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Chegouuu! Trello Is Now In Brazil!

Trello brazil launch

Chegou! Trello esta chegando ao Brasil!
(We did it! Trello is launching in Brazil!)

Olá! We are excited to announce that Trello is launching in Brazil! We chose Brazil as the first country to launch internationally, because, let’s face it: Brazil is awesome. Trello is so proud to now be available in Brazilian Portuguese. This one is for you.

  • Thank you to our 300,000 Brazilian users who already know and love Trello.
  • Thank you to the 1000+ people that liked our Facebook page in just two days.
  • Thank you to our steadily growing Twitter followers in Brazil.

We have some great articles to get you started. Head over to our Brazilian blog to check them out.

We also made some sample boards in Brazilian Portuguese!

Portugese Trello board sample

Now you can organize your BBQ for the soccer tournament final.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.11.04 PM

Or you can plan an upcoming surfing holiday to Florianopolis.

And here are our friends at 21212 Academy talking more about how they are already using Trello:

Please feel free to contact Alexia, our Trello team member on the ground in Rio de Janeiro!

Connect with us on social media to get all the updates from Trello Brazil: