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Feeling Stressed? 4 Ways To Regain Focus And Relaxation

Are you feeling more stressed than ever? Follow this 4-step framework to unlock relaxation and regain focus throughout your workday.

The Best Productivity Hack Is Right Outside Your Door

According to science, it's time to start asking your boss if you can take that next meeting outdoors. When tech is always top of mind, getting some fresh air might just be the reset we all need.

The Scandinavian Secrets To Work (And Life) Satisfaction

From fika and flexible schedules to hygge and paid parental leave, there are many reasons why Scandinavian countries always top the charts as the happiest countries. If you're looking to improve your work and life then follow these 6 Scandinavian secrets to achieve more satisfaction in your day-to-day.

Is It Really Worth It To Take A Sabbatical?

Do sabbaticals really improve productivity or creativity? Dive into the research to understand if an extended leave from work is the right move for you.

How To Overcome Pack Mentality In The Workplace By Fostering Psychological Safety

Humans are inherently social and we crave community. But when this morphs into pack mentality, it can be harmful to our productivity—especially in the workplace. Discover how psychological safety can combat this common challenger to group collaboration and motivation.

How To Boost Your Creativity The Einstein Way—With Combinatory Play

If you often get stuck in a rut, exercising combinatory play can give your brain a boost. It was one of Einstein's favorite tactics to make a breakthrough in his work. Follow these tips to improve your creativity with this genius approach.