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Curate Better Content With The Publicate Power-Up For Trello


Managing curated newsletters and web roundups straight from Trello: We’ve got your secret marketing weapon for an overcrowded internet.

Have you ever tried curating a newsletter with your team? One of the most successful activities in content marketing can also be one of the biggest nightmares. Everyone is finding great content, but when it comes to pulling it all together, things go awry. Often, ideas and links get lost across inboxes, Slack Channels and “I’ll remember that when I need it’s.”

After navigating several tools, you’re left wrestling with an editor that just won’t let you make your newsletter look how you want, and you’re scratching your eyeballs out with the boredom of having to manually add images, links and copy for every piece of content.

When you’re finally ready to share it with the team for feedback, you find it just creates more places for the feedback to get lost... where's the whiskey!

Thanks to the Publicate Power-Up for Trello, it doesn’t need to be this way. This Power-Up will streamline the process, workflow, and tools, making newsletter creation manageable right from Trello.

Unleash the power of the Publicate Trello Power-Up and curate your newsletters like a boss!

Publicate takes the hassle out of creating beautiful email newsletters and web roundups.

The content library connects to all your favorite tools like Slack, Feedly, and Pocket so you can curate quality content automatically all in one place.

The editor then does the heavy lifting for you by automatically pulling in images, titles and descriptions for each piece of content. Now all you have to do is drag and drop to create a great looking newsletter.

Finally, everything you create can be exported as HTML so it works everywhere. You can send newsletters through any email service provider (Even Outlook!), or embed them on any web page.

Setting Up The Publicate Power-Up

To set up the Publicate Power-Up, just hit the Show Menu button on your Trello board. Click Power-Ups and scroll to Publicate. Clicking Enable will add it to the board.


If you don’t already have an account with Publicate don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up to start using it. Just hit the Start Creating Now button when you get there.

Managing the Process from Trello

Create a card for your next email, let’s say a Client Newsletter, and add your teammates. Then outline key sections and topics of the newsletter that need to be included. This will help keep the curation and newsletter focused.


Add a checklist of the milestones that need to be ticked off in order to get it finished and sent out, so everyone knows where they are and what still needs to be done.


Create a folder in Publicate so everyone can start adding all of the potential content, keeping it in one place so it can easily be reviewed. Then just drag and drop the approved content into the editor to start creating your newsletter.


Using the Publicate Power-Up for Trello, find and attach your new newsletter to the card. Now everyone can access it to edit or review right from Trello.


Finally, finish off your newsletter by adding your own insight and highlights to each piece of content. Then easily customize the style and appearance for the final thumbs up!

This means all of the tasks, content, and communication are now all managed and accessible from one card right in Trello.

Ultimately Publicate does all the hard work, so you can concentrate on what’s really important: finding the best content.

Combine this with Trello and you have a seriously efficient workflow for creating awesome newsletters and curated web roundups. So if you want to avoid the common headaches and have more time for finding content gems, then this Power-Up is an essential for your boards.