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Going Beyond The Board: A Whole New Trello Is Here

Change the way your team views work. Brand new ways to use Trello, beyond the board—a dashboard, a timeline, a table, and so much more.

The Future Of Trello Is On The Horizon: Take a Sneak Peek

We are revolutionizing Trello for the new digital workplace. See where we're headed with evolving views at the team, board, and card level.

50 Million Is Just The Beginning: Automation, Templates, And More New Features To Keep Your Team Building

Trello is celebrating a massive milestone—50 million registered users! Dive in to see all the features we've released to celebrate and say thanks.

A Change To Trello Teams, Automation With Butler, Map View, And 13 Enterprise Features

We’re doubling down on making Trello the go-to tool for managing projects at work. Discover the changes coming to teamwork in Trello including updated features to Premium and Trello Enterprise, Butler Automation, and more!

Trello Acquires Butler To Bring You The Power Of Automation

Trello is investing in the future of workplace automation by acquiring Butler for Trello, one of our most popular Power-Ups. With Butler, you can bring the power of automation into any Trello workflow or process.

25 Million! Celebrate With 4 New Top-Requested Trello Features

All of us at Trello are excited to announce we have officially surpassed 25 million users. Thank you all so much. See what's new to celebrate this milestone!