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Catch Up On All Things Trello At Team ’22

By | Published on | 5 min read
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If you’re like me, your brain (and body) might be still trying to recover from all the social interactions and stimuli at Team '22—especially if it was your first time attending or it was your first time back since Atlassian’s last in-person Summit event in 2019.

Large Atlassian conference hall with bright purple lights

However, if you’re feeling some FOMO because you missed Team '22, or are struggling to process everything that happened Trello-related, have no fear—the Team ’22 Trello Recap Blog is here!

First Things First: What Exactly Is “Team ’22”? 

Officially, it’s Atlassian’s annual flagship conference—formally known as “Atlassian Summit”—that encourages attendees to explore the ways in which teamwork, humanity, and tech intersect. (Unofficially, it’s Atlassian’s biggest party of the year, especially with Bash celebrations on the final day).

For three days, registrants from around the world joined online or in person in Las Vegas, Nevada to attend sessions and learn about Atlassian product roadmaps, ways to level-up technical skills, and new techniques that can help unleash their team’s full potential. 

Those who were able to join us in Las Vegas also had the opportunity to visit our Trello booth, where we answered questions and provided some quick demos of specific use-case scenarios. 

Erika Storli, Trello Marketing employee, giving a thumbs up by a booth

What Are Some Key Trello Sessions I Might Have Missed?

One of the main keynotes presented on Day 1 was by our VP of Product, Erika Trautman, who talked about how Atlassian's Open Work Management products provide teams with the best tools, practices, and templates that keep company-wide teamwork flowing. Erika also highlights several scenarios and use cases of Fortune 500 and enterprise-scaled teams using Trello, including Space Force.

screenshot of a video showing a product talk about Trello

In addition to Erika’s keynote, we had several Trello team members present in breakout sessions at Team '22 on a variety of topics, including:

  • Matt Dolan (Senior Product Manager) joined virtually to showcase how teams can use Trello, Confluence, chat tools, and Atlas for whole-company collaboration to give people the visibility and connection they need to get work done effectively.

    Matt has been working with Atlassian for over 6 years remotely from the UK, so if you’re looking for tips on large-scale team remote collaboration, you’d definitely want to check out his recorded session. You’d also love his various metaphors and mental models to break down the complexities of tool usage, including fun references to the Power Rangers.

screenshot of a video about Trello's product

  • Stu Smith (Experience Design Manager) demonstrated how Trello's new Views and Daschcards features are unlocking powerful use cases for collaborative teams while still staying true to the familiar, visual, and tactile characteristics that have made Trello a well-loved tool. 

Stu also shares some awesome tips on what you can get out of Trello—from design projects to recruiting—still integrated with the various tools your teams are already using (and compared it to the infinite ways you can now cook and make recipes out of cauliflower); tips that you can take back to your teams to feel less lost at work. 

presenter talking about Trello Views


  • Victor Dronov (Principal Product Manager) and Dana Hogan (Global Head of Trello Enterprise Sales) together spoke on how Trello supports our largest customers across tens of thousands of users and exciting roadmap updates that make the Trello admin experience even more seamless across the Atlassian platform with solutions like Atlassian Access and organizational insights. 

Dana showcased real-world examples of work management pain points and strategy shifts—especially from the impact of remote work due to the pandemic. She also shared key insights based on one of her consulting firm customers adopting Trello across 30,000 users, along with a number of other departments with organic growth. 

Victor further speaks on the work management strategy by demonstrating how Trello Enterprise is a great solution for large organizations with increased visibility, control, and security across Trello boards for Admins, including special announcements on automatic and bulk licensing actions and improved filtering features. All this goes to show how Trello powers 80% of the Fortune 500. 


two presenters on stage


  • Jenny Marshall (Product Manager) shared how Trello managed the release of a redesigned navigation to 90M users, strategies for a tight build-measure-learn feedback loop in order to build confidence in a solution that would scale for teams of 1 to 30,000, and gave tips for using Atlassian's Work Management tools (including Trello, Confluence, and Atlas). 

Jenny also demoed best practices and tactics of how these various tools can help improve internal communication, collect customer feedback, and stay in lockstep with your teams when shipping releases of any size. 

presenter on stage

While our illustrious Trello team above demoed use case examples in breakout sessions and the Trello booth, we also had a customer fly in from Copenhagen, Denmark to share how he uses Trello to deliver results in his consulting business and win new clients. 

Lionel Mutua (Instructional Designer at PeopleXP ApS) showcased how he used Trello as a change management tool for two specific client cases—a workplace experience system and an enterprise architecture tool—when he had to make a shift in his strategies in the midst of the pandemic to keep clients on board with projects.

  screenshot of a Trello product talk

That’s Cool And All… But How Was The Party?

We’re happy to report that our after-hours Trello Reception on Day 2 at the Rockhouse was undeniably the favorite product happy hour at Team '22—our Chief Revenue Officer, Cameron Deatsch, kicked off the event with opening remarks on Trello to a room of hundreds of customers, and attendees had an opportunity to chat and ask questions to our Trello leadership and product teams. 

people around a mic

The live karaoke band and digital caricature artists also kept the energy grooving in the background throughout the evening, and several customers and Trello team members sang their hearts out to hits from Bruno Mars, Queen, and NSYNC.

doing some karaoke at the conference

And finally, the week ended with Bash–the annual end-of-Team party thrown by Atlassian which featured live professional performances including a BMX stunt show, an amazing band that took us through hit songs from the 70s through the early 2010s, and ballroom dance performances. 

Trello employee group picture at Bash

Still Feeling Some FOMO From Missing Team '22? 

This was my first time in attendance, and I can say hands down, it was one of the most memorable experiences that I will have in my professional career. By Day 3 of Team '22 my fellow Trello booth staffers and I were running on fumes, but the opportunity to connect with our Trello customers in person, discuss transformative workflow tips, brainstorm ideas for future product features, and hear direct product feedback was unparalleled. 

I’m sure our Atlassian Events Team can’t wait to announce next year’s Team '23 dates. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out our recorded Trello sessions above and all the available on-demand Team '22 content here, as well as discover how Trello Enterprise can help your large-scaled teams achieve their highest productivity goals. We’d love to see you at Team '23!

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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