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How to run a team health check (and why you should schedule one today)

There’s a reason we schedule routine dental cleanings, regularly change the oil in our cars, and call our friends to see how they’re doing: When we care about something, we check in.

Science-backed productivity playlists to help you dive into deep work

Does Mozart really make you smart? Can turning up the beat turn up your productivity? The truth, as it turns out, is complicated.

How to write a project status report that works for your team

When you’re juggling multiple projects with several stakeholders, it’s easy for things to feel out of control. You try to rein it in with strict deadlines, frequent meetings, and maybe even a bit of m...

10 expert tips for starting a new job to ensure success

Top execs give new hires less than 3 months to prove their value. Here's how to make a good first impression and get up to speed quickly–even if you feel like you're faking it 'til you make it.

4 reasons for project fails—and how to prevent each one

We’re living in the golden age of failure, where tech culture embraces a “fail fast” mentality and celebrates lessons learned from missteps. But when it comes to that upcoming project you’re leading, ...

The present bias: why you keep sabotaging your future—and how to stop

Do you ever feel like you’re leading a double life? On the one hand, there’s ‘Future You’ who’s everything you want to be. Future You wakes up early, feeling refreshed and ready. Future You is wealthy...