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New! Full Trello Card Covers And Colors Are Here

By | Published on | 3 min read
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Trello boards just got a lot more organized and visual. 💥

Card attachments can now be displayed on the front as full-sized covers, and you also have the ability to change the color of a card:

onboarding Trello board

These features mean more visual Trello boards, and can also be a new way to display list headers and separators. Yeah, they’re pretty spectacular. Let’s start the makeover montage. 

How To Customize Card Covers In Trello 

Turn your Trello boards and cards into works of art with these exciting new features. 

Full Card Covers

In addition to being able to upload your own images as card covers, you can now select a card cover from the vast pool that is the Unsplash Gallery (just like when you’re picking the perfect board background!). 

Once you attach an image to a card, you are now able to select different sizing options for the front cover display. Click on the button named “Cover” on the card back, and then choose whether you want the attachment to display above the card name (how it worked previously), or as the full height of the card:


If you select the full height of the card, you are then prompted to choose a text color to appear as the card name’s overlay. Depending on how light or dark the picture is, you can choose a different text option to display:

Trello card cover image overlay

The card on the left is displaying light text, and the card on the right is showing dark text for the card name. 

Full card covers make for great visuals on your boards, whether you need to display a repository of images for a recipe board or a Team Directory. No matter how you use Trello, your board is now more beautiful and easy to read. 

Card Colors

One of Trello’s longest requested features is here: the ability to change the color of entire cards!

In the same “Cover” button as above, you also have the option to select from color swatches. The sizing is the same as images–the colors can either appear above the card name, or as the full height of the card:

Trello card colors

You can display Card Colors as a card header (left), or change the entire color of the card (right). 

And you can use Card Colors in a couple of different ways: 

As List Headers

Card Colors are a great way to give visual context at the top of your Trello lists. Providing additional callouts and details for which cards should go in a particular list is helpful for others attempting to navigate your board.

You can even take your board beautification a step further by adding a Giphy sticker to your list header—coolest label ever!

giphy trello card covers

As List Separators

Another way to use Card Colors is as a scannable way to break up longer-than-usual lists into sections. Add a full card color to the middle of a list, and drag cards above or below it to categorize them. 

Let’s say you have a long backlog list of tasks and your team is trying to figure out which tasks should be the next up. Drag cards above the “Priority” list separator. This way, your team knows to grab these tasks next when they’re finished with what they’re working on.

Another way to use list separators is on a meeting agenda board. Let’s say there is a long list of cards being discussed at the weekly team meeting. Any cards that require follow up should be dragged below the “Requires follow up” separator card, so stakeholders know what they need to prioritize.

📱Quick note about mobile: Currently you are able to view Card Covers and Card Colors on Trello for iOS and Android, but you will only be able to edit these settings on the web version of Trello. Check ‘em out on iOS and Android:

Trello card covers for ios and android

See Clearly, Accomplish More, and Have Fun!

Card covers and colors make your boards more fun and beautiful, but they also make them more functional. Scannability and visual cues are great ways to break up large boards and help teammates find what they need, and faster. 

How do you plan to use Card Covers and Colors? Tell us on Twitter (@trello)

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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