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Card Cover Images and Drag and Drop Attachments

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Any given Trello card has a secret world of attachments begging to be discovered. Today, we're supercharging attachments with a couple new features: card cover images, and drag and drop file uploads.

Card Cover Images

Trello card cover images

We've always had badges on cards that show the number of votes, comments, progress on checklists, due dates, and other metadata. It gives you a good sense of the activity of the card. Now you can add an image to the front of a card, too. The last uploaded image will be the default, but you can select a cover from the back of the card.

Your boards will look the same, but new uploaded images will be used as covers from now on. You can select an old image as a cover, though. You can turn covers off for the whole board in "Options" > "Settings". Does your card not need a cover? Just click "Remove Cover" from the attachment section on the back of the card.

We hope card cover images give more insight into the activity on a card and add more personality to your boards. Try it out!

Drag and Drop Attachments

Selecting files to upload can be tedious when doing it one by one by one… To remove some of that pain, we've added HTML5 drag and drop to upload files. Select one or a bunch of files from your desktop, drag to the front or back of a card, and drop. If you make extensive use of Trello card attachments, it should make your life much easier. Internet Explorer has yet to implement HTML5 drag and drop, but it will work when IE10 comes out in the fall. Drag and drop away, Trello-ers!

Trello card attachments: drap and drop

Still need a good word for a Trello user. Hm.

We've also got a new home page! Check out https://trello.com/landing to see how real people are using Trello. There's lots of beautiful color and illustrations and, if you look hard enough, there's cake.

We think we've unlocked some new potential for attachments and we hope you make good use of these new features. What are we working on next? Check out the Trello Development board and follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus to find out. Until next time!

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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