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Cards, Community, and Cleaning: Trello Holiday Hacks

By | Published on | 4 min read
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For the holiday season, we’d like to offer you something infinitely more useful than a partridge in a pear tree. This time of year can be the most fun, but it can also be the most stressful, especially if you’re in charge of logistics for office get togethers or coordinating gifts (everyone loves Secret Santa until it makes them feel like Kris Kringle after circumferencing the world in one night).

Below are some ideas for how Trello can make you superhuman this holiday season. For example, when you forgot to leave cookies and milk out for Santa last year, Trello could have helped with in-app notifications. When you dropped the ball on end-of-year expenses, Trello could have kept you afloat with the Costello Power-Up.

So take a seat by the fire, put on your favorite holiday sweater, and help yourself to this smorgasboard (pardon the pun) of ideas.

Sending Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards Sample Board

It’s tradition in some offices and/or families to send season’s greetings with cards this time of year. While you’ve got a spreadsheet with addresses, you lack a way to organize the workflow and divide up with your partner or coworkers. It can be hard to visually identify who is sending their own cards to clients or if they were put in the mail on time. Trello can simplify that.

Start by making a Trello card for every person who needs to be sent a holiday card. The copy/paste to make cards feature will make this a snap if you’re copying the info over from a spreadsheet. You can then assign cards to be written by different people, who can move through the workflow of “Assigned,” “Writing,” and “Sent.”

Make your lists, but no need to check them twice. Use this Holiday Cards sample board to make sure yours get in the hands of everyone this year.

Organize Volunteer Activities

Trello volunteer board

Volunteering Sample Board

There’s no time like the holidays to give back and make someone’s wintery day a little brighter. If you plan to volunteer for a worthy cause, Trello can help you organize your tasks. For example, if you’re holding a charity toy drive, you can make a board where officemates put down what they plan to contribute. Set due dates so they get reminders to bring in their donations.

Start by creating a board and adding all of your coworkers, then make a column labeled “Important Info.” The next column can be “I'm Donating…” where coworkers can create a card for items they are going to bring and add themselves to it. When the donation has been brought into the office, you can move the card to the “I've Donated!” list.

Pay it forward before the new year and create a Holiday Volunteer or Donation sample board for you and your team to share good cheer and gifts with those in need.

Streamline Gift Giving

Trello Holiday Hacks: Corporate Holiday Gifts

Corporate Gifts Sample Board

Many companies choose to send holiday gifts to valued clients. If you’ve been elected this year to share the holiday spirit, use a Trello board to organize things like ideas for gifts, items ordered, and the date that items will be received.

Consider using labels to represent a few different types of gifts or recipients, and assign the label to the appropriate card. If clients send a thank you note, you can also snap a photo and attach it to the card. This board will create a repository of information for next year when you wonder which clients received gifts and how much you spent.

Santa doesn’t wear a suit and tie, but he knows a thing or two about organizing presents. Use this Corporate Gifts sample board to get ahead of your gift delivery this year just like Mr. Claus.  

Strategize Holiday Cleaning

Strategize Cleaning Trello Board

Holiday Cleaning Sample Board

This idea comes to us from Twitter, where Brian Kelly shared a picture of his holiday home cleaning board. Before the relatives arrive, Trello can help you identify what cleaning needs to get done in each room, and then subsequently divide and conquer. In this case, make a list for each room in your home, then create cards for specific cleaning tasks. You can then assign cards to each family member and add a due date so they know exactly what needs to be done and when. Say goodbye to nagging your kids and hello to a squeaky clean home that will even impress the in-laws.

No one likes cleaning the house alone (not even Cinderella). Use this House Cleaning sample board to get your family in formation to get the house spiffed up for your holiday party.

How else are you using Trello to stay sane this holiday season? We want to know!

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