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4 Creative Uses For Trello Custom Fields

By | Published on | 3 min read
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Uses for Trello Custom Fields

Trello Custom Fields is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you haven’t tried it yet, Custom Fields is a way to add more customized context to your Trello cards. This means Trello is infinitely more flexible than ever before, Since the release, Trello users have been sharing a wealth of creative ways to use this feature. Let’s check it out:

Star Ratings

Uses for Trello Custom Fields: Star Ratings

Create a rating system for cards on your list using star emoji. Cards can be rated between 1 and 4 stars. Great for ranking movies, price assessments ($ - $$$), or any kind of performance indicator.

This is accomplished by enabling the Custom Fields Power-Up, then selecting the “Dropdown” field. Name the field “Rating,” and then fill in each field with star emoji. Check it out:

Add Star Rating With Trello Custom Fields

Mac user pro tip: the keyboard shortcut for emoji is Cmd + ctrl + Space (amazing, I KNOW). PC users have reported to like this Chrome extension for faster emoji support.

Time Tracking

If you’re a freelancer or someone else that charges multiple clients by the hour, then you need to keep track of the time you spent working on each initiative.

Using a text Custom Field to display the time you spent on each project is a clear way to see what keeps you the busiest, and also gives you an easy, visual reference point when it’s time for invoicing.

Time Tracking: Uses for Trello Custom Fields

Multiple Due Dates

Adding due dates to Trello cards can now be expanded using Custom Fields. For example, let’s say you are laying out your editorial calendar for your blog. There are at least two due dates: the draft date, and the publish date.

Seeing the publish date in Calendar mode is important for assessing your content plan looking forward, but setting strict deadlines about when a draft is due is also necessary for keeping writers accountable. One great way to mitigate the confusion of the two dates is to make the draft date a Custom Field.

Due Dates: Uses for Trello Custom Fields

Custom Fields are used to indicate the draft due date, and regular Calendar dates are reserved for the publish of the article.

Select the “Date” option when setting up a custom field, then name the field “Draft Due.” Now your content planning remains clear in Calendar view, but you also have easy-to-reference due dates for the drafts as well.


"I love Custom Fields for switching up the due date field, because at CrowdRiff we use Trello for more than task managing. On our Product Marketing Map board, we keep track of our product's new integrations. So the cards also need to say "Release Date." Helps everyone stay on the same page."

- Elizabeth Ching, Content Marketing Manager, Crowdriff

Logistics And Shipping

Another interesting use of Custom Fields is with teams that are frequently shipping packages and coordinating logistics. The Package Tracking Power-Up already displays all the relevant information about where your package is located. Provide additional context about the order with a text field (or multiple text fields!).

Track Shipments: Uses for Trello Custom Fields

In the above example, Custom fields are being used to indicate the country where the item is being shipped, and the Order number. Open up the card to see detailed information on where in transit the shipment is located:

All of the context for each customer order exists on its own card. The orders are easily referenceable and customized with any information you and your team need to see.

So there you have it, four more inspiring ways to leverage the Custom Fields Power-Up. Have you used Custom Fields? Please tell us how!

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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