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How To Use Trello As A Calendar

By Brian Cervino | Published on June 11, 2020 | 4 min read
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Here's a fun fact: You can view your Trello board as a calendar.

That’s right, whether you have a free or paid Trello account, there is a calendar option just waiting to be enabled. By adding the Calendar Power-Up to your boards, you can visualize all of the cards with due dates in a whole new way. 

Get A Clear View Of Tasks And Projects With The Calendar Power-Up

By enabling this feature, you can see a birds-eye view of your month at a quick glance, while maintaining the ability to hone in on specific details.

Here are just a few use cases:

To enable your board’s calendar simply:

  • Go to your board’s sidebar and click “Show Menu”
  • Click the “Power-Ups” button
  • Find the Calendar Power-Up and click “Enable”
  • Find the new “Calendar” link at the top of your board and click it.

Unfolding before your eyes is a fresh perspective on the past, present, and future of your tasks.

Within calendar view, your cards will be arranged according to their due date and will also display any labels attached to them.

Want to view a card? No need to toggle back to regular board view! Simply click on a card to view it, then click out of the card to go back to the calendar.


But let’s not stop there, because there are a lot of great features within the Calendar Power-Up.

First, while the calendar defaults to a monthly view, you can quickly toggle to a weekly view which makes it easier to visualize all of your cards that are coming due on those really busy days.


You can change due dates on a card by dragging it to a new date on the calendar. Don’t believe that it worked? Click the card to open it and check out that automatically synced due date. (Take that, wall calendars.)


Do you want to keep your Trello cards in sync with the rest of your busy schedule? Every calendar has a unique iCalendar feed that can be imported into any third party calendar that takes iCalendar feeds, like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and more.

Simply click on the gear icon in the Calendar Power-Up menu, enable your iCalendar feed, and import it into your third party calendar as instructed by them.


For extra credit, the Calendar Power-Up also works to keep you and your deadlines in check. When the due date is 24 hours away, the date badge will turn yellow on the card as a visual reminder. Once the due date has come and gone, it will turn red.

At any time, however, you can set it green by checking the box to the left of the date:

Mark Trello card as done.gif

By marking a card as done, you can visually indicate to anyone on the board that the card's task was completed by its intended date. On the Calendar view, cards marked as done will appear crossed-off, giving you peace of mind that things are getting done on time.

Finally, filtering cards in your calendar works the same way as filtering cards on your board. Either click the “Filter” button in the sidebar or use the “f” keyboard shortcut to enable filtering, and go to town surfacing the cards you need fast.


Want even more organizational bliss? You can now add users and due dates to checklist items with Advanced Checklists, available with Trello Business Class and Trello Enterprise (you can try it for free)! When creating a checklist item, easily add members and due dates that will then appear in your Calendar view, as well as in the Your Items tab on your Trello Home screen. 

The perfect use-case scenario for Advanced Checklists? Team meetings.

As items are discussed, managers can add checklist items, assign team members, due dates, and then everyone can leave the meeting with a clear understanding of who owns each task, and the deadlines for each. More visual and weekly organizers can see all tasks via the calendar, and list-form lovers can still enjoy the typical view (with the option to toggle, of course!).

4 Key Steps To Organizing Your Trello Account

Wait—there’s more. If a checklist item takes a life of its own and starts branching off into subtasks, it’s easy to convert the checklist item into a card. The assigned member and due date information carry through to the new card, making your calendar view even more detailed and accurate.

You can also take your Trello game one step further by giving your boards a makeover by using full card covers and colors

Plan Every Project, Task, And Detail In Trello 

Deadlines will be remembered and accounted for, projects will be properly forecasted, and everyone on your team will have a clear view of tasks when you enable the Calendar Power-Up on your Trello board.  Whether you are planning a product launch, managing an editorial calendar, or organizing a remote team activity, you’ll get a full perspective on everything you need to accomplish. 

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in November 2015 and we've added a whole heap of new ideas and nuggets of information to this post in June 2020.

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