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A Better Way To Gather Data On Email Marketing Campaigns

By | Published on | 3 min read
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Email marketing data with Trello Mailchimp Power-Up

In the modern age of tools, apps, and unconventional advertising, email marketing still works. Studies have shown staggering email statistics: emails beget 40x more conversions than other channels such as social media, with 77% of respondents stating that they prefer to receive promotional content via email.

Analytics tools built into email clients like Mailchimp have gotten increasingly better at measuring data from campaigns. Leveraging this email marketing data is the key to understanding your audience.

Whether it’s open rates, click through maps, or A/B testing subject lines, maximizing all of these metrics is crucial to engaging with your audience via email campaigns. Trello’s Mailchimp integration is a way to extract that data from Mailchimp and put it into a workflow, in order to better compare results:

Trello’s Mailchimp Integration

Trello integrates with Mailchimp, which means that you can attach Templates and Campaigns to Trello cards right from a button on the card. A detailed embed on the back of the card allows you to preview designs and analyze results right in Trello, where you’re already working.

Mailchimp email marketing data in Trello

Get all the stats from your latest Mailchimp campaign right on a Trello card.
Note: data here is fake. :o

Once you attach a campaign to a Trello card, you are able to see an embedded snapshot of your campaign. Valuable stats like the list size, the open rate, and the click through rate are all right on a card, where you can then discuss the successes and pain points with your team in the comments section.

View Templates

In addition to the campaign stats, you can also view templates in Trello’s Mailchimp integration. This way, for example, a designer can attach the template and tag the rest of the team for comments on the mock-up. The team can easily see how the design is coming along and it allows for a collaborative discussion around what is the most effective design or most optimized CTA.

Attach Mailchimp template to Trello

Attach a Mailchimp template and view meta data on when it was last edited, and by whom.

Another piece of useful data on the card is the ability to see who last edited the template. So let’s say you wanted to see if someone else on your team made edits to the template after you did. The information on the back of the Trello card shows who last modified the template, so you automatically know if the changes you made are the most up to date or if your team member has something they would like you to review.

This workflow also avoids the friction of overwriting someone else’s work when both people are simultaneously editing a template without realizing it. With the Mailchimp Power-Up you can now easily see if you were the last person to modify the template, or if someone else has been in there since.

How To Connect

Enable the Mailchimp integration by going to Menu > Power-Ups > and select Mailchimp from the list of Power-Ups. A green checkmark will indicate it worked, and then you will be prompted to connect your Mailchimp account.

Enable Mailchimp Trello Power-Up

Let Mailchimp handle the sending; that’s what they do best. What you’re concerned about is what happens before and afterwards: How is the template coming along? How big was this list size? What was the open rate?

All of those previews and stats are easily accessible in workflow format using Trello’s Mailchimp Power-Up.

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