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A Better Trello Board View

By | Published on | 2 min read
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After the launch of Business Class, the Trello team started making summer plans for our incoming interns. We've got some exciting stuff coming up which you can check out on our public Trello Development board. While designing, we realized the board view needed a few tweaks before we could move on. With a mountain of your feedback in mind, we took a step back and addressed some long-standing issues and made way for things going forward. Today, we're launching a whole new board view.

The New Sidebar

The first thing you'll notice is the new sidebar. It still shows your board members and activity, but there's a new “Menu” button which expands to show three main sections: “Filter Cards”, “Archived Items”, and “Settings”. We wanted it to be easy to hide the sidebar so you can focus on your cards and lists, so we’ve made the toggle button more visible and added a new “w” keyboard shortcut so you can expand or collapse it quickly.

New Trello Board View

The card filtering menu now shows up inside the sidebar instead of in a pop-over menu. That means you can browse your board while keeping the menu open. We've also added a filtering indicator that makes it more obvious when a filter is active, even when the sidebar is closed. You can quickly clear the filter by clicking the x in the filtering indicator, too. Of course, pressing “f” to open the filter menu and “x” to clear all filters still work.

Trello Board View Filter

The archive now loads in the sidebar so you can see the board and archived cards at the same time. But the new, cool thing is that you can drag and drop cards to and from the archive. We think a more visible and flexible archive could really alter your workflow.

New Trello Board Archive

You'll notice a handful of other look and feel improvements in your Trello board view, too, like edge-to-edge boards, a friendlier color scheme, smooth animating transitions, and more natural dragging. We also focused on performance, so things should be much snappier. You may never notice, but that's the point. The fewer hiccups, jarring transitions, and inconsistencies you see, the more you can focus on your cards and getting things done.

That sounds like a lot of new stuff, but nothing has really changed fundamentally. A Trello board is still a list of lists that you can use to organize anything with anyone. We just hope it’s easier to get around and feels nicer than ever. “You said this was all in advance of your summer plans, right?” That’s right. You can find out what we’re planning on our Trello Development board. Of course, we’ll be sure to let you know on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, too. Stay tuned!

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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