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How to get tech & biz teams on the same page: Use Trello and Jira together

Here's the secret to getting teams on the same page even if they’re not on the same software.

5 ways to give (thoughtful) thanks to your team

A simple “thank you” can truly go a long way. Whether it’s a private Slack message, a public shout-out, or a small gift of recognition, the act of showing gratitude can lift anyone's spirits.

Want To Be A Better Leader? Schedule Moments Of Solitude Into Your Day

Whether you’re a startup founder leading a team of 5 or an executive at a global organization leading a team of 500, your day is most likely defined by this one word: busy.

This Professor Uses Trello & Dropbox For Remote Learning And Collaboration

The responsibilities of a university professor extend far beyond the lecture hall and even further beyond office hours.

How To Structure And Motivate Your Team To Be More Collaborative

As you sip your morning coffee and reflect on the days that have passed and the ones still to come, ask yourself this: how motivated and engaged is your team? How are you supporting them to work colla...

The Gigantic List Of Little Trello Tips

Trello is like an onion. It’s simple on the surface, but when you peel back the basics of boards, lists, and cards, there are many layers to its potential as your favorite productivity tool.