The Butler Power-Up For Trello: Automation At Your Service

Butler Power-Up Trello automation

Are you tired of all of those extra little steps it takes to get things done? If only you could hire an assistant so that you never had to lift a finger, or at least lift it way less often. Amiright?

Today is the day that your Trello life is about to get a bit more fancy. With the Butler Power-Up for Trello, you can create automations to do just about anything on your board, from moving cards to sorting lists (yes!), adding members, labels, dates, and more, all with the click of a button.

Mr. Boardevere

Consider Butler hired help for your productivity, allowing you to create a seamless process for any repetitive task at the board or card level.

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Training Your Board’s Mr. Belvedere

Butler Power-Up Card Buttons

The great thing about Butler is that commands are written in natural language, meaning you don’t need to have any coding skills to get the most out of your butler on their first day on the job. Creating tasks for Butler is like playing productivity Mad Libs, and they can have as many steps as you like.

Start by selecting whether you want to create a card button or a board button. Card buttons handle card level tasks, like moving a card, and appear on the card back. Board buttons, on the other hand, appear at the top of your board and accomplish tasks across your entire board, like archiving every card with a green label, for example. 

Creating Butler Button For Trello Card

Once you’ve decided on the button you want and given it a name, creating a task is as simple as going through and adding the actions you want to occur and filling in the details, like which list or label.

Card button actions can include any or all of the following:

  • Moving or archiving a card
  • Adding/removing labels and due dates
  • Marking due dates complete
  • Checking/unchecking checklist items, adding checklists to cards, and resetting checklists
  • Joining, subscribing, and adding/removing members from cards
  • Adding comments, renaming cards, and modifying card descriptions

Board button actions can include: 

  • Creating new cards with descriptions in specified lists
  • Creating, archiving, and arranging lists
  • Moving and archiving cards in a list
  • Sorting cards in a list by date, name, votes, custom field, labels, and time on list

Sort Editorial Calendar Due Dates With Butler Power-Up

Yes, you read that last bullet point correctly! With Butler you can create a board button to automatically sort cards on a list: by number of votes, Custom Fields, or by due date. You can even do this in tandem with other actions. For instance, you could move cards from one list to another and have the destination list sorted by due date in a single click.

Example Use Cases


In the above workflow, Brian set up a card button to automatically move cards he marked as complete into his "Done" list.

  • Ready to get to work? Create a card button to start a task that moves the card to list "In Progress,”and adds you to the card.
  • Start each week fresh with a board button to archive the past week’s "Done" list and create a new "Done" list.
  • Add a card button that automatically moves the card to “Done,” marks the due date as complete, and removes you from the card. You can even automatically add a comment that let’s your boss know how awesome you are.
  • Never know what to work on next? Add a board button to move a randomly-selected card from the "To Do" list to the "Doing" list. Don’t let analysis paralysis curb your productivity.
  • Let’s say you apply a green label to every bug you fix, so your team knows what’s ready to be shipped. Create a board button to auto-archive all of those cards with a green label and save a few hundred precious clicks.
  • Get insight into your infinite backlog by creating a button to sort cards by story points, due date, votes, and more so you know what to prioritize next sprint.

Automating Trello With White Glove Service

Butler Power-Up Recommended For You Buttons

What makes Butler truly a cut above the rest is that as soon as Butler is enabled on your boards it immediately has ideas to make your life easier. When you open the Butler Power-Up, click the “Recommended For You” button and Butler will automatically take a quick scan of your board to analyze the most common actions, and suggest them as recommended buttons that can be created in a click. Talk about being prepared for your first day on the job.

Plus, Butler is a team player which means that card and board buttons created by anyone on the board can be used by everyone. This keeps everyone on the same page when creating process around actions, whether it’s to notify the next person in a workflow, or prioritize tasks for the week. 

You can try Butler for free which comes with one card automation and one board automation, or explore paid plans for those that want the royal treatment. Upgrade your plan in settings by clicking the gear icon next to the Butler Power-Up in the Power-Ups menu.

So go ahead and enable the Butler Power-Up for Trello, and let every day be Treat Yo’Self Day.

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