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Celebrating 100 Trello Power-Ups! New: Workplace By Facebook, Typeform, Freshservice, And Zoho CRM

By | Published on | 4 min read
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100 Trello Power-Ups

If you’ve ever said to yourself: "I wish Trello could integrate with [insert OTHER favorite app here]," then get excited, because Trello has just launched its 100th Power-Up! 🎉

To round out our first 100 Power-Ups, we are introducing four new awesome ways to ignite your productivity: We are excited to welcome Workplace by Facebook, Typeform, Freshservice, and Zoho CRM to the crew!

With these Power-Ups on board, you have access to some cool new features that will help turn your Trello board into the exact workflow you need to complete your project.  

Let’s dive in to see how you can explore all 100 Power-Ups, and go over some of the newest features that are now available.

All The Power-Ups

In Trello, the only limit is your creativity. Power-Ups provide additional features and integrations between Trello and your other favorite tools. Enable them on your boards to build a customized workflow that helps you and your team get your best work accomplished.

Fun fact: Over 35 million registered users have created more than two billion cards—just imagine how many different, productive workflows are out there!

Ready to explore what’s possible? Check out our full list of Power-Ups in our brand new directory.


We've been expanding the lineup of Power-Ups to help unleash the power of every team: From Engineering, Marketing, and Design, to Sales, Product Management, Support, and Human Resources.

Power-Ups can also be used to manage a remote team, run a startup, improve your personal productivity, organize your home, or even get married!

Visit our Trello Playbooks to learn more.

4 New Ways To Power-Up

Alright, let’s move on to the newest arrivals. Here’s what you can now add to your boards with the latest Power-Up releases:

Workplace by Facebook

Trello  Workplace Power-Up

Workplace by Facebook is a platform to communicate, collaborate, and connect with your team members at work. With the Workplace Power-Up, Trello users can easily share cards into their Workplace Groups with just a couple clicks. Whenever a card is shared with a Group, the card becomes a Group post and the post is also attached to the Trello card. This way, everybody can follow along on their preferred platform.

Enable the Workplace Power-Up

Bonus: There's also a Trello for Workplace Integration!



This Power-Up automatically syncs your Typeform survey responses into a Trello board!

Typeform’s smooth interface synthesizes the responses from your surveys, forms, and quizzes. Trello’s clean layout organizes those responses onto a board with lists and cards. So now you can take your Typeform submissions and assign them to different team members on Trello cards, or organize them in lists by dragging and dropping them across the board. By organizing your Typeform submissions with a Trello board workflow, you can use it to manage incoming leads, sort out feedback, track order forms, or even keep your wedding RSVPs in order. The applications are endless.

Enable the Typeform Power-Up


Freshservice is an IT ticketing desk for support teams to answer questions from users. The Freshservice Power-Up gives a team the ability to attach tickets to Trello cards or to create them from scratch. By connecting Trello and FreshService, teams can reduce the risk of siloed information by making sure customer feedback and requests are communicated seamlessly with the right people at the right moment across the entire company.

Enable the Freshservice Power-Up

Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you reach out to prospects at every touchpoint for your business. The Zoho CRM Power-Up acts as a great productivity hack for sales teams. You can create a powerful pipeline by prioritizing qualified leads that come in via the Zoho queue, then tracking them in Trello across the entire sales nurturing process. No need for context switching between apps—sales teams can get their job done from the comfort of their assigned Trello cards.

Enable the Zoho CRM Power-Up

To Infinity And Beyond

To enable a Power-Up, go to the Menu of any Trello board and click on "Power-Ups." Scroll through the directory to select the Power-Ups you wish to add to your board and click "Enable." That's it! You can take your board to infinity and beyond in a few simple steps. For some Power-Ups you may need to activate specific settings to be all set.

Reaching 100 Power-Ups is a big milestone, but fear not: We are always growing that number! So if you are a developer that wants to build Power-Ups, learn more here. If you are a user looking for specific features or apps to be supported, you can request them here.

We want to know: Which Power-Ups are essential to your Trello boards? Or, which ones would you love to see next? Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello) or write in to support@trello.com.

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