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How BurgerFi Found Fast Franchise Success With Trello

By | Published on | 1 min read
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BurgerFi franchise restaurant management with Trello

Track projects and collaborate better: This was the goal that led Steven Buckley, COO of Burgerfi, to start looking for a digital solution that could fulfill the needs of both corporate teams and franchise restaurant business owners across the US.

burgerfi_sauce2.pngEstablished in 2011, the fast casual burger franchise—known for their fresh ingredients and buzzworthy branded hamburger buns—has debuted nearly 100 restaurants over the past five years. But how does a brand stand out and succeed in the fastest growing food service segment in the world? People and technology, says BurgerFi.

They have a mission to deliver great food that people feel good about eating, and to give franchise owners the right people and technology to build a sustainable, successful modern business.

The key for Steven was to have every BurgerFi team member aligned with their mission and ambitious company growth goals. And finding a central business tool to get employees and business owners cross-country on the same page was shaping up to be a tall order.

In this in-depth Trello customer spotlight, Steven shares how BurgerFi learned to:

  • Clearly communicate goals and objectives at all levels of the company, from senior executives to store general managers;
  • Effectively move information through departments and franchise locations for 300 individuals cross-country; and,
  • Onboard teams properly with a setup that is user-friendly and accessible regardless of location, digital aptitude, or device.

All this with a side of fries? Delicious! Check it out here:   

BurgerFi Case Study

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