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Give The Gift Of Free Trello Gold!


In case you haven't noticed, Trello is the perfect tool for all your holiday needs. It can be used as your holiday shopping buddy, or as a way to keep your holiday card recipients organized. You can use Trello to plan an office party, or to send corporate gifts. You can even use it to get the whole family involved in that much needed house cleaning (ahem).

In the spirit of giving, we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to send two of your friends a free month of Trello Gold. We'll also throw you a free month of gold, as well. Because we have a few people to cross off of our lists, too.

Click here to give the gift of Trello Gold!


So, what's the deal? You guys think you're Santa? You're giving out free Trello Gold?

Cool. How do I get it?
You click here. Then put down the email addresses of two people you think are special, and we'll give them gold. For being such a charitable giver of Gold, you get a free month of Trello Gold as well.

How many months of Gold do I get?
You can get a maximum of two months: one for giving and one for getting.

Is it free?
Yes. Giving the Gift of Gold to your friends is completely free.

Can I give Gold to someone who isn't on Trello?
By all means, spread the word. Give 'em some gold, tag 'em on a board, and get stuff done, TOGETHER!

What if I already had Trello Gold on my account prior to this?
An extra free month is added onto the tail end.

What if more than one person gives me Gold?
You can only get the Gift of Gold from one person. Technically you could forward that link to someone else, so they too can enjoy some gilded magic.

What if I send Gold to someone that already got it?
The decree states that one can only be gifted Trello Gold once.

Umm, what is Trello Gold?
Oh yeah! Ha. In short, Trello Gold swags out your Trello boards. Here's some more useful info about Trello Gold.