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The Ultimate Guide To Moving Your Teamwork Into The Future [Free Ebook]

By | Published on | 2 min read
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trello and hubspot ebook

First coined in the 1950’s, digital transformation simply refers to the opportunities that businesses seize in order to take advantage of shiny, new technological improvements and then transform the way they work with these digital tools. 

Simple definition, not-so-simple reality.

Forrester has found that more than 50% of digital transformation efforts across companies stall or stop due to the sheer level of involvement needed, exorbitant costs, disruption to the “business as usual” progress—You get the (corporate) picture.

But at Trello, we know that doesn’t have to be the case. 

We always believe your team is just one (or a few more) boards away from reaching peak productivity. With Trello, digital transformation can be as simple as just getting started.

That’s why we’ve partnered with HubSpot to create a free ebook to help you dance, shimmy, or run toward the change you need to work together for the better.  

Transform Your Teamwork

In this ebook, you’ll find different kinds of living, breathing strategies that can help move your processes, teamwork, and company into the future. This guide is an out-of-the-box resource that you can use as a reference in order to make small, incremental progress towards your digital transformation dreams. 

We’ll cover a lot of topics in this ebook including: 

  • Running an audit of software your team uses
  • Improving your team's communication style
  • Running your company's “state of teamwork” survey
  • Creating structure on how your team stores information
  • Implementing a 30/60/90% feedback framework to avoid seagulling tendencies
  • Using a knowledge base management system

hubspot and trello ebook about future of work

When it comes to improving communications with your team, being more efficient in meetings, or never again spending unnecessary time looking for that lost file—The future of work is just a hop, skip, and click away! 

Download the Ebook now to learn how your team can build more productive ways of working together. 

Get The Ebook

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