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Plan A Vacation With Trello: All "A Board!"

And other useful advice on booking flights and lost luggage, from our friends at AirHelp.

Plan a vacation with Trello

Planning a vacation can be exciting: researching what you’ll see, where you’ll stay, what you’ll eat. The entire process can overcome you with the feeling of boundless potential. A cheap airfare quote pops up in your inbox and suddenly the world is your oyster.

But before you fashion yourself a modern day Magellan, don’t forget there’s a lot of pesky logistics to handle in your quest for world exploration. I’m here to tell you that Trello can manage all of that for you, so you can focus on mapping out uncharted territory. All you need now is to fetch your lucky spyglass.

Draw A Plan In The Sand

The lists required to set up an optimal Vacation board vary. Some tasks require the “To Do,” “Doing,” “Done” format, and some are just better as large lists of information and links you need to hold onto. For example, some potential lists for your board might be “To Do Before Trip,” and “Completed,” in addition to “Good Places to Eat/Drink,” and “Attractions to See.”

Plan a vacation: Free Trello sample board

Trello’s infinitely flexible nature makes it awesome for planning a trip, especially if you are going with multiple people. Flashback to my 13 year old self: I would have insisted on making my own list with my own itinerary (one card would have been like, “OMG we HAVE HAVE HAVE to go to Hard Rock Cafe because NSYNC ate there!”).

The point is, there are as many ways to structure a Trello board as there are vacations to take.

Checklists and Checked Bags

The unwritten rules of vacation planning are as follows: don’t forget to pack your cell phone charger, there’s a reason the hotel’s rates are low, and, most importantly, you can never have enough checklists.

There’s a ton of stuff to get done before a trip, so it’s helpful to have a card for each task. Expand on the task by adding a checklist to the back of a card. A good example of this is making a card for each person, then adding a checklist to the card with all the items they will need to pack. It’s a great way to never forget your cellphone charger again (we’ve all done it… some of us, ahem, maybe more than once).

Use Trello checklists to plan a vacation

Speaking of luggage, it’s important to be aware of your rights when it comes to delayed or lost bags. Nicolas Michaelsen is the co-founder of AirHelp, a company that assists passengers in getting money back from airlines after disruptions in their flights. He says that a lot of passengers don’t realize that they are entitled to a certain amount of money if their bags are lost, or even just delayed. The amount of money is contingent on what is packed.

“It all depends on what you can prove,” he explains, “so a good idea is to simply take some photos of your bag before you leave, because then you will have some proof that you actually had those items with you when you left.”  There’s even a smooth Trello trick for this one: you can take a picture straight from a card on your Trello app, and it will automatically attach to that card.

Have No Cares While In The Air

Before you dip one single toe into a clear blue tropical ocean, there’s a ton of things to get done. For items that require more in depth information, make a card for them. Some of these items are time sensitive, like making sure passports are up to date, and arranging pet care for Sparky. Add a due date to make sure these things get done with enough time.

Use due dates to plan a vacation in Trello

Booking a flight is also a necessary evil: and some people are better at it than others. Be sure to assign your most ruthless, bargain hunting family member to tackle that card. Nicolas offers a few important tips to maximize your search.

“What you should be aware of when you go to a site to get an airfare quote, and they say there is only one seat left on this flight at this price… it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other seats on that flight,” he explains. “What it means is that there is only one seat left at that price at this time.”

So the quote shown at the time of your search is simply the quote that website is authorized to sell at that moment. It is entirely possible that later on a ticket for the same flight will be quoted at a different, potentially lower, price.

If you’re quickly trying to peruse figures, but aren’t yet ready to buy, it’s always possible to put the price in a comment on the back of a card. There is a time stamp on each comment, so you’ll always know what the price was at different times during your search.

See More Sites And Have Less Gripes

Now that the nightmare of flight planning is over, let’s get to the fun stuff: sightseeing! You’ll want to book a few popular attractions in advance, especially if you’ve got teenage kids who pretend to be “so over” the whole family vacation thing. One casual mention of tickets to an awesome theme park and you’ll magically return to their good graces.

When you receive a confirmation email from one of these attractions, use the email to board feature to keep all of that information on one card. So if you ever need to pull up tickets, tracking numbers, or a time and a place, Trello’s got it all on one card for you.

Trello can’t predict the weather or guarantee your flight won’t be delayed, but it can keep you sane during any unplanned travel disruptions. And if your flight is delayed or canceled, definitely check out AirHelp to see if you’re entitled to any money back. Safe travels!

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Trello Vacation Planner Template Board

Check out our sample board, and feel free to copy it!



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