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Cutting out friction

We're always looking for ways to make Trello faster and easier to use. You should be spending your time getting satisfaction from moving cards from "Doing" to "Done", not wondering how to get from A to B or wrestling with the interface. We've added some refinements that should make navigating, collaborating, and using the site much nicer.

Boards search

As a serious Trello user, you've got a lot of boards. I've got 22 of them. Clicking the "Boards" button in the header gives you a big lists of boards you've got to sift through. And if a board isn't pinned to your header menu, you've got to go back to your home page, scroll through an even bigger list and find it. It can be a pain.

We've made jumping between boards much faster by adding the ability to search your boards from the header boards menu. Just click "Boards", start typing, press enter, and you're there. There's even a new "b" keyboard shortcut that opens up the menu instantly. You can also use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the list when you've narrowed down your search.

Tip: if you want to remove a board from the header menu, you need to "unpin" it. Just open the board, click the "Board Menu" button in the sidebar, and select "Unpin from Header Menu". You'll enjoy a less cluttered menu. Searching from the header menu will search all your boards, pinned or unpinned.

Mention autocomplete

Mentioning members in comments is a nice way to make sure they get notified. You used "@" plus a person's first name, last name, or username. Unfortunately, mentioning was a bit confusing because there might be multiple Mikes, you might not have spelled the name correctly, and there just wasn't anything in the interface that told you it was going to work.

We've added autocomplete to help. Just type "@" followed by the name of the person you're looking to mention and you'll get a list of matching members. You'll see their full name, username, and avatar, so you know it's the right person. Trello will insert a unique username, ensuring that it mentions Mike Smith and not Mike Johnson. There's also a button that brings up a list of people to mention. You can search for users from that menu as well. You'll also have the options to mention all card members, all board member, or all commenters.

Drag to scroll


A horizontal layout of lists is important in Trello, since lists often signify phases of a project and moving cards left to right implies progression. We had early beta versions that put overflowing lists on a new line. It totally ruined the visual metaphor. This means that with a lot of lists, some get hidden and you need to scroll horizontally to see them. Horizontal scrolling can be a pain, especially with a mouse where you've got a tiny scrollbar to hunt down.

So we added a new drag-to-scroll feature that makes it much easier. Just find an open place on the board and drag horizontally. The board will scroll with your mouse. It's easier and more fun. I find myself dragging boards even though I have a trackpad that makes scrolling easy.

Filter by card title

We built Trello so that you can see everything that's happening in your project in a single glance. With a big project, you're going to have a bunch of cards and it's going to be harder to find a card you're looking for. We introduced card filtering soon after Trello's launch to help this. You can filter by member and label to know exactly who is working on what types of things.

We made filters better by adding the ability to search by title. We've since refined it to match parts of words, giving better results. Now to find cards about "cake", for example, you can just click "Search and Filter Cards" (or use the "f" keyboard shortcut), and start typing "cake". Finding specific cards is now much easier.

Browser Performance

Fast is a feature. You shouldn't notice transitions and interactions should be fluid. Things were getting sluggish on FireFox and Internet Explorer, especially on bigger screens and when dragging cards. This was mostly due to advanced CSS features like box-shadow, border-radius, and SVG backgrounds. We cut those out for those browsers and performance are noticeably better.

Double click to add list

If you've ever thought, "I want to add a list right here between these two lists", now you can. Just double click on an open space on the board, and Trello will bring up the add list menu. It will figure out the position based on where you clicked. It's a small time-saver, but a handy one.

And there you have it. More speed, less friction, and easier collaboration and navigation. We're always thinking of how to cut out friction, and our fast development cycle and flexible framework allow us to push things out quickly. As always, check out our public Trello Development board to find out what we're working on.