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Close Those Open Tabs: Do It All From One Trello Card

Trello cards are now smarter than ever, work with your favorite apps within your Trello cards without opening a new tab.

Project Reporting Made Easy With Trello’s New Dashboard View

You can now do much more to visualize and communicate your team’s state of work with Trello’s new Dashboard view, a project reporting tool for Trello Business Class and Enterprise customers.

Manage Your Team More Securely With Atlassian Access For Trello

We’re excited to share that we’re now offering Atlassian Access for Trello. Atlassian Access helps manage users by giving administrators company-wide visibility, control, and security.

Fun & Productive Retrospectives For Any Type Of Team

Retrospectives don't have to be as intimidating as they sound. Clarify your project processes with your team in a clear and dare-we-say, enjoyable way!

How To Use Trello To Manage And Inspire Your Team

Explore how managers are effectively and creatively using Trello to lead their teams to a more positive and productive workday.

How To Reduce Digital Waste At Work By Treating Tech Like A Team Player

Businesses are transforming the way they work with the help of technology and spending billions on these digital tools each year. At a point, these tools can either make or break a team's productivity. Learn why your organization should treat your tech like a team player in order to reduce digital waste and increase efficiency.