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Dangerously Productive: Master Level Trello Tips

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Do you remember your first Trello “aha!” moment? We all have one: that exact moment when a neat Trello trick blows your mind so profoundly, and suddenly you just get it?


For some, the side effects are dangerously productive: they begin to organize their entire life in Trello. It starts with managing a project at work, and then suddenly they’re cataloging their wardrobe, signing up their book club members, and attaching a barcode scanner to their trashcan that integrates with a Trello board to create the next grocery list. No, seriously.

Anyway, we get it. Which is why we created an entire board of the Ultimate Trello Tips and Tricks.


Here are a few highlights:

Create Cards From A Spreadsheet


If you copy and paste a long list onto a card, Trello conjures up dark magic to detect that perhaps you might actually want these list items to be separate cards. Since our dark arts aren’t precise (probably Lockhart’s year), a prompt comes up asking if this is indeed what you meant to do. Accio, list! Get your wand.

Drag & Drop URLS Onto Cards


Simply highlight and drag a URL onto a card, and it will embed as an attachment. Laziness level: 5000. I want to go to there.

Add A New Card To Any Position With “^”


In the event that drag and drop doesn’t satiate your productivity hunger, adding the “^” symbol and a number after a card name will move it to that position in a list. It will also work if instead of a number you put a different list name after the caret. Read more.

Filter For Your Cards With “Q”


Easily filter for cards assigned to you by pressing “Q.” Why is it Q, you ask? No one really knows. But we told Quentin, our Sysadmin, that you just filter by your first initial. He hasn't figured it out yet. Shh, don't tell him.

Use Markdown For Text Formatting


Use this simple formatting tip to impress your friends and strike fear in your enemies’ hearts. Conquer this tip.

So there we have it! Be sure to head over to the board for an endless supply of mind blown AHA! Trello moments.

Special thank you to Brian Cervino for tirelessly making the Tips and Tricks board and creating all those GIFs... except for this one.  

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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