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Beyond Coding: Soft Skills For Success In Tech

NYC tech talent pipeline Trello participant

We’re excited to announce that Trello will be participating in the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline! The goal of this initiative is to help those seeking tech jobs cultivate the soft skills necessary to be successful.

Often, skills like interviewing, networking, and giving feedback aren’t taught in a formal way, leaving those without experience ill equipped. Here’s a sneak peek into what many NYC participants of the program will be learning from the Trello team this spring:

Code Reviews: The Good, The Bad, The Honest

One of the hardest transitions from programming as a hobby to programming as a profession is needing to participate in code reviews. Code reviews can be an excellent opportunity for you to hone your art by communicating through the beautiful poetry of code. But, done incorrectly, code reviews quickly become a slog -- an emotional gauntlet you have to run through each day. So, in this class, we’ll cover things like:

  1. What is a code review?
  2. What are the best practices when conducting one?
  3. How do you give and receive feedback?
  4. And, most importantly, how do you stop code reviews from taking up all your time? 

Working Remotely: How To Wear Pajamas While Coding

Tech companies know that in order to compete for top technical talent they must shake things up when it comes to remote working policies. Forcing everyone to be in one office is simply not necessary due to collaborative tools such as chat systems, video meetings, and, of course, Trello! But, going remote or starting off a new job as a remote employee takes extra steps, thought, and self awareness.  Not every internal employee makes a great remote employee and vice versa.

Even Developers Need A Resume

Resumes are still a necessary evil to get your foot in the door at companies. Want to move past the resume review stage and get talking with a real person? We’ll be going over plenty of do’s and don’ts for your resume and online portfolio.

Who Me? Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is real and can affect anyone in any role. There are certain challenges new employees with less professional working experience face, like understanding when their code is good or good enough.  What is impostor syndrome and how does one overcome feeling like an outsider? We’ll talk strategy and provide tools that help boost confidence.

Mastering these soft skills will make getting that dream tech job a reality. Want to get involved? Check out the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline, or other great initiatives like the Fog Creek Fellowship at Trello.