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Got Gold? How To Create, Curate, And Customize Your Trello Boards In Style

Trello has already taught you that being organized can actually be fun, but did you know that it can also be… stylish?

One of the best things about Trello boards is their flexibility. You already know how to plan a vacation, prep dinner, coordinate a wedding, streamline an editorial calendar, move your house, and we even have an easier way to donate to charity. All these things, and much more, are done better with a Trello board.

...But That’s Not All!

Trello is customizable, both inside and out. So you can structure your lists any way you like, you can drag your cards to and fro, and you can also make your boards look any way that you like with custom backgrounds and Trello Gold. They’re that piece of a Trello board that makes it uniquely yours.

New to the background bling game? Check out some tips for maximizing Board envy from all your partners in planning. Then scroll down to our link for free Trello Gold, so you can make your boards unique, just like you:

Nevermind The Size, It’s All About Location, Location, Location!

Board backgrounds are responsive, which means they resize themselves as you shrink or expand the browser window. That being said, an image that is wider than it is tall is usually better for most screen sizes, thus more of the image comes through.

The location of the focal point of the image, however, makes a difference. Subject matter in the lower quadrant of the image seems to complement boards better, plus it won’t detract from your cards. Images that are too “busy” end up overwhelming the board, and your cards might get lost in the pizazz.


Gifs Work As Backgrounds. Mic Drop.

That’s right: we’re letting you in on some quality Trello magic tricks today. Yes, on a desktop browser .Gifs work as backgrounds.
They’re not always the most functional piece of Trello flair, so we don’t recommend uploading them to a board that’s part of your next work presentation. People will be too mesmerized to pay attention to your dazzling intellect.

But they can be pretty great for boards used to plan a party, recommend restaurants and bars, or wrangle your weekend warrior bandmates:


Tile vs. Cover And Changing Text Color

Depending on the file size, a board background will tile or cover. Generally people prefer to cover, which means the picture needs to be larger than 640px in either width or height.

Tiling is a nice idea if you have a pattern:

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.45.28 PM

You can choose whether a board background tiles or covers, or you can change the board text color. Find out how.

We love a good board background screenshot. Tweet us a picture of your best Trello works of art, mostly for our internal amusement.