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The Emoji Guide To Team Productivity [Infographic]

By | Published on | 2 min read
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emoji productivity

Believe it or not, the fastest growing language in the world isn’t Spanish, Mandarin or even internet slang—it’s emoji. These “picture characters,” which originated in Japan, are used and interpreted in a million different ways with one common purpose: to communicate with others.

This got us thinking: Are emoji making it easier to communicate in groups? Do teams who use emoji at work become more productive?

In the infographic below, we’ve compiled all the latest research, pro tips, and best ways to use emoji with your team for more visual and productive communication at work.

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With this emoji guide to team productivity + over  1️⃣4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ emoji to choose from in Trello,  it's time for teamwork go from 😞👎🏾to 🙌🏽😁. 

Plus, check out a few new ways to use emoji in Trello with your team.

👀 What’s New With Emoji In Trello

If you haven’t already given them a try, emoji reactions in Trello are available to use on card comments. Where you might type in a “good job!” or “approved” note for your teammate, you can simply drop in a 👍 instead.

Even better, when your team does something amazing, you can add some emojinal flair to the celebration! 🎉

trello emoji reactions

And now, these awesome new emoji reaction features in Trello will give your team even more opportunities to express themselves:

  • You can now choose from over 1,400 emoji to find the perfect reaction when that Trello card moves from “Doing” to “Done.”

  • No matter the device, you can express yourself on the go with emoji reactions now available on web, iOS, and Android.

  • Save time at your desk by adding your favorite emoji reactions to comments right from the notifications panel or Home view when using Trello on the web.

And that’s not all! Also in the works for upcoming release are emoji notifications so you'll know exactly when your team gives you the 🏆 for your great work, or more importantly, when it’s time for 🍕 after work.

How To Boost Team Productivity With Emoji

Since we’re emoji-obsessed, we decided to take a look at how using emoji at work can help us collaborate better, together. Take a tour of the research and tips we’ve found for taking advantage of emoji for more productive teamwork:

The Trello Guide to Emoji InfographicContent written by Leah Ryder | Infographic designed by Tinypants

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67% of people use emoji at work—make your team  💪 with Trello's Emoji Guide to Team Productivity: http://bit.ly/emojilyfe

 Next: Introducing Emoji Reactions: See Your Collaboration More Clearly

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