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Trello Community Tips: Rescuing Pups, Meal Prep, LA Data & Managing GOV.UK

Trello Community Ideas Roundup

Trello users are infinitely creative, adapting boards to all kinds of fun and inspiring use cases. Here’s a roundup of recent posts from around the web:

Finding Forever Homes For Cute Puppies

Dog adoption Trello board

These Trello users demonstrated their ingenuity by creating a Trello board to help get their litter of puppies adopted. They were able to use the Trello API to quickly pipe information to their website, like when a puppy was adopted, or when another puppy needed to be pushed to the top of the list for extra promotion. Each Trello list featured a litter, and each card represented a puppy. Essentially the API was used such that performing an action in Trello would mirror a behavior on their front end website. The result? According to the website, there’s only one puppy left to find their forever home. Best of luck, Houdini.

Read the blog post here.

Crowdsourcing The City Of Los Angeles

La Data Public Trello Board

The lean Data Team for the city of Los Angeles crowdsources its community projects, relying on members of the community to find an initiative on the public Trello board and tackle the problem at hand. Mayor Garcetti is committed to putting forth an Open Data Portal for citizens. The portal includes budgets and datasets that are transparent to the public. These vigilantes are called Data Angels, and their work is driving social impact in their community.

Read the blog post here.

Getting Ahead Of Weekly Meal Prep

Meal planning with Trello

When blogger Catherine Clark set out to get a better grasp on her weekly meals, she found Trello to be the easiest tool. Not only did she want to schedule what she planned to cook for the week, but she also wanted a way to keep track of all the meals she had in her repertoire. She also liked that she was able to share the Trello board with other members of the household, in case they had a specific request or wanted to cook something up themselves!

Read the blog post here.

Planning Content For The United Kingdom

UKGov Planning.png

The Publishing Platform team for the GOV.UK website supports their Kanban content production process with Trello in order to get the right information to UK citizens at the right time. With both long-term planning and day-to-day work on the docket, they’ve built out four boards to track workflows and avoid information overload: Planning, Doing, Done, and Long-Term Vision.

In their detailed write-up of the process, they share their favorite Google Chrome plugins for Trello, as well as how they track team and project performance. Their advice? Be flexible to adjust process where necessary.

Read the blog post here.

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