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A New Trello Card Back with an Attachment Viewer, Covers, and lots more.

By | Published on | 2 min read
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We’ve been working on a redesigned Trello card back and we’re happy to launch it to all Trello users today. You’ll notice lots of small refinements, but here are the three big additions.

You can view attachments inside Trello.


You can attach everything from mock-ups, to screenshots, to PDFs, to Word documents, to Google Drive and Dropbox files to your cards. The old design wasn’t really doing attachments justice. Image attachments showed up as tiny previews with lots of info you didn’t really need to see. When you clicked on them, they opened up in another window which took you out of Trello and broke your workflow.

Your attachments deserve better. Image previews are now twice the size. And now when you click on attachments, you can see them inside Trello, without having to download anything. This lets you quickly review mock-ups, documents, or just about any other attachment. Fast and easy.

Covers and stickers now appear on the back of cards.


You probably spend a lot of time considering your card covers and carefully placing your stickers. So much so that they really become part of the card. It was a shame that that they only showed up on the front of cards. But no more! Now they show up on the back of cards, too. It makes your card a little more personal and colorful.

There is more space for your stuff with a wider card.

We’ve streamlined the back of the card as much as possible to make more room for attachments, comments, checklists, and everything else. Members and labels are now in the main column of the card. We removed a lot of the heavy and redundant visual elements like badges to help you focus on stuff that matters.

We’ve also made the right sidebar slimmer. The copy card button is now in the sidebar instead of the out-of-the-way “More” menu. The copy menu now includes a way to copy a card to a different board or list so you don’t have to go hunting for the card and move it after copying it. You’ll also notice that as you scroll down the card, the sidebar will “stick” and remain visible so you can always get to important actions for the card.

There were a lot of things we liked about the original card back design. It was clear how to do almost everything on a card just by looking at it. When you created a new card, it didn’t overwhelm you with buttons, fields, and empty sections. We wanted to maintain that approachability while carefully adding some refinements and new features. We hope you like it!

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