign elves to cards so they know whose presents to prepare.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Trello checklists for Christmas planning

Budgets are tight, so there is no room for extra product on a lean assembly line. Create checklists so each elf can keep track of what toys are ready and which ones still need to be made. This way, the North Pole won’t wind up with a storage closet full of extra Simpsons dolls.

Stay Up To Date On A Plane, Train, Or Flying Sleigh

Trello sync on mobile helps with Christmas planning

When out on the road, it's necessary to stay in touch with mission control.  Since Trello syncs to all devices in real time, the modern Santa will never be lost in a fog of miscommunication. Sorry Rudolph, but we’re guiding that sleigh tonight.

Do you use Trello with your office elves? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook the features you love that help keep everyone organized on your team.

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