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How To Use SurveyMonkey & Trello To Gather Customer Feedback

Learn how to use Trello and SurveyMonkey to capture customer survey responses and make a killer plan to take action on the feedback, with this free Trello template.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity With This Swedish Coffee Break

Breaks are good for your brain, stress levels, and your team's productivity. Learn why fika, the Swedish coffee break, is a popular ritual for that extra jolt of efficiency (and caffeine).

How To DIY A City Travel Guide With Trello (According To Expert, Johnny Jet)

To prep for city travel, it’s important to do your research and create an itinerary. Use these free trip planner templates and city travel advice from expert Johnny Jet to start your next adventure!

What Glass Ceiling? Here's How These Four Boss Women Defined Their Success

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting everyday wonder women and non-binary heroes who inspire us and others. Meet a few of these women, learn their inspiring stories, and get advice for achieving your career goals or starting a business all while bringing more ease into your day-to-day life.

Push Off Flaws, Be Less Productive: How To Stop Making Excuses

It's easy to make excuses instead of facing the truth as to why you haven't hit your goals. Why are we so quick to push off blame instead owning our pitfalls? Explore the reasons why it’s so tempting, and how you can rewire your brain to avoid it and be more productive.

The Fast Lane To Freedom: Why Flexibility With Where, When, And How You Work Boosts Productivity

If you’re hoping to increase productivity and happiness in your work life, the solution may lie in how much freedom you have. Here are a few ways you can gain more flexibility with when, where, and how you get the job done.