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Work-Life Balance Vs. Work-Life Integration—Which Holds More Benefits?

When it comes to work-life balance vs. work-life integration, it’s all about which model works best for you—and which gives you the work experience (and life experience!) that you’re looking for.

The power of daily affirmations for professional development and confidence

There's an opportunity for professional development and building confidence in your personal world that you may be missing—and that’s affirmations.

How To Create A Realistic And Enjoyable Career Path For Your Team Members

Some team members will have a clear picture of their career trajectory, but others will be less sure. For those employees, it’s important for you, as a manager, to help them determine where they want to go in their career—and how to get there.

Exploring Different Leadership Models And Discovering The One That Best Suits You

There's an endless variety of ways to approach leadership—and no one is necessarily better than the other. The question is, how do you find a leadership model that feels like the right fit for you—and helps you drive results and inspire the best in your team?

How To Progress In Your Career And Advance Beyond An Entry Level Position

Entry level positions are a perfect fit when you’re just starting out in your career—but at a certain point, you’re going to feel ready to level up. With these tips, you have everything you need to move on to the next stage of your career.

How To Write An Effective Project Plan In 6 Simple Steps

Project plans are a must-have element for any successful project. But what are the steps to writing one?